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Je Suis August Landmesser: The Best of Our Archives.

By Paul Collits: The Freedoms Project. Artwork Trees at Night by Arthur Henry “Art” Young. Since the beginning of the Covid era, Paul Collits has stood out as one of the boldest and most cogent of commentators on the moral… Continue Reading →

‘Resist!’: Australians March as the Covid Narrative Collapses Worldwide

With TOTT NEWS Scandal after scandal is now rocking the Covid Czars, as their narrative collapses worldwide. In Australia many of the fear mongering perpetrators remain in power and have so far failed to apologise to the population whose welfare… Continue Reading →

‘We Choose Freedom!’: Large crowds across Australia REJECT the Major Parties ahead of Federal Election

TOTT NEWS “SACK THEM ALL” A call for freedom from the two-party false paradigm. The 2022 Election represents the essential political conflict of our time — one between the corporate oligarchy and the beleaguered working classes. Less than a week… Continue Reading →

Australia’s Freedom Marches: There’s No Going Back

TOTT News and Others With election season in full swing, Australians have taken to the streets across the country to let their so-called ‘representatives’ know just what they think of them, their behaviour over the last two years, the agenda… Continue Reading →

Canberra Explodes: Australia’s National Capital Transformed

Sources: Various. Days of protest are marching towards a resolution. So here are the scattered notes from multiple sources; as the river of this history changes all our lives. And transforms the nature of the polity. They tried to crush… Continue Reading →

Millions March: Australia: The Best of 2021

With Real Rushkan, TOTT News, Reignite Democracy Australia, Hold the Line, the Aussie Cosack and Others. With a number of books now emerging about the Covid era, including most recently Robert F Kennedy’s The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big… Continue Reading →

‘Stand Up!’: Australians REJECT the ‘New Normal’ with Marches across the Country

TOTT News Australia joins international events for freedom. Large crowds have marched across the country on Saturday to oppose the dystopian ‘new normal’ way of life in 2022, with campaigners saying freedom is far from restored. PERTH Following the decision… Continue Reading →

Australia’s National Marches — Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Cairns, Sydney!

TOTT News ‘Unite For Our Rights!’: Pro-choice Australians march and celebrate across capital cities Huge pro-choice crowds have turned out for end-of-year demonstrations and well-deserved celebrations across the country. It has been a long year for freedom campaigners, as the… Continue Reading →

SOS: Australia to the World

As Australia disintegrates before our eyes, one extraordinary event follows another with extreme rapidity. What was once a slow motion train wreck is now a collision with destiny at lightning speed. Australia has become an international pariah for its absurd… Continue Reading →

Massive Demonstrations as the Government’s Absurd Covid Mismanagement Rips Australia Apart

TOTT News AWE-INSPIRING: The freedom protests moments the media DON’T want you to see. Veterans, different cultures, jabbed and non-jabbed standing together, large crowds and more! Here are the MUST SEE moments from Australia’s historic freedom protests. TOTT News thought… Continue Reading →

Australia: The Rising Tide of Protest

With Real Rukshan, TOTT News, Reignite Democracy Australia, Melbourne Ground, Turning Point, Hold the Line and others. One thing is for sure: Australians have had enough. Here is a selection of links, videos and stills from the weekend. While crowd… Continue Reading →

Mounting Protest: Australia’s Real Rukshan

The Digital Realm Outflanks the Official Narrative The breakup of Australia and the breakdown of Australian society is also transforming the media landscape. One figure, the Real Rukshan, has captured a significant following, and even plaudits from some of the… Continue Reading →

Australia Breaks Apart: The Melbourne Protests

TOTT NEWS Melbourne is Ground Zero for the disintegration of Australia as a functioning country. Victorians protesters have once again flocked to Melbourne’s CBD to oppose mandatory vaccination requirements and new permanent pandemic laws. A massive group of protesters gathered… Continue Reading →

Mandates Provoke Protests Worldwide

By John Stapleton While the heavily manipulated mainstream media has been filled wall to wall with climate alarmism, out in the real world thousands of Australians are being forced to leave their jobs in tears because they refuse to have… Continue Reading →

Protest: Australia’s Authoritarian Derangement

With TOTT News As thousands of Australians face unemployment and exclusion from numerous venues and any semblance of normal life due to jab mandates, many have taken to the streets to continue their fight for freedom of choice. The disconnect… Continue Reading →

Medical Apartheid: Australia Leads The World In Discrimination Against Its Own Citizens

By the New South Wales Government. Australia is already the laughing stock of the world for its absurd mishandling of the Covid panic and the extreme authoritarianism which has overtaken the country, including the most violent scenes ever witnessed on… Continue Reading →

Unfolding Catastrophe: Australia. Extract. Part Six. The First Draft of History.

By John Stapleton. Photography by Dean Sewell. There is an old saying about journalism; it is the first draft of history. Part of the problem with the deteriorated and manipulated state of legacy media was that this noble function was… Continue Reading →

Scenes of Protest: Australia October 2021. A Nation That Has Lost Its Way.

With zero ethical political leadership, and with violent scenes of authoritarian derangement now being a regular feature of life in Australia’s major cities, here’s images and links from the last few days. Australia is at a turning point, on the… Continue Reading →

Covid: An Alternative Interpretation

By Tania de Jong I recently saw this acronym for COVID.  C = Censor   O = Oppress  V = Victimise  I = Isolate  D = Divide  In a country that is supposed to be free, we have politicians, bureaucrats and corporations controlling, bullying, harassing, discriminating, ordering,… Continue Reading →

Gallery: Australian Workers Stage Silent #ReclaimTheLine Demonstrations

TOTT News There have been powerful scenes of workers from a variety of industries holding silent protests in dozens of locations across Australia, as the shards of Australian democracy begin to signs of complete collapse. Mass vaccine coercion has arrived in… Continue Reading →

Postcards From Australia: Extraordinary Scenes as Democracy Destroyed

TOTT News, Rebel News, Real Rukshan and Others. With Australia having become world famous for the worst response to Covid anywhere around the globe, including the city with the longest and most draconian lockdowns, Melbourne, and the most over the… Continue Reading →

What is Wrong with Calling the Melbourne Protests ‘Far Right’

Elise Thomas: Australian Strategic Policy Institute. Over the past week there has been a great deal of debate about who exactly has been storming through Melbourne’s streets. It’s been repeatedly claimed, including by union leaders, that the protests, which started… Continue Reading →

Blackout Conspiracy: What is Happening in Melbourne?

Ethan Nash: TOTT News. Opinion. Call me crazy, but something just doesn’t add up about today. These are unprecedented days in Australia, a turning point in the nation’s history. The utterly brutal crushing of dissent we have seen in Melbourne… Continue Reading →

Days of Protest: Australia’s Authoritarian Derangement

Australia has never seen anything like it. Here is a collection of some of the weekend’s coverage. EURONEWS AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE

Protests Planned Australia Wide

Last September we saw some of the most violent demonstrations and mass arrests ever seen in Australia. A year on, the protests have got larger, the heavy handed police response has made us the laughing stock of the world, and… Continue Reading →



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