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Why Sweet-toothed Possums Graze on Stressed, Sickly Trees

By Gregory Moore, University of Melbourne. From time to time, I’m contacted by people who have a favourite garden tree that seems suddenly to be in serious decline and lacking healthy foliage. Often the decline has been occurring over many… Continue Reading →

Australia Stands Condemned

From Spectator Australia. Amid the devolved state of Australian mainstream media, which has played a diabolical role in inducing a population wide anxiety psychosis during the Covid era, one publication has stood out from the rabble of self-serving government propagandists,… Continue Reading →

Australia’s New Surveillance Laws Remind Me of Saudi Arabia

By Manal Al-Sharif: Michael West Media. “I left Saudi Arabia, one of the world’s most oppressive regimes. But the Australian Government’s recent draconian rules remind me so much of home.” Cyber security expert and human rights luminary Manal Al-Sharif reports… Continue Reading →

The Abuse of Australian Servicemen, Politicians Sacrificing Their Own People, Scientists treating the Population as Lab Rats

Maralinga: The Best of 2020. If the current ABC TV drama series Operation Buffalo piqued your interest in the British atomic tests in the South Australian desert in the 1950s and 60s, Frank Walker’s book ‘Maralinga’ reveals the true horror… Continue Reading →

Vaccine Mandates: Appeal Against Fair Work Commission

By Sonia Hickey: Sydney Criminal Lawyers Blog. Last week, a full three member bench of the Fair Work Commission refused former aged-care facility receptionist, Jennifer Kimber’s, application to appeal a single member decision in April 2021 which found she had not been unfairly dismissed… Continue Reading →

Our Most Popular Story for September: Cops For Covid Truth.

Alexander Cooney Reveals Shocking Coercion Inside the NSW Police Force. Last year one brave police officer put his name to what many were already feeling, that the authoritarian derangement in the Covid era was going against all that they believed… Continue Reading →

The ‘Psychedelic Renaissance’ Is Entirely About Corporate Greed

By Caitlin Johnstone. “Money has begun flowing into companies intending to monetize psychedelic therapy as new research has increasingly shown that blowing one’s mind can alter it for the better,” reads a new article for the Los Angeles Times titled “Money is… Continue Reading →

The Vaccine Industrial Complex

By Paul Collits: The Freedoms Project. I used to think that the Murdoch press supported the vaccines rollout because it wanted to support the Morrison Government.  Now I am convinced that I got that one-hundred-and-eighty-degrees wrong.  My new working hypothesis… Continue Reading →

The Accidental Prime Minister by Annika Smethurst: Book Review.

By Stephen Saunders: Independent Australia. ‘His opponents will only assist the marketing-man-turned-prime-minister if they continue to underestimate him.’ So goes the final sentence and key takeaway of The Accidental Prime Minister. Annika Smethurst, now state political editor at The Age, made her… Continue Reading →

Love, Death, and Whitman: Poet Mark Doty on the Paradox of Desire and the Courage to Love Against the Certitude of Loss

By Maria Popova: Brain Pickings. Maria Popova is a Bulgarian born New York based polymath who has read everything so the rest of us don’t have to. Not just hyper intelligent, she has an uncanny eye for beauty combined with… Continue Reading →

U.S. Protesters Chant “Save Australia” at March in New York City

TOTT News Australian flags were flying in New York City overnight, as demonstrators chanted “Save Australia” in solidarity during an anti-mandate march across the city. Australia became the focus of an American pro-choice protest in New York City overnight, with… Continue Reading →

Australia’s National Education United: The Open Letter

By Human Rights Advocates and Advocate Me This letter was originally addressed to the NSW Minister of Education Sarah Mitchell but is relevant across multiple industries and jurisdictions. Thousands of teachers, police officers and many others face the sack in… Continue Reading →

On Birds — Feathered Messengers from Deep Time

By Delia Falconer, University of Technology Sydney. When I experienced a great loss in in my early forties — almost a year to the day after another — I went to see my mother in the family home. She wasn’t… Continue Reading →

Scenes of Protest: Australia October 2021. A Nation That Has Lost Its Way.

With zero ethical political leadership, and with violent scenes of authoritarian derangement now being a regular feature of life in Australia’s major cities, here’s images and links from the last few days. Australia is at a turning point, on the… Continue Reading →

Freedom from Information: Thank You Gladys Berejiklian and NSW Health.

By Callum Foote: Michael West Media. Dear Premier Gladys Berejiklian and NSW Health, thank you for finally responding to our Freedom of Information request. We ask that, in future, you simply send us an old roll of toilet paper. An… Continue Reading →

ICAC is Not a Curse, and Probity in Government Matters. The Australian Media would do well to Remember That.

By Denis Muller, University of Melbourne. Journalists are adept at creating and reflecting public sentiment. It is a reciprocating process: journalistic portrayal creates the sentiment, then the sentiment feeds back into journalistic portrayal. This phenomenon can be seen clearly in… Continue Reading →

Covid: An Alternative Interpretation

By Tania de Jong I recently saw this acronym for COVID.  C = Censor   O = Oppress  V = Victimise  I = Isolate  D = Divide  In a country that is supposed to be free, we have politicians, bureaucrats and corporations controlling, bullying, harassing, discriminating, ordering,… Continue Reading →

Gallery: Australian Workers Stage Silent #ReclaimTheLine Demonstrations

TOTT News There have been powerful scenes of workers from a variety of industries holding silent protests in dozens of locations across Australia, as the shards of Australian democracy begin to signs of complete collapse. Mass vaccine coercion has arrived in… Continue Reading →

Nick Cave On Nick Drake: The Red Hand Files

Always generous with his immense talents, Nick Cave answers questions from his fans on his public blog The Red Hand Files. Here he answers the following question: I’ve always felt some sort of relation between you and Nick Drake. If… Continue Reading →

Unfolding Catastrophe: Australia. Part Five: A Terrible Deceit.

Paula Matthewson, senior reporter with one of the nation’s few mainstream news outlets not behind a paywall, The New Daily, wrote way back in early 2020: “If there’s one clear message to emerge from Australia’s efforts to combat COVID-19 it’s… Continue Reading →

Oh Frabjous Day!!! NSW Premier Resigns as Protests Against her Policies held Across the State.

Make no mistake. Premier of NSW Gladys Berejiklian, with every passing day, was becoming an ever more deeply despised and deeply divisive figure. Until one glorious day, the extremely powerful Independent Commission Against Corruption brought her down. And a glorious… Continue Reading →

Tasmania’s Salmon Industry Detonates Underwater Bombs to Scare Away Seals – At What Cost?

By Benjamin J. Richardson, University of Tasmania. Australians consume a lot of salmon – much of it farmed in Tasmania. But as Richard Flanagan’s new book Toxic shows, concern about the industry’s environmental damage is growing. With the industry set… Continue Reading →

Scott Morrison: What the Bloody Hell Are You Doing?

By Paul Begley: Independent Australia. Time and time again, Scott Morrison has demonstrated that he is ill-equipped to serve in a position of power, In recent days a number of Australian media outlets drew on Annika Smethurst’s insightful new Scott Morrison biography, The… Continue Reading →

Violence of the State: Industry Workers Poised to Strike Against “No Jab No Job” Mandates

TOTT News It’s now official: Australia has had the worst response of any nation on Earth to Covid-19, with some of the world’s longest and most draconian lockdowns, the Federation destroyed with most internal borders shut, millions of people under… Continue Reading →

Dark Seas. Extract: Hideout in the Apocalypse.

By John Stapleton. Photography David Sandford. The spooks were easy to spot. Most Australians couldn’t afford a new iPhone, and certainly not in that part of town. Old Alex felt decidedly unsafe, packed up the apartment, both glad to be… Continue Reading →

Are We Saving Lives or Destroying Them?

By Tania de Jong The great Albert Einstein said: “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it”. Our politicians and public servants need to find a new way of dealing with the pandemic which… Continue Reading →

Blackout Aftermath: Melbourne Campaigners Infiltrated, Hunted and Censored

TOTT News Melbourne emerged from an unprecedented blackout across the city to find the movement had been seriously damaged by counter-intelligence operations. We take a look inside Day 5 and Day 6 of Melbourne’s attempted freedom protests – events that… Continue Reading →

Favourite Books of 2020: With Maria Popova. Brain Pickings.

A Sense of Place Magazine is an unabashed fan of Maria Popova’s celebrated blog Brain Pickings, easily one of the best literary journals in the world. Maria Popova is a Bulgarian born New York based polymath who has read everything… Continue Reading →

New South Wales: A Roadmap With No Compass

By Paul Collits. Illustrated by Michael Fitzjames. The NSW Government has released its “roadmap” out of the Covid “crisis”.  A crisis it and other Australian governments have created.  A crisis in no one else’s eyes.  Oh, yes, we-the-hypnotised have bought… Continue Reading →

Unvaccinated People Will Face Prison for Entering Venues, NSW Government Warns

By Sonia Hickey: Sydney Criminal Lawyers Blog. The New South Wales Government has threatened ‘gaol time’ for unvaccinated people who attempt to enter venues in breach of forthcoming public health orders, which will limit entry to vaccinated persons only. The warning comes… Continue Reading →

Christmas Day: The Nightmare of Australian Family Law.

The Family Court of Australia is finally being abolished, dissolved Into the Federal Court. There Are Very Good Reasons. The misuse of expert witnesses is a problem throughout Australia’s judicial system, but no more so than in family law. Here,… Continue Reading →

The Future History of Publishing

Since the beginning of literature technologies have shaped the written word. And thereby publishing technologies have shaped history, culture, politics and war. The adage history is written by the victors has transposed in this truly astonishing era into something else…. Continue Reading →

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