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Misinformation Wars: The Flawed Research Driving Bad Policy

Rebekka Barnett: Dystopian Down Under Misinformation research is a joke, but not in the haha way. Today, I submitted my feedback to the Australian Government on the Communications Legislation Amendment (Combatting Misinformation and Disinformation) Bill 2023. If passed, the bill will… Continue Reading →

Australia’s Defence Minister Richard Marles Mauled: Government sophistry on AUKUS, Submarines, Nuclear

By Rex Patrick: Michael West Media At this week’s Labor Conference Defence Minister Richard Marles distributed a 32 paragraph statement for insertion into the ALP National Platform to explain the Albanese’s Government’s rationale for an incredible $368B of public expenditure… Continue Reading →

Albanese and the Australian Labor Party, Running Scared

By Allan Patience: Pearls and Irritations Hard core supporters of Australia’s alliance with America – in Australia, the USA, and in the UK – were no doubt thrilled by Anthony Albanese’s full-throated defence of the AUKUS deal at the ALP’s… Continue Reading →

World Health Organisation Finally Acknowledges COVID-19 Vaccine Injuries

By Sonia Hickey: Sydney Criminal Lawyers Blog The organisation that has been instrumental in the response to Covid-19, including the push for universal, preliminarily-tested vaccinations by big pharmaceutical companies, has quietly published a report acknowledging the potentially adverse effects of… Continue Reading →

A Cat Called Aziz: By Christine Osborne

A tourist on seeing the cat sitting outside the incense shop, called him Frank. After frankincense. But the cat took no notice. Having sat on the steps of the shop for ten years, Aziz—for this was his real name —was… Continue Reading →

In Australia, the Land of Magnificent Trees, Old Giants of the Tasmanian Forests are still being Logged

By Jamie Kirkpatrick, University of Tasmania The photo said it all. On the back of a logging truck, a tree so large it could barely fit. It was cut down in Tasmania’s Florentine Valley, not far from Mount Field, where… Continue Reading →

Lockdowns Were Counterterrorism, Not Public Health 

By Debbie Lerman: Brownstone Institute As previously reported, in the United States, the Covid pandemic response was designed and led by the national security branches of government, not by any public health agency or official.  Furthermore, we do not have a public record of… Continue Reading →

Sky Views: Australia’s Taxpayer-funded Billionaire Bush-bash with the Murdochs and Albo in the Paddock

Michael Sainsbury: Michael West Media Billionaire mining scion Gina Rinehart, gas fracker Santos, Australia’s number one corporate welfare recipient Qantas, as well as beleaguered taxpayers, bankrolled Rupert and Lachlan Murdoch’s annual Bush Summit. Starting last Friday in Tamworth, a national… Continue Reading →

Two new Australian Mammal Species just dropped. They are Very Small

Linette Umbrello and Andrew M. Baker, Queensland University of Technology, and Kenny Travouillon, Western Australian Museum You probably know about the Tasmanian devil. You might even know about its smaller, less-famous relative, the spotted-tailed quoll. But these are far from… Continue Reading →

Pfizer in the Australian Parliament: Senator Pauline Hanson. The Best of the Transcripts.

COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA SENATE EDUCATION AND EMPLOYMENT LEGISLATION COMMITTEE These hearings have been the subject of worldwide news and and so we bring you these edited highlights. For those who have followed it, they mark an historic turning point in… Continue Reading →

Pfizer in the Australian Parliament: Senator Gerard Rennick. The Best of the Transcripts.

COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA SENATE EDUCATION AND EMPLOYMENT LEGISLATION COMMITTEE These hearings have been the subject of worldwide news and and so we bring you these edited highlights. For those who have followed it, they mark an historic turning point in… Continue Reading →

The Incremental Gifting of Australian Military Control to the United States Is Alive and Well

By Paul Gregoire: Sydney Criminal Lawyers Blog Veteran journalist Brian Toohey outlines in 2019’s Secret that US intelligence agents weren’t too keen on then Australian prime minister Gough Whitlam’s mid-1970s questioning of the viability of US government operations at local military installations… Continue Reading →

Research reveals 111 times Australian Quolls reportedly Chewed on Human Corpses

By David Eric Peacock. Warning: this article contains graphic descriptions of human disfigurement. In 1878, the body of Sergeant Michael Kennedy lay in the bush in Victoria’s Wombat Ranges. He’d been shot by the notorious Ned Kelly gang – but… Continue Reading →

Pfizer in the Australian Parliament: Senator Matt Canavan. The Best of the Transcripts.

COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA SENATE EDUCATION AND EMPLOYMENT LEGISLATION COMMITTEE Members in attendance: Senators Antic, Canavan, Grogan, Hanson, O’Sullivan, Payman, Rennick, Roberts and SheldonTerms of Reference for the Inquiry:To inquire into and report on:COVID-19 Vaccination Status (Prevention of Discrimination) Bill 2022Fair… Continue Reading →

Out of the shadows: Making New Zealand’s Security Threat Assessment public for the First Time

Alexander Gillespie, University of Waikato The release of the threat assessment by the New Zealand Security Intelligence Service (SIS) is the final piece in a defence and security puzzle that marks a genuine shift towards more open and public discussion… Continue Reading →

Screens can Manipulate the Nervous System

From TOTT NEWS The manipulation of the human nervous system through the use of television and computer monitors is a reality in the modern world, according to a number of registered patents. Techniques studied in the 1970s reveal the ability… Continue Reading →

Death of Sovereignty: Everyday Australians will pay the cost of US kowtowing, AUKUS and Inevitable War

By Rex Patrick: Michael West Media. The spiralling cost of our alliance with the United States goes way beyond the $368B AUKUS deal and joined intelligence and communications facilities. Australia is paying the price of reduced independence, as Rex Patrick reports. The… Continue Reading →

Australian Cocaine Use Highest in the World: Calls for Legalisation in the Wake of a Spate of Shootings

By Paul Gregoire: Sydney Criminal Lawyers Blog Released in June, the UN Office on Drugs and Crime World Drug Report 2023 outlines that the Australian use of the illegal drug cocaine is per capita the highest in the world, whilst Sydney has long been… Continue Reading →

The Vaccine and the Censorship

By Paul Collits One of the single most most damaging paper of the pandemic has just been published in The Lancet. one of the most famous and most respected scientific journals in the world. Well, it was. Those who have… Continue Reading →

Pfizer’s Appalling Performance in the Australian Parliament

TOTT NEWS Representatives from Pfizer and Moderna have been called before an Australian Senate to face a barrage of serious questions surrounding the COVID-19 vaccination program. Members of the Australian Senate asked Pfizer and Moderna executives a series of questions… Continue Reading →

Abandoned sovereignty: Australia’s Intelligence Function Colonised by US

By Mike Scrafton: Pearls and Irritations. That the Albanese government could further compromise Australia’s sovereignty, international integrity and national interests seemed inconceivable. Yet, intelligence, a vital government function inextricably connected with independence and protecting national interest, is being penetrated and colonised… Continue Reading →

Controversial ‘Forever Chemicals’ could be phased out in Australia

Sarah Wilson, University of Technology Sydney and Rachael Wakefield-Rann, University of Technology Sydney There’s growing global concern about potential risks to human health and the environment from a group of industrial chemicals commonly known as PFAS, or “forever chemicals”. While… Continue Reading →

Was the Covid Response a Coup by the Intelligence Community?

By Michael Senger: Brownstone Institute From an early date, commentators have noted that the response to COVID had all the look and feel of a coup attempt. The masks, the slogans, the symbols, the lies, the sudden inversion of long-cherished norms and… Continue Reading →

Australia will soon have its first Islamic Bank.

Md Safiullah (Safi), RMIT University and Abul Shamsuddin, University of Newcastle Islamic banks have become an integral part of the financial system in many Muslim-majority countries, as well as in nations with sizeable Muslim minorities such as the United Kingdom,… Continue Reading →

Alfred W. McCoy: What I Learnt From Fifty Years of Writing About Drugs

We live in a time of change, when people are questioning old assumptions and seeking new directions. In the ongoing debate over health care, social justice, and border security, there is, however, one overlooked issue that should be at the… Continue Reading →

16 Life-Learnings from 16 Years of The Marginalian: The Extraordinary Journey of Maria Popova

Reflections on keeping the soul intact and alive and worthy of itself. In these darkening times, when the powerful and the political class have become utterly contemptuous of the concerns of ordinary people, there are, as a kind of counterwave,… Continue Reading →

Covid Cover-up Front Page News, but Hardly Anyone Cares

By Rebekah Barnet: Dystopian Down Under Over the weekend, Australia’s legacy masthead, The Australian, ran the news of the proximal origins cover-up on the front page of both the paper and the pull-out magazine. In an article titled, ‘Covid cover-up:… Continue Reading →

A Rocky Diplomatic Road: Julian Assange’s hopes of Avoiding Extradition take a blow as United States Pushes Back

By Holly Cullen, The University of Western Australia. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s hopes of avoiding extradition to the United States, where he’s charged with espionage and computer misuse offences, have taken a blow. US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, asked… Continue Reading →

Post-COVID Victoria begins to Come Apart at the Seams: A Debt Ridden Slave Population

TOTT NEWS It has been a interesting few months for Victoria, Australia, with the state now staring down financial consequences caused by the plethora of devastating lockdown policies unleashed during COVID. Delusion may soon implode the state. After being subjected… Continue Reading →

Voyager 2 has lost track of Earth. Only one Antenna in the world, in Australia, can help it ‘Phone Home’

Glen Nagle, CSIRO In 1977, five years before ET asked to “phone home”, two robotic spacecraft began their own journey into space. Almost 46 years later, after exploring the Solar System and beyond, one of those spacecraft – Voyager 2… Continue Reading →

Chasing the Scream: The Hounding of Billie Holiday.

Almost 60 years later, venal self-serving governments continue to promote moral panic and public hysteria perpetrating policies they know perfectly well don’t work. The same policies that achieve nothing but empowerment of thugs inside and outside of governments, all at… Continue Reading →

The Star-Spangled Kangaroo

By Caitlin Johnstone A new US warship has been ushered into service in Sydney. The ship is called the USS Canberra to honor the military union of the United States and Australia, and, if that’s still too subtle for you, it has… Continue Reading →

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