In case you were too disillusioned with Australia’s hapless mainstream media, or too busy working to survive the cost of living and housing crises now afflicting the country, here from last month is one of the most truly splendid delights of 2023. This moment in political history put a smile on the faces of the millions of critics of Australia’s dilapidated democracy.

One of Queensland’s most controversial figures to ever step foot into Parliament has announced she is stepping down after almost nine years. Her utterly disgraceful conduct during the Covid era added to the overall disillusionment most Australians feel towards the political class. Her reign of terror was finally over.


The reign of one of Queensland’s most notorious Premiers has finally come to an end.

Annastacia Palaszczuk has resigned after nearly nine years, she announced , as her government was headed for a defeat at next October’s election.

Palaszczuk first entered Parliament in 2006 and became the Premier in 2015, following on from the authoritarian Campbell Newman, and rain-making purchaser Anna Bligh before him.

She succeeded her father, Henry Palaszczuk, in the western-Brisbane seat of Inala. Henry, as we know, would move on from politics to become the head of a gene-data storage and sequencing company.

It’s no surprise that this piece is once again receiving traffic following this announcement.

After selling off most of Queensland’s assets, Annastacia became a contentious figure during the COVID era, where she implemented strict border controls and numerous snap lockdowns.

Queenslanders are still charged fees to use roads that were sold-off to be built by foreign companies.

Palaszczuk is the one to thank for Queensland’s rising youth crime, constant hospital failures, and a unprecedented housing crisis, as her approval rating continued to slump.

Deputy Premier, Steven Miles, is the frontrunner to take over, with Palaszczuk giving him a strong endorsement. “I believe he will make an excellent Premier,” she said.

With Palaszczuk’s departure, the last of the COVID tyrants are now gone.

After playing her part in the geopolitical stage show, she will now hope to join the others by sailing off into the sunset. However, with the damage these state actors have all caused, I don’t think they will be forgotten so easily, with many commentators still calling for legal justice to be had.

Her legacy will forever remain up there with the most controversial of all time.

Anna transformed Queensland into a state ripe with environmental vandalism.


Anna, the “accidental premier”, was Australia’s longest-serving female leader and the last state Premier who was in power during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In September, she became the last when Dan Andrews — who made international headlines for the heinous display of authoritarianism — announced his resignation in September.

This news would see Melbourne citizens take to the streets in the CBD to celebrate the departure of a man who pushed the world’s longest lockdown periods, destroying the state in the process.

An “exhausted” Mark McGowan, COVID’s WA tyrant, also announced he would step down in May, sparking a leadership spill. Mark was probably the only one to top Anna on radical border policies.

Gladys Berejiklian was the first to go, resigning as the New South Wales Premier in 2021 and leaving Parliament after the state’s anti-corruption watchdog revealed it was investigating her.

Her strict lockdown policies rivalled those of Dan Andrews, almost as if they were competing to see who could destroy freedom in Australia the most; infamously coercing citizens and lying about vaccine targets.

And, of course, how could we forget about Michael Gunner, the man who also made international headlines for the forced removal of ‘positive cases’ from Indigenous communities to the Howard Springs Quarantine Facility, the banning of unvaccinated citizens from public life, and more inexcusable acts.

These parasitic characters have all left their posts now, as the next state actor comes to fill their place and continues the bidding of the NWO agenda. But these few, in particular, will never be forgotten.

Unlike other ‘politicians’ that absorb the hate and move on, which is part of their manufactured roles, these individuals chose to take on this role during the most radical period we have ever seen.

Regardless of whether they were ‘in charge’ or not, they were still the mouth-pieces, and for what they took on without saying a word, the people will never stop calling for them to be held accountable.

Their legacies will always remained tarnished, and inter-connected with a dark period in our history.

In her announcement, Annastacia encouraged Queenslanders to “come say hello” if they saw her out and about in the future, telling them: “Don’t be a stranger.”

I don’t think the people of Queensland will be so kind as to treat you with such courtesy, Anna.

Good riddance, and let’s hope we don’t have to see your face again.