With millions of books published and the market awash with self published works, mainstream publishers are more risk averse than ever.

In a saturated market, A Sense of Place Publishing offers a streamlined, comfortable, high quality path through the difficulties of seeing your publishing project into print and up for sale.

We can assist with a number of services, including book publishing, manuscript assessment, editing and ghost writing to help bring your ideas to fruition.

Whether you’re an individual wanting to record your story, an aspiring author wanting to have a go or a tourist organisation wishing to promote the beauties of your region, A Sense of Place Publishing can help.

Your project will be overseen by the founder, Australian journalist of long standing John Stapleton.

We offer world class cover and interior design.

We also help you establish your own account with the world’s largest online publishers Ingram Sparks so that you have complete control over your own destiny, including your royalty payments.

You can see whether any of your marketing campaigns are working. You do not have to wait on anyone to see how well your book is doing.

Through Ingram your work becomes available at the world’s leading digital and POD retailers including Amazon, Book Depository, Booktopia, Barnes & Noble and iBooks, as well as through the Ingram Catalog, available to more than 73,000 bookstores.

The author or authors retain copyright.

We are extremely competitively priced and deliver a high quality product.

If a mainstream publisher or movie house takes an interest in your work, you are entirely free to go with them.

It is our duty to warn you that publishing a book may be the fulfillment of a personal dream, but it is rarely a get rich quick scheme.

That said, fortune favors the brave!!

Here is a Sample Contract.

Our Services:

Every project is different.

Please contact us for an individual quote on your project.

We use the services of some of the most accomplished operators in the business.

We can help you in the following ways:

Project Management

We can liaise with you to coordinate and complete the production of your book to a tailored timeline.

Development Editing

A thorough edit of your book that focuses on polishing and strengthening its content. This is a collaborative effort between editor and author. Your assigned editor will be working with you to improve your book. Do not expect your editor to rewrite your book. The role of your development editor is to suggest ways YOU can revise by offering detailed insight and advice.​

World Class Cover Design

We commission the artwork for your hard cover, paperback, eBook, and/or audio book. Final files will be delivered in upload-ready and print-ready formats.


We recommend a final pre-publication copy-edit in almost all cases.

This is an edit that focuses on grammar, punctuation, spelling, factual inaccuracies, and inconsistencies. We are able to offer copy-editing in US English, UK English, and Australian English.

Typesetting & Interior Design

We provide stylish interior design for both e-Books and Print on Demand.

Marketing Materials Design

Digital and print materials that advertise your book. We offer materials such as Facebook headers/ads, Twitter headers/ads, Website headers, Bookmarks, Postcards, etc. as well as designs you can use on merchandise such as T-shirts and mugs.

Printer/Distributor Accounts Set-Up

In order for your book to reach readers, it needs to be sold publicly.

We will handle your account set up with your choice of digital and Print-On-Demand distributors, and also upload and publish all the necessary files.

We recommend Ingram Sparks and can help you set up your own account so that you remain in control.

Book Trailer & Video Ad Production

Readers are 64% more likely to purchase your product if they see a book trailer or video that effectively promotes you and/or your work. Video advertising will enhance your product to give you the opportunities that video promotion can open up for you.

Services range from simple 30-second trailers using stock images and royalty-free music, to videos with original footage and music, filmed and composed especially for your product.

Website Creation

We can create and set-up a website for you. Website options range from simple WordPress sites and blogs that you can update yourself, to sites that include the full gamut of fancy tech work and effects to impress your readers.

Audio Book Narration

Tap into this market by having our professional voice-over actors bring your book to life in audio.

Book Translation

We can provide highly skilled and qualified translators who deliver an exceptional service. Tap into the foreign market by having your book translated into your language of choice.


A Contract/Memorandum of Understanding confirming the arrangements for the services you wish to utilize, and if required details a clear step by step path to publication.

A personalized approach with professional assistance all along the path.

Prices include ISBN numbers for both digital and Print on Demand and a bar code for hard copies.

There are no hidden costs.

Please feel free to contact us with any queries.

SKYPE: mr.john.stapleton

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