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A Public Relations Disaster: The Wind Farms That Ate Australia

By John Stapleton The Albanese Labor government is in a death spiral, suffering savage reputational damage from its highly divisive and failing campaign to change the Referendum and establish an Indigenous Voice to Parliament. It has been desperate to distract… Continue Reading →

Freedom Loving Australians Celebrate: Dictator Dan Resigns

By John Stapleton There are few moments in Australian history more glorious than the resignation of Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews, otherwise known as Dictator Dan. At last, at long, long last, the widely despised Premier of Victoria, the man responsible… Continue Reading →

Who’s at the Party? Australia’s Thriving Business of Corporate Access to Politicians

By Zacharias Szumer: Michael West Media The business forums of both major parties sell political access to corporate Australia, and they make a pretty penny doing so. Many of Australia’s largest companies are members and their events can raise hundreds… Continue Reading →

Australia’s Covid Non-Inquiry: An Insult to All Australians

By Paul Collits Anthony Albanese promised a Royal Commission, or something very close to it, into Covid policy.  The case for a Royal Commission was laid out in detail in the Senate by the estimable Malcolm Roberts a little while… Continue Reading →

‘Racist and stupid’: How to Lose an Australian Referendum

Rebekah Barnett: Dystopia Down Under This might be the Indigenous Voice to Parliament referendum’s ‘basket of deplorables’ moment. Hillary Clinton famously applied the slur to half of Donald Trump’s supporters, who she described as “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic.” The… Continue Reading →

Australia’s Pandemic Treaty now in “consultation” before Your Sovereignty is Sold.

TOTT NEWS New international ‘legal instrument’ looms. CONSULTATION STAGE The Australian government has released a consultation paper detailing their adherence to a “global accord” on “pandemic prevention, preparedness and response” moving forward. As was the concern, this will come in the form… Continue Reading →

Australians to vote October 14 on the Voice, with Prime Minister Albanese urging people to support ‘an idea’

Michelle Grattan, University of Canberra Australians will vote on October 14 to decide whether the Constitution will be changed to include a Voice to Parliament and executive government. Prime Minister Anthony Albanese announced the long-anticipated date to an enthusiastic audience… Continue Reading →

Pfizer in the Australian Parliament: Senator Matt Canavan. The Best of the Transcripts.

COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA SENATE EDUCATION AND EMPLOYMENT LEGISLATION COMMITTEE Members in attendance: Senators Antic, Canavan, Grogan, Hanson, O’Sullivan, Payman, Rennick, Roberts and SheldonTerms of Reference for the Inquiry:To inquire into and report on:COVID-19 Vaccination Status (Prevention of Discrimination) Bill 2022Fair… Continue Reading →

Australia’s Share Market of Deathly Hollows: $100b of equity passes from public to private hands in takeover binge

By Stephen Mayne: Michael West Media Australian companies worth billions of dollars are slipping into private hands at an alarming rate. Stephen Mayne explores what’s driving it and why it’s a worry.   After 38 years as a public company, vitamins group… Continue Reading →

The Albanese Government’s craven desire to bolster the alliance with Washington

By Allan Patience: University of Melbourne. Pearls and Irritations. When will Australians realise, as former Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating has been unerringly consistent in arguing, that they are part of the cosmopolitanism and complexity of Asia, and not a Western… Continue Reading →

Australia Breaks Apart: A Book Review

By Paul Collits: Substack What exactly do you say when your country betrays you and disgraces itself before the world?  When you find out that it is run by thugs and goons?  When you realise that the institutions that you… Continue Reading →

‘Quite horrendous’: Dr John Campbell on West Australian Vaccine Safety Data. The Greatest Medical Scandal in Australian History.

By Rebekah Barnett: Dystopian Down Under Dr John Campbell, retired nurse educator and Covid data YouTuber, features the West Australian Vaccine Safety Surveillance 2021 report in a new video. “I was completely appalled by this report,” he says. Dr Campbell says… Continue Reading →

YouTube Censors Australian Politician’s Maiden Speech to Parliament

By Rebekah Barnett: Brownstone Institute Thirty minutes of truth bombs is how one Twitter user described Liberal Democrat John Ruddick’s maiden speech to the New South Wales (NSW) Parliament, Wednesday 28 June.  Indeed, Ruddick, who left the Liberal Party in 2021 after… Continue Reading →

Weaponising Banks against Men: False Allegations of Financial Abuse can now be used to Freeze Accounts

By Bettina Arndt: Substack Last week, Nigel Farage’s bank announced they were closing his accounts. The controversial UK politician had been with the bank for 40 years and was given no reason for the decision. Since then, Farage has tried unsuccessfully to… Continue Reading →

A Vice-Regal Stitch-up? How the Great, the Good and the Consultants fell in with Australian Governor-General’s Favourite Charity

By Jommy Tee: Michael West Media. When the Governor-General’s man knocks, you open the door. Simple. Many avenues of influence were used in the making of the $18m taxpayer-funded Australian Future Leaders Foundation.  When your charity has the GG’s David Hurley’s… Continue Reading →

A Submission to the Senate from Men’s Rights Agency

At the end of February 2023, the Labor Party unexpectedly introduced changes to the Family Law Act, without any pre-warning or discussion. A Sense of Place Magazine is publishing this submission in particular because of the one-sided nature of the… Continue Reading →

Peddling Outrage: Australia’s eSafety Commissioner Assuming Role as Chief Censor

By Paul Collits Is the eSafety Commissioner – one Julie Inman Grant – coming for me?  Or you?  Well, she is coming for Elon Musk, threatening Twitter with $700,000 a day fine unless the company shows that it is countering… Continue Reading →

“Orwellian”: Draft legislation for Australian online ‘misinformation’ released

TOTT NEWS The federal government has released a new draft bill that would give the communications watchdog more powers to be able to fine social media giants for hosting ‘misinformation’ on their platforms. Here we go, ladies and gentlemen. If… Continue Reading →

Australia’s Ministry of Truth: The Authoritarian Madness Down Under Just Got Worse

By John Stapleton Australia has long been a democracy in name over, with a passing parade of shrills posing as politicians parading before an ever increasingly disenchanted public. Now, on what would have been George Orwell’s 120th anniversary, the Australian… Continue Reading →

Australian Labor Government’s Appalling Family Law Amendment Bill 2023. John Stapleton’s Interview with Dads4Kids.

With Warwick Marsh. John Stapleton is the author of Chaos at the Crossroads: Family Law Reform in Australia and was a cofounder of the world’s longest running radio program dedicated to fatherhood issues, Dads On The Air. Of all the… Continue Reading →

Australia Awash with Dirty Money – The Laundering Loopholes

Jamie Ferrill and Milind Tiwari, Charles Sturt University Australia’s financial crime laws are unfit for purpose. The problem: there are many professionals currently facilitating money laundering within the country who are exempt from the laws and regulations set up to… Continue Reading →

Australia’s Labor Government to Destroy One of the World’s Greatest Whale Migration Routes

By John Stapleton Australia’s Labor government, elected in 2022, is planning to destroy the country’s most beloved whale migration route by placing hundreds of wind turbines directly on its path. Wind farms are notorious around the world for their destruction… Continue Reading →

Australia Breaks Apart: The Sky News Interview with Author John Stapleton

Massive harm was done both to Australian society as a whole, and to millions of individuals, as a result of Australia’s deranged Covid response. Chris Kenny at Sky News is one of the few commentators in Australia who has repeatedly… Continue Reading →

The Zeee Media Interview with John Stapleton, Author of Australia Breaks Apart

Of the many independent Australian media outlets which have emerged in the past three years, driven by the failure of the mainstream media to cover the abysmal collapse of freedoms in the country, Zeee Media is one of the most… Continue Reading →

Forest of the Fallen: Letter from Australia

By Alison Bevege Thousands of people injured or killed by the covid gene-vaccines were unwelcome proof the injections weren’t safe, so they were silenced. Now, they have a voice. Forest of the Fallen: so beautiful is the concept. It’s a… Continue Reading →

Rampant Money Laundering, Foreign Investors, put squeeze on Australian Renters, First Home Buyers

Milan Cooper: Michael West Media As the debate over the housing crisis ramps up in Parliament, the impact of money laundering driving up property prices has been largely ignored. Behind the scenes, work is being done for Australia to catch… Continue Reading →

Australia’s Department of Health confronted over Covid Censorship and Lies

TOTT NEWS Following revelations of federal department co-operation to ensure a mass veil of COVID censorship, health representatives were called to question at a senate estimates hearing. After recent revelations revealing the Department of Home Affairs censored thousands of social media posts… Continue Reading →

Australia Breaks Apart: The Author Interview

To watch. The interview with author John Stapleton is the first 24 minutes of this program. John Stapleton addresses the madness of the past few years elegantly and with an urgent clarity that puts most commentators – and all politicians… Continue Reading →

Killing Bees: Destroying Australia’s Food Chain. Our Most Popular Stories of 2023.

By Nick Thompson The heartfelt outrage of a young Australian bee keeper James Evans and passionate attempts to warn the public about what has occurred on his family’s New South Wales farm, Vast Harvest Permaculture, has gone viral. James has… Continue Reading →

Chapter One. Australia Breaks Apart. Prison Island. Extract. Publication Date 12 June, 2023.

Old Alex sat on that sunlit step in an unfanciful suburb called Oak Flats; flooded with light, exhausted, perhaps, to be fanciful about it all, as if he’d just written 1984 and was basking in creative satisfaction, and the glory…. Continue Reading →

Taking the Male Bashing Disaster of Australian Family Law Back to the Dark Ages

With John Flanagan Of all the many things that the left wing Albanese Labor Government did not bother to tell the Australian public prior to last year’s election was that they intended to take Australia’s utterly dysfunctional family law system… Continue Reading →

Australia’s Leading Freedom of Information Expert Rex Patrick on Australia’s Squandering of $368 Billion on the American Military Industrial Complex

Michael West Media The Defence Department has outdone itself with the AUKUS submarine project. In Paul Keating’s words, “it’s the worst deal in all history”. That’s not just because of the staggering $368 billion price tag, but because of the… Continue Reading →

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