From Zeee Media

  1. KanekoaTheGreat ( – This anonymous journalist has become an absolute legend in the dissident community. Covering geopolitics, the border, the Biden crime family, and more, this account is a must-follow.
  2. Dr. Mike Yeadon ( – Former Pfizer research executive who made a huge name for himself by calling out and predicting medical fraud and tyranny. Now, he continues to speak out against the Great Reset agenda.
  3. Dr. David Martin ( – Dr. Martin’s address to the European Parliament is one of the best presentations on COVID I’ve ever seen. If there’s a crime that’s taking place, he finds it.
  4. Vigilant News ( – Media outlet co-founded by The Vigilant Fox ( First-class news aggregation, original stories, and a one-stop shop for the uncensored truth.
  5. Conservative Compass ( – An independent team of conservative commentators who present the side of the narrative that the TV news doesn’t.
  6. UngaTheGreat ( – Father, data scientist, clip maker, and citizen journalist, who uses his tech-know-how to disseminate the latest trending stories.
  7. COVID-19 Up ( – Well-written news and information about COVID-19 that goes far beyond the effort and professionalism of just about anyone I’ve seen.
  8. Wide Awake Media ( – The globalists tell you what they’re going to do before they do it. Wide Awake Media uses their words against them.
  9. DSchlopes ( – Enemy of Joe Biden and the deep state. He reports on uncomfortable truths over comfortable lies.
  10. Real Time News ( – Lightning-fast team of contributors bringing you the latest political stories. The #1 source for Biden administration gaffes.
  11. BioClandestine ( – “The biolabs guy.” Previously banned on Twitter for writing the viral thread about the US-funded Biolabs in Ukraine.
  12. Expose the Agenda ( – Another team of contributors that goes beyond the COVID scam, exposing January 6, the Biden family, government corruption, election fraud, media lies, false flags, and more.
  13. Maria Zeee ( – Fearless Australian reporter and host of the hugely-popular show, Media Blackout ( “Share the truth at whatever cost.”
  14. Prevent 1984 ( – A channel dedicated to fighting against censorship, globalism, surveillance, and the control grid to prevent Orwell’s famous novel from becoming reality.
  15. Dr. Pierre Kory ( – Compassionate doctor going above and beyond to treat the vaccine-injured and spread the truth about ivermectin.
  16. FLCCC Alliance ( – Critical care physicians led by doctors Pierre Kory ( and Paul Marik ( dedicated to researching and treating COVID patients, long-haul sufferers, and the vaccine-injured.
  17. Brian Cates ( – Political columnist and pundit whose written work annoys all the right people. His Substack ( is a must-read.
  18. Children’s Health Defense ( – An organization of momma bears, doctors, scientists, and journalists, who’ve been working to expose the corruption of the vaccine industry and Big Pharma for years and years.
  19. Dr. Peter McCullough ( – As the most published doctor in his field in history, Dr. McCullough cites the medical literature like no one else.
  20. Derrick Broze ( – Independent journalist who covers issues that matter, offering unparalleled coverage on the risks associated with fluoride in drinking water.
  21. Steve Kirsch ( – Founder of the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation and one of Substack’s ( greatest spreaders of COVID-19 “misinformation.”
  22. World Council for Health ( – Led by Dr. Tess Lawrie (, this worldwide coalition steers free from conflicts of interest and Big Pharma ties.
  23. Political Moonshine ( – Nobody covers the corruption plaguing this world quite like Political Moonshine with his in-depth analyses.
  24. Publius ( – Defender of the Republic and follower of Christ. “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you FREE.” John 8:32.
  25. The Vigilant Fox ( – Editor-in-Chief of Vigilant News ( Writer, video clipper, and pro-freedom citizen journalist with 12 years of healthcare experience.