By John Stapleton

Australia’s response to Covid was arguably the worst in the world, with the country making headlines around the world for all the wrong reasons, including the pepper spraying of protestors and the censorship of dissident voices.

The current Australian government, headed by Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, has refused to hold a Royal Commission into the country’s dismal Covid years for one simple reason, he and his political colleagues were up to their neck in the malfeasance and bureaucratic insanity which characterised the era.

Millions of Australian children, some of whom have died, were vaccinated with a poorly tested and ineffective vaccine for which the long term results are entirely unknown. The vaccines were peddled, in collusion with Australia’s corrupted medical establishment, by some of the most notoriously dishonest corporate entities in the world.

Did no one remember Thalidomide????

The vaccine did not stop transmission, and young people were at almost zero risk from Covid, but parents foolish enough to believe their political leaders lined up to the vaccinate their children in droves. Many now regret it.

The after effects of unnecessary lockdowns, useless masks and ineffective vaccines resonate in societies around the world, and no more so than in Australia.

There are legions of stories around the country of vaccine injuries, excess deaths are still running well above normal, and until the government faces up to reality and reforms its medical establishment, including the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI), suspicion and distrust will only mount.

As a result of Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s refusal to show any decency or integrity on the issue, he now looks as callow, shallow and dishonest as his predecessor Scott Morrison. He is placing the interests of bureaucrats and pharmaceutical companies ahead of the interests of the Australian people.

Albanese has cosied up to every discredited state Premier fleeing into the undergrowth, including the despised Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews, the lunatic Western Premier Mark McGowan and the standing joke Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk. All left office with their reputations severely tarnished. Is it really a conspiracy theory that they were all resigning before the repercussions of their conduct during the Covid era came home to roost?

It is clear where Albanese stands. He is backing bureaucrats, pharmaceutical companies and the discredited Premiers while ignoring the interests of the Australian public.

Now, thanks to the brilliant work of Senator Malcolm Roberts, many of the lies peddled to the Australian people have been exposed. No one can deny any longer the widespread damage done by the Australian government to its own people. It is all on the public record. Holding a Senate Inquiry into the Terms of Reference for a Covid Royal Commission was a clever way of circumventing the government’s continuing concealment of the truth about one of the darkest and most damaging periods in Australian history.

Watch the seven hours of the inquiry and if you are still inclined to think the government acted in your best interests, you will be amazed.