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Fake news or no news? The folly of Australia’s News Media Bargaining Code

Kim Wingerei: Michael West Media Meta’s declaration that Facebook will no longer pay (some) Australian publishers for their news content has again highlighted the folly of the News Media Bargaining Code. It’s a poor solution to the wrong problem. Facebook’s… Continue Reading →

Australians Taxed into Servitude

By Robert Carling: Centre for Independent Studies As the end of the Australian financial year approaches, thoughts often turn to taxation and how to minimise it (legally). While the focus is on income tax paid to the federal government, the… Continue Reading →

A Cosmic ‘Speed Camera’ just revealed the Staggering Speed of neutron star jets in a World First

James Miller-Jones, Curtin University How fast can a neutron star drive powerful jets into space? The answer, it turns out, is about one-third the speed of light, as our team has just revealed in a new study published in Nature…. Continue Reading →

Censors Enthroned: Australia’s Misinformation and Disinformation Bill. The Sirens should be going off. 

By Binoy Kampmark: Michael West Media Should the government decide what news is appropriate and what is not for its people? The heralded arrival of the Internet caused flutters of enthusiasm, streaks of heart-felt hope. Unregulated, and supposedly all powerful,… Continue Reading →

Australian Media reactions to Tucker Carlson vs Vladimir Putin

From Jorg Probst’s Think For Yourself Blog It was without a doubt the interview of the year. On 6 February 2024, US journalist Tucker Carlson talked with Russian president Vladimir Putin. Even more fascinating than the 2-hour conversation itself was how the… Continue Reading →

Why America’s Department of Justice Wants to Take Down Apple

By Jeffery Tucker: Brownstone Institute On May 5, 2021, White House press secretary Jen Psaki issued a mob-like warning to social-media companies and information distributors generally. They need to get with the program and start censoring critics of Covid policy. They need… Continue Reading →

Australia’s Orwellian Named eSafety Commissioner will force Big Tech to Scan photos, emails

From TOTT News Australia’s eSafety Commissioner, who is a regular at the World Economic Forum’s annual Davos event, will enforce her powers to develop mandatory online scanning standards for tech companies. Tech giants will be forced to scan emails, online photo libraries,… Continue Reading →

Most people still think of tech companies as free-enterprise rebels. Billions of Dollars in Government Contracts Prove it’s just Not True. 

From Jeffrey Tucker: Brownstone Institute In the 1990s and for years into our century, it was common to ridicule the government for being technologically backwards. We were all gaining access to fabulous things, including webs, apps, search tools, and social… Continue Reading →

He Governs Best Who Governs Least

Civil Disobedience: The Ten Best Quotes of Henry David Thoreau Although the essay was written 168 years ago, the subject of Civil Disobedience is more relevant than ever. As people debate the scope of government power in regards to Covid-19 lockdowns, some… Continue Reading →

Unprecedented One Million Long Term Arrivals Entered Australia in 2023

Daniel Wild: Institute of Public Affairs “The latest data from the ABS reinforces the unprecedented and unplanned size and growth of Australia’s migration intake. This is placing immense pressure on housing and our critical infrastructure and has not solved our… Continue Reading →

The Australian War on Vapes: An Absurd Rejection of a Healthier Alternative

By Paul Gregoire: Sydney Criminal Lawyers Blog Two NSW police officers recently approached a 13-year-old boy vaping outside a Coles supermarket in the NSW town of Deniliquin, and, as he stood right beside his mother and another youth, one officer ordered him… Continue Reading →

Australia to Face an Honest Covid Inquiry

By Professor Ramesh Thakur: Brownstone Institute In 19 October, the Australian Senate agreed to hold an inquiry under the auspices of its Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee into proper terms of reference for a Covid Royal Commission to be established in 2024. An impressive alliance… Continue Reading →

Client State: Australia the “51st state of the US” for Deadly Weapons Production

Farah Abdurahman: Michael West Media Australia is licensed to produce “unguided dumb missiles” which explode shrapnel, killing all soft targets within 50m of the blast, and causing lethal harm to those within a 150m blast radius.  Here Farah Abdurahman,  with… Continue Reading →

The unlawful COVID sham falls apart completely

TOTT NEWS From vaccine mandates being declared unlawful across the board, to studies showing increases in disorders, the truth is completely out in the open now. It seems the COVID narrative is completely falling apart now, and this can be… Continue Reading →

Billionaires are building bunkers and buying islands. Prepping for the apocalypse – or pioneering a new feudalism?

Katherine Guinness, Grant Bollmer, and Tom Doig, The University of Queensland In December 2023, WIRED reported that Mark Zuckerberg, the billionaire CEO of Meta and one of the foremost architects of today’s social-media-dominated world, has been buying up large swathes… Continue Reading →

25 Telegram Channels the Globalists Don’t Want You to Follow

From Zeee Media

Covid vaccine mandates ruled ‘unlawful’ by an Australian Supreme Court under Human Rights Act

By Rebekah Barnett: Dystopian Down Under Covid vaccine mandates enforced on Queensland police and ambulance workers were declared ‘unlawful’ in a landmark Supreme Court ruling this week. In a decision handed down on Tuesday, Justice Glenn Martin found the Queensland Police Commissioner… Continue Reading →

Remembering Barry Williams – Fighter for Australian dads

By John Stapleton One of the greatest fighters for Australia’s many separated dads, Barry Williams, founder of the Lone Fathers Association, has passed away aged 85.  Warwick Marsh of Dads4Kids fame writes: “Barry Williams (18 April 1938 – 23 February… Continue Reading →

Vale Barry Williams: Founder of Lone Fathers, Australia’s Historic Voice for Men, Children and Families

By Warwick Marsh: From The Daily Dad “Don’t go in there,” she shouted, “He will kill you. He has court orders, but he cannot see his kids.” Barry calmly assured her it would be okay. “You don’t understand, Barry; he… Continue Reading →

Gears of the America’s Refugee Machine

By Spike Sampson: Brownstone Institute Asolid majority of American citizens now recognize that Biden’s many millions of alleged refugees are anything but the real deal. In all probability, some of these illegal immigrants are members of the “tired and poor”… Continue Reading →

In the Beginning: D’Angel Moon The Witch and the Foreigner. Book One. 

By Bianca Symonds For those who have not yet entered the intoxicating world of the D’Angels, be prepared to blow asunder all preconceived notions of our place in this universe.  The second volume in a planned four part series has… Continue Reading →

We Think This Dystopia Is Normal 

By Caitlin Johnstone Westerners who don’t appreciate the extreme dysfunctionality of western civilization are like someone in an abusive marriage who hasn’t yet recognized that there’s a problem, or someone who had a violent and chaotic childhood who still thinks… Continue Reading →

Australian Government Censorship threatens Health, Safety and Scientific Freedom

Kara Thomas: Australian Medical Professionals Society Medical regulation now appears designed to control the thoughts and speech of Australia’s 850,000 Health Professionals. Doctors are disciplined for offering opinions that do not align with approved government messaging on gender, culture, public… Continue Reading →

Unfolding Catastrophe: Australia. Extract.

By John Stapleton The national derangement  was complete. A Melbourne hospital prevented a mother from seeing her son, who was suffering from a severe brain injury after a motor crash. “We haven’t been able to see our son since he… Continue Reading →

Supermarkets, Airlines and Power companies: Record Prices Record Profits

Sanjoy Paul, University of Technology Sydney Australians have been hit by large rises in grocery, energy, transport, child and aged care prices, only adding to other cost of living pressures. While extreme weather and supply delays have contributed to the… Continue Reading →

Where Is Australia’s Royal Commission into the Covid Response? The Truth Will Out.

By John Stapleton Australia’s response to Covid was arguably the worst in the world, with the country making headlines around the world for all the wrong reasons, including the pepper spraying of protestors and the censorship of dissident voices. The… Continue Reading →

Bankwest Closing Branches in ‘solely digital’ Cashless Shift

From TOTT NEWS Bankwest recently announced it will close more branches in Western Australia as it moves towards a “digital future”, citing staffing issues and a rapid decline of demand for cash services. The changes come as Commonwealth Bank pursues a plan… Continue Reading →

The Culture of Narcissism, first published in 1979, excoriated America’s self-absorbed society – The Legacy

Nick Haslam, The University of Melbourne A cultural critic rails against a society that worships celebrity and prizes images over ideas. A progressive intellectual attacks the dominance of corporate elites. A curmudgeonly academic condemns his society’s ignorance of its past… Continue Reading →

The River Ganges: The Photography of Russell Shakespeare

“Have you also learned that secret from the river; that there is no such thing as time? That the river is everywhere at the same time, at the source and at the mouth, at the waterfall, at the ferry, at… Continue Reading →

As Former Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison quits Parliament at last, his ‘Legacy’ has Little to Recommend it

Frank Bongiorno, Australian National University The recent months have been kind to Peter Dutton and the Coalition. Scott Morrison’s announcement that he will leave parliament at the end of February is the latest instalment of the federal opposition’s good run…. Continue Reading →

The Review: Our Enemy The Government. Ramesh Thakur.

By Paul Collits The Covid era produced many villains, across countries, governments, major political parties, thebureaucracy, the legacy media, the universities, the corporates, Big Pharma and Big Tech. Many villainsand few heroes. Or as author Ramesh Thakur, one of Australia’s… Continue Reading →

No Money for Aerial Fire Fighting, Lots for Overseas Shipyards

By Rex Patrick: Michael West Media Despite repeated urgings from experts, the Federal Government is refusing to establish a sovereign aerial firefighting capability. There’s plenty of AUKUS cash to invest in US and UK shipyards but nothing to keep Australian… Continue Reading →

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