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Member of European Parliament calls out Australia’s plunge into Totalitarianism

Christine Anderson. Alternative for Germany. “I will do whatever I can to make it known to the world that your once free and liberal democracy has been transformed into a totalitarian regime. which tramples on human rights, civil liberties and… Continue Reading →

Why Dingoes should be considered Native to Mainland Australia – even though Humans introduced them

Peter Banks, University of Sydney Dingoes are often demonised as a danger to livestock, while many consider them a natural and essential part of the environment. But is our most controversial wild species actually native to Australia? Dingoes were brought… Continue Reading →

Melbourne’s Siege at the Shrine of Remembrance: A Symbolic Day in Australian History. The Best of 2021.

TOTT News: Originally published 28 September, 2021. For the third straight day, protesters had descended upon Melbourne to exercise their fundamental right to have their voices heard, in a day that will go down in Australian history. The police rolled… Continue Reading →

SOS: Australia to the World

As Australia disintegrates before our eyes, one extraordinary event follows another with extreme rapidity. What was once a slow motion train wreck is now a collision with destiny at lightning speed. Australia has become an international pariah for its absurd… Continue Reading →

A New Exoplanet GJ 367b: An Iron Planet Smaller and Denser than Earth

Coel Hellier, Keele University. As our Solar System formed 4.6 billion years ago, small grains of dust and ice swirled around, left over from the formation of the Sun. Through time, they collided and stuck to each other. As they… Continue Reading →

Cops For Covid Truth: Our Most Popular Stories for 2021.

Alexander Cooney Reveals Shocking Coercion Inside the NSW Police Force. Last year one brave police officer put his name to what many were already feeling, that the authoritarian derangement in the Covid era was going against all that they believed… Continue Reading →

JoshKeeper: “Piss weak” Senate body in Tax Commissioner contempt row over JobKeeper Secrecy

By Callum Foote: Michael West Media The Australian Senate’s Privileges Committee, oft described as its most ‘powerful’ body, has found Australian Tax Office commissioner, Chris Jordan, not in contempt of the Senate for refusing to release the data on large… Continue Reading →

Total Solar Eclipse Will Bring Two Minutes of Darkness to Antarctica’s Months of Endless Daylight

Tanya Hill, Museums Victoria The Sun hasn’t set in Antarctica since October. Earth’s southernmost continent is currently experiencing a long summer’s day, one that stretches from mid-October until early April. But on Saturday December 4, darkness will sweep across the… Continue Reading →

Je Suis August Landmesser: The Best of 2021.

By Paul Collits: The Freedoms Project. Artwork Trees at Night by Arthur Henry “Art” Young. Since the beginning of the Covid era, Paul Collits has stood out as one of the boldest and most cogent of commentators on the moral… Continue Reading →

Photos from the Field: Little Mammals in Northern Australia

Ben Corey, Charles Darwin University; Ian Radford, Charles Darwin University, and Leigh-Ann Woolley, Charles Darwin University Native small mammals such as bandicoots, tree-rats and possums have been in dire decline across Northern Australia’s vast savannas for the last 30 years… Continue Reading →

The Last Surviving Small Business in New South Wales: Village Fix

The Best of 2021. Lest We Forget. Originally published 16 September. Shellharbour is a small coastal town two hours south of Sydney. Only a few short years ago a lost in time surfing village, it is now surging ahead as… Continue Reading →

Monkey Wrench in the Wheel: Strategies for the Covid Resistance

By Paul Collits: The Freedoms Project American author and political satirist C J Hopkins writes: “Seriously, the point of this entire exercise (or at least this phase of this entire exercise) is to radically, irrevocably, transform society into a monolithic… Continue Reading →

The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma and the Gobal War on Democracy and Public Health

By Robert F. Kennedy. Extracts. In July 2021, one year and four months into the misery of the global lock down, the Federal Aviation Administration had to divert air traffic over a section of the country stretching from the west… Continue Reading →

Could we really Deflect an Asteroid Heading for Earth? NASA’s latest DART mission

Gail Iles, RMIT University. A NASA spacecraft the size of a golf cart has been directed to smash into an asteroid, with the intention of knocking it slightly off course. The test aims to demonstrate our technological readiness in case… Continue Reading →

Australia Breaks Apart: The Deep and Sinister Covid North

Paul Collits: The Freedoms Project While it is difficult to know exactly what is going on in the Northern Territory, there is enough news emerging about which to be very worried.  With yet another mini-me dictator at the helm intent… Continue Reading →

Millions March: Australia.

With Real Rushkan, TOTT News, Reignite Democracy Australia, Hold the Line, the Aussie Cosack and Others. With a number of books now emerging about the Covid era, including most recently Robert F Kennedy’s The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big… Continue Reading →

Sea Lion Whiskers can move like human fingertips

Robyn Grant, Manchester Metropolitan University. Humans have amazing fingertips. They are sensitive and can be moved over objects to feel its softness, texture, size and shape. These movements are both complex, and “task-specific”. This means that you adopt different movements… Continue Reading →

The Carlisle Hotel: Extract from Hideout in the Apocalypse: The Best Of 2020.

Photography by Dean Sewell The Carlisle Hotel in the back streets of Newtown in Sydney’s inner-west is one of the few places left in Sydney where the wowsers have not won; an old-fashioned pub in an increasingly strictured, shuttered country. Hotels… Continue Reading →

International Outrage As Army Rounds Up Australia’s Indigenous

TOTT News and Others. URGENT: Army deployed to indigenous NT region, ‘positive cases removed from community’ The remote NT areas of Katherine, Binjari and Rockhole have been placed into a hard lockdown, with an operation underway that includes transferring positive… Continue Reading →

Bees are Born with an Innate Ability to Find and Remember Flowers

Scarlett Howard, Deakin University and Adrian Dyer, RMIT University We’ve all watched a honeybee fly past us and land on a nearby flower. But how does she know what she’s looking for? And when she leaves the hive for the… Continue Reading →

Way Back to Last Weekend: Hundreds of Thousands of Australians Rise up in Defence of Civil Liberties

Rod Lampard: Caldron Pool. With a rising tide of disbelief over the government’s Covid narrative, many protests are planned between now and the end of the year. The massive wave of protests in Australia follows months of protests in France,… Continue Reading →

Massive Demonstrations as the Government’s Absurd Covid Mismanagement Rips Australia Apart

TOTT News AWE-INSPIRING: The freedom protests moments the media DON’T want you to see. Veterans, different cultures, jabbed and non-jabbed standing together, large crowds and more! Here are the MUST SEE moments from Australia’s historic freedom protests. TOTT News thought… Continue Reading →

Australia: The Rising Tide of Protest

With Real Rukshan, TOTT News, Reignite Democracy Australia, Melbourne Ground, Turning Point, Hold the Line and others. One thing is for sure: Australians have had enough. Here is a selection of links, videos and stills from the weekend. While crowd… Continue Reading →

Australia Breaks Apart: NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard Seeks to Extend Pandemic Powers Until 2023

By Sophie Hickey: Sydney Criminal Lawyers Blog. The NSW Health Minister wants to extend emergency powers across the state until as late as October 2023. The proposition has angered a number of coalition MPs who believe that doing so is… Continue Reading →

Why the Russian Anti-satellite Missile Test Threatened both the International Space Station and the Peaceful use of Outer Space

Melissa de Zwart, Flinders University. Russia has just tested an anti-satellite missile on one of its own satellites, COSMOS 1408, and created a stream of debris that forced the International Space Station (ISS) crew to take shelter in their Soyuz… Continue Reading →

Shearers: The Photography of Russell Shakespeare

Award winning photographer Russell Shakespeare explains the obsession: I’ve photographed shearers a lot over the years for a number of different publications. They’re an important and easily understood symbol for one of Australia’s most important industries; and there is a… Continue Reading →

Sydney Airport: Addicted to Privatisation, Addicted to Failure

By Michael West: Michael West Media. The takeover bid for Sydney Airport all but done, a takeover frenzy grips the share market. Investors, foreign and local, know Australian governments are an easy touch, that they allow their citizens to be… Continue Reading →

How a 450-kilogram Heroin Seizure shows Australia’s Drug Policies Aren’t Working

Teagan Westendorf, Australian Strategic Policy Institute. Last month a whopping 450 kilograms of heroin being imported by ship was seized in Melbourne. That number sounds huge, but it does not convey the true gravity of the challenge faced by police and the… Continue Reading →

Australia Breaks Apart: Inept One Day, Deranged the Next

By Paul Collits. AFTER the sad demise of the previous NSW premier, I thought, well, one eastern State’s unspellable spinster-premier is gone, one to go.  The then State of Origin contest over who could be the more ghastly premier came… Continue Reading →

Media Deceptions: ‘Stop the Bill’ Protest. Raw Footage Versus Corporate Media.

TOTT News We have seen it time and time again: Dinosaur corporate media conglomerates regularly distort the truth, and in turn, create the popular opinion of the masses they pretend to reinforce. Reinforcing consensus opinion was once the traditional role of the media. This was before mass social engineering helped… Continue Reading →

Mounting Protest: Australia’s Real Rukshan

The Digital Realm Outflanks the Official Narrative The breakup of Australia and the breakdown of Australian society is also transforming the media landscape. One figure, the Real Rukshan, has captured a significant following, and even plaudits from some of the… Continue Reading →

The Desert Stars: The World’s Most Remote Rock Band.

The Photography of Dean Sewell/Oculi The Spinifex People, as they are now known, are the immediate descendants of the last nomadic hunter gatherers to experience contact with the modern world. They live on the southern flank of the Great Victorian… Continue Reading →

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