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With AUKUS, Australia has wedded itself to a risky US policy on China – and turned a Deaf Ear to the Region

Matt Fitzpatrick, Flinders University. Much has been made of Australia’s renewed engagement with Asia and the Pacific since Labor came to power. Foreign Minister Penny Wong’s “charm offensive” in the Pacific was seen as the beginning of a new process… Continue Reading →

I just want a Ferrari, sorry, a Nuclear Submarine, no matter the cost

By Rex Patrick: Michael West Media Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has just committed Australia to spending $368 billion on somewhere between three and five second-hand US Virginia Class submarines, and a follow on build of eight next generation British AUKUS… Continue Reading →

Former Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating lashes Albanese government over AUKUS, calling it Labor’s biggest failure since WW1

Michelle Grattan, University of Canberra Former Prime Minister Paul Keating has launched a swingeing attack on the Labor government over the AUKUS submarine agreement, accusing Anthony Albanese of relying on “two seriously unwise ministers, Penny Wong and Richard Marles”. Keating… Continue Reading →

Australia’s Prime Minister in America: Release Our Number One Political Prisoner Julian Assange NOW!!!!!

By Michael West: Michael West Media There will be no better opportunity than now for Anthony Albanese to ask US President Joe Biden for the release of Julian Assange.  This week Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese met with US President… Continue Reading →

Have the Ancient Gods Returned?

Naomi Wolf These days, to my surprise, people want to talk to me about evil. In an essay last year, and in my book The Bodies of Others, I raised a question about existential, metaphysical darkness.  I concluded that I had… Continue Reading →

Beyond Flora and Fauna

Matt Kasson, West Virginia University; Brian Lovett, West Virginia University, and Patricia Kaishian, Bard College It’s no secret that Earth’s biodiversity is at risk. According to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, 26% of all mammals, 14% of… Continue Reading →

The Pfizer Papers

TOTT NEWS Just to rely on their good work, the Australian media outlier TOTT News is one of the only significant media outlets to follow this utterly massive scandal in any detail; in a series of articles badged The Pfizer… Continue Reading →

Silent War: Nobody’s Safe

From Five Times August You know the world has finally changed when a video claiming that no one is safe until Bill Gates is behind bars is readily available on YouTube; yes the same YouTube that made itself one of… Continue Reading →

‘We just Discovered the Impossible’: How Giant Baby Galaxies are Shaking up our understanding of the early Universe

Ivo Labbe, Swinburne University of Technology “Look at this,” says Erica’s message. She is poring over the very first images from the brand new James Webb Space Telescope (JWST). It is July 2022, barely a week after those first images… Continue Reading →

Australian Soldiers Train for ‘Population Protection’ against Protesters

From TOTT NEWS Australian soldiers have participated in a drill that simulates the ‘controlling of aggressive protesters’ for ‘population protection’. After the last few years, everyone has a right to be concerned. ‘PEOPLE PROTECTION’ Australian soldiers are being trained on… Continue Reading →

The Australian Government Assaults Separated Dads

By Sue Price: Men’s Rights Agency. The Australian government is winding back modest reforms which encouraged the inclusion of fathers in their children’s lives post-separation. While the Australian Labor government has painted itself as inclusive, waging a major and extremely… Continue Reading →

Banned from Twitter, Totally Vindicated: The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health.

By Robert F. Kennedy. Extracts. In July 2021, one year and four months into the misery of the global lock down, the Federal Aviation Administration had to divert air traffic over a section of the country stretching from the west… Continue Reading →

Why are so many Western companies still doing business in Russia?

David Uren: Australian Strategic Policy Institute. Fewer than one in 10 Western multinationals with subsidiaries in Russia has quit any of them in the year since the Ukraine invasion began. This finding by two highly regarded academics, Simon Evenett from University of… Continue Reading →

Powerful and Hilarious, What AI Concludes About the Suspect Ethics of the 2020s

By ChatGPT. Illustrated by Stable Diffusion. Human Element: Café Locked Out. This is a conversation between the group Café Locked Out and chatGPT, with illustrations by Stable Diffusion. Artificial general intelligence (AGI) is the ability of an intelligent agent to understand or learn… Continue Reading →

Tony Westwood: Visiting His Old Australian Stomping Grounds

By John Stapleton Way back in the 1970s, that’s before Noah’s Ark for all the Millennials, Tony Westwood was a founding member of the Australian Dance Theatre. He is back in Australia for a visit after spending much of his… Continue Reading →

Was the Vaccine Created for the Virus? Or the Virus for the Vaccine? The Great Covid Scandal Spreads Worldwide

By Paul Collits. Featuring the Art Work of Marianne North. Circumstantial evidence can often prove to be more effective than direct evidence to establish guilt. In such a case it is the combination of a number of pieces of evidence… Continue Reading →

Buildings tumbling, survivors living in tents: Medieval Descriptions of an 1114 CE Earthquake in present-day Turkey and Syria feel Eerily Familiar

By Beth Spacey, The University of Queensland The catastrophic earthquakes of February 6 2023 in Turkey and Syria are so far known to have claimed the lives of over 41,000 people. This number will likely grow as rescue and recovery… Continue Reading →

The Role of the American Department of Defence in the Development of Covid-19 Vaccines

By Dr Phillip M. Altman and others The US Department of Defence (US DoD) has had a dominant role in the response to the SARs CoV2 virus and in the subsequent development, manufacture and distribution of the Covid 19 vaccines…. Continue Reading →

CONFLICTS OF INTEREST in Australian Vaccination Policies

From the Informed Medical Options Party ADVISORY COMMITTEE ON THE SAFETY OF VACCINES (ACSOV) ROLE: “The ACSOV is established …. to advise and make recommendations to the Minister for Health (TGA) on the safety, risk assessment and risk management of vaccines.”… Continue Reading →

The Largest Structures in the Universe are Still Glowing with the Shock of their Creation

Tessa Vernstrom, The University of Western Australia and Christopher Riseley, Università di Bologna On the largest scales, the Universe is ordered into a web-like pattern: galaxies are pulled together into clusters, which are connected by filaments and separated by voids…. Continue Reading →

ChatGPT is confronting – ask the Mesopotamians, who Invented Writing

Louise Pryke, University of Sydney. Adapting to technological advances is a defining part of 21st-century life. But it’s not unique to us: it’s been part of the human story since our earliest written records – even featuring in the plotlines… Continue Reading →

ATAGI recommends FIFTH dose for Australian Adults

TOTT NEWS Australian adults will be able to get a fifth – yes, fifth – dose of a COVID-19 vaccine in the next few weeks. Australia will roll out a fifth dose of COVID-19 vaccine later this month to all… Continue Reading →

Four Dud Australian War Prime Ministers: Geo-strategically barren, unable to identify Australia’s Interests

By Mike Gilligan: Pearls and Irritations The risks for Australia in joining another “failed” American war, this one contrived to crush China, are worse than even-money, and climbing. The consequences verge on existential. Australia’s wartime Prime Minister John Curtin wrote to… Continue Reading →

Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration Approves Certain Psychedelic Treatments

Paul Liknaitzky, Monash University. A few days ago, the Australian drug regulator – the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) – surprised experts around the world when it announced the approval of certain psychedelic treatments. From July this year, the TGA will permit authorised… Continue Reading →

Convoy to Canberra: The Reunion

Numbers were nowhere near what they were last year, but the spirit was the same. On the 12 February, 2022, people from all over Australia traveled to the nation’s capital in one of the largest protests Australia has ever witnessed…. Continue Reading →

Convoy to Canberra One Year On: Aftershocks

The saying, “as so often in Australian public life, we’d all have been better off if the government had done absolutely nothing”, attracted outrage in the first few months of the “Pandemic”. Despite the blizzard of blatant falsehoods, grandstanding, nonsensical… Continue Reading →

Convoy to Canberra One Year On: Glorious, Chaotic, A Profoundly Moving and Historic Event

By David Nieuwenhoven. Images by Jamie Minco Photography. This tribute to the Convoy to Canberra and the days which changed Australia forever has taken me three days to write as I wanted to convey many different stories, videos, pictures, messages… Continue Reading →

Convoy to Canberra One Year On: Dusty Starr: Make A Stand While You Can

Dusty Starr is from Kinglake Ranges, the mountain districts north of the world’s most locked down city, Melbourne Australia. A well known star of Australian country music, like so many other Australians he has been radicalised by the draconian overreach… Continue Reading →

Convoy to Canberra One Year On

TOTT News Inspired by dramatic scenes of truckie protests in Canada, where the Prime Minster has been forced into hiding after a large convoy crossed the country, gaining worldwide attention, Australians have joined the movement and are descending upon nation’s… Continue Reading →

Canberra Convoy One Year On: The Sad and Brutal Final Hours

Notices went up around the Epic Showgrounds telling campers they must depart midday of Sunday 13 February, 2022, that is, less than 24 hours after the march on Parliament House. The notices claimed that the Canberra Show had been pre-booked… Continue Reading →

Naomi Wolf: War Against the Human

Naomi Wolf has been one of the world’s most famous feminists ever since publishing The Beauty Myth back in 1990. Her latest book, The Bodies of Others, a stunning, insightful, piercing deconstruction of the Covid narrative, has jumped straight onto… Continue Reading →

Convoy to Canberra One Year On: The Great March

“We should call this Australia Day,” said one indigenous woman. They came with their dogs. They came with their kids. They came with their hearts. There were an estimated 200,000 protestors on the Epic campsite alone. The 12th of February,… Continue Reading →

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