From vaccine mandates being declared unlawful across the board, to studies showing increases in disorders, the truth is completely out in the open now.

It seems the COVID narrative is completely falling apart now, and this can be seen with a range of news stories recently being released that bring no further doubt to the so-called ‘conspiracy theories’.

To begin, it was announced that vaccine mandates for Queensland police and ambulance workers were “unlawful”, said state’s supreme court, with the bombshell ruling “tipped to spark a wave of challenges”.

The judge ruled this afternoon that Queensland Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll’s December 2021 order was “unlawful” under the Human Rights Act, and that Queensland Health Director-General John Wakefield’s vaccination requirement policy was “of no effect”.

Of course, Carroll conveniently stepped down just a matter of days before this announcement.

The court delivered its judgments in three lawsuits brought by 86 parties against Queensland’s police ambulance services for their directions to workers issued in 2021 and 2022.

No doubt the decision, as mentioned, with lead to a snowball effect of challenges to be made.

But we don’t stop there.

More news has broke stating, if you can believe it, that vaccines have been linked to increases in heart, blood, and neurological disorders, according to the largest global study of its kind.

An international coalition of scientists looked for 13 medical conditions among 99 million vaccine recipients across eight countries before drawing the conclusion.

What an incredible shift from ‘safe and effective’ and the Courier Mail dismissing any opposing comments during the ‘pandemic’ period, even chucking a tantrum on Facebook at one point.

Yet another win for the ‘crackpots’ and ‘anti-vaxxers’ who were treated as sub-humans during this time.

In addition, the Sydney Morning Herald earlier this month led with the headline ‘We made the wrong decisions: COVID-era mass school closures condemned’.

SMH had convened a panel to examine the impacts that school closures had on students’ education and well-being during the COVID-19 ‘pandemic’.

Professor Shergold commented that “…the lingering effects of school shutdowns on students, teachers, and parents underscored the importance of scrutinising unilateral decisions by state governments to mandate remote learning.”

He noted that: “The danger of school closures, which we always knew, was that it was going to accentuate disadvantage. After the closures in early 2020, we made the wrong policy decisions about closing school systems.”

Who would of thought? Certainly websites like ours who were also screaming about this during the time, as well as the dangers of mass surveillance from remote learning technology being used.

Indeed, a huge wave of revelation to be released in succession, even suspiciously so.

Of course this all comes out when everyone is back at work, struggling to survive and not paying attention to the mainstream media headlines. The method as it has always been.

Let’s not forget the so-called ‘fact-checkers’ said that mandates were not against human rights in 2021:

Senator Gerard Rennick, who will be kicked out of the ‘big club’ at the next election cycle, rightly reminded everyone of this claim. The ‘fact-checkers’ will be remembered as the modern Thought Police.

The COVID sham has had its life support turned off.

The ‘experts’ have been proven wrong and deceptive.

Now, it’s time for accountability to be held for those that ruined both the country and countless lives.


These stories are the final nail in the coffin for a narrative that has been crumbling for months now, as a wave of vaccine-injured and sacked individuals seek compensation for the human rights violations.

The New Zealand Court of Appeal found last month that the NZDF had failed to show that it was justified in imposing more serious penalties for refusing vaccinations, than those for other illnesses.

Here in Australia, the state government of South Australia was also ordered in January to pay a former employee compensation after he suffered from pericarditis following a COVID-19 booster shot.

AstraZeneca is facing legal action by 80 people who say they were injured by their vaccine in the U.K.

The claims of 35 alleged victims of the AstraZeneca COVID vaccine have already been lodged against the pharmaceutical giant, in what is tipped to be one of the biggest legal cases of its kind.

A Victorian GP is suing Pfizer and Moderna over alleged GMOs found in mRNA COVID-19 vaccines.

Pfizer and Moderna representatives were grilled in the Senate back in August for their lies.

Let’s also not forget about the massive, ongoing class action lawsuit, organised by Queensland GP Dr. Melissa McCann, which also alleges government negligence and breaches.

Business owners are also currently locked into their own class action lawsuit, with over 1,300 of them in Victoria seeking justice for suffering through the world’s longest COVID-19 lockdowns.

Well done to all of those who stood tall and spoke their truths, no matter the consequences. Time and history has proven you, and us all, correct in our ‘conspiracy theories’.

We may need to update our popular piece of prior revelations now..

At TOTT News, we are proud that we ‘stuck to out guns’ and brought the people of Australia the truth about what was actually happening, in the face of censorship, investigations, and the ‘fact-checkers’.

The unlawful COVID sham, including the ‘pandemic’ and ‘virus’, has completely fallen apart.

The black sheep were correct all along, and now it is all out in the public for everyone to see.