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Australia: Banning Chinese Cameras

TOTT NEWS Slow to move, Australia will ‘seek advice’ before following the U.K. and U.S. in banning the use of Chinese-made surveillance cameras, despite hundreds of thousands of known potential security risks across the country. The U.S. and U.K. governments… Continue Reading →

Neuralink microchip ‘ready for humans in six months’, says Elon Musk

TOTT NEWS Neuralink has submitted paperwork to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for approval of implanted brain microchips in humans. The Symbiosis Approaches. Ready for Humans While the world’s richest person distracts the world with Twitter discussions, behind… Continue Reading →

COVID Fearmongering Rears its Ugly Head: Just when you Thought it was Over.

TOTT NEWS: Ethan Nash. QUEENSLAND: THE CLOWN STATE Here we go again. Despite most of the world moving on with COVID, Australians sit at the end of 2022 with even more headlines of the ‘scary virus’ making the cycle. A… Continue Reading →

Inside the Race to ‘Fill the Sky’ with Satellites

TOTT NEWS As thousands of new satellites begin to crawl across the sky, companies are now in a race to secure the best positions ahead of a ‘next generation shift’ in internet services. Elon Musk’s space tech company SpaceX is… Continue Reading →

‘Resist!’: Australians March as the Covid Narrative Collapses Worldwide

With TOTT NEWS Scandal after scandal is now rocking the Covid Czars, as their narrative collapses worldwide. In Australia many of the fear mongering perpetrators remain in power and have so far failed to apologise to the population whose welfare… Continue Reading →

Infiltrated: How Unelected World Bodies Are Transforming Australia

By Ethan Nash: TOTT NEWS. A social and economic wasteland has been left after two years of lockdowns and restrictions, and now, unelected international bodies seek to use this climate of uncertainty as the catalyst to re-shape the world into… Continue Reading →

The Pfizer Papers: How the Company Covered Up the Deaths of Trial Participants

By T.J. Coles: TOTT NEWS. Newly-released Pfizer-US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) documents suggest that after several trial participants died — following injection with the experimental product — Pfizer covered up their deaths by attributing them to natural causes, existing… Continue Reading →

Australian Defence Department launches new supercomputer

From TOTT News A new supercomputer has been officially launched at Defence Science and Technology Group’s Edinburgh, South Australia site.  The new rapid data processing supercomputer is tipped to support the development of modern weapons systems, including technology promised under… Continue Reading →

A Hero’s Tale: The Monomyth and The Shadow

TOTT NEWS Human beings are universally drawn to the story of the hero, a common psychological archetype that is found embedded in the fabric of almost every popular story or tale. On a personal level, this framework can help one… Continue Reading →

The Importance of Protecting your Privacy at Protests

TOTT NEWS What should peaceful protesters know about their privacy before heading to a demonstration? Here are some concerns and protective measures they should keep in mind. Staying protected while expressing your voice. STARTING POINT: YOUR PHONE Protests are set… Continue Reading →

Australia: The Place to be Pepper Sprayed as Protestors around the country March against the New World Order

Coverage from TOTT NEWS, True Arrow and Others. Despite lockdowns and restrictions ending, vaccine mandates continue to create havoc across multiple Australian industries and the larger agenda is still very much in motion. With Australia now having one of the… Continue Reading →

The End of the Individual Freedoms of the Private Motor Vehicle Looms: Australian Capital Territory to Ban Petrol and Diesel Cars from 2035

TOTT NEWS. Australia’s capital plans to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles starting from the middle of next decade, according to reports. The ACT Government will later this week release a strategy document detailing a plan for 80 to… Continue Reading →

Moral Enhancement Technologies

TOTT NEWS Over the last few years, scientists have argued that we can, and perhaps should, use technology to ‘enhance’ our moral abilities — to become a more cooperative, empathetic, or ‘properly motivated’ species. Traditionally, moral development has been facilitated… Continue Reading →

“Tip of the Iceberg”: Aussie data sold on $23 Million Dark Web Market

TOTT NEWS. An analysis of one prominent dark web market has revealed a network that has sold over 720 thousand items of personal data for $23.2 million. A new study by cybersecurity company NordVPN has analysed one of the dark web markets that… Continue Reading →

The Pfizer Papers: Company Secretly Planned for the Third Dose

T.J. Coles: TOTT NEWS. Documents reveal Pfizer was already planning for a third booster shot before the first two doses had finished an analysis period. Recently-released Pfizer/US Food and Drug Administration Clinical Overview documents from April 2021 show that the… Continue Reading →

Major retailers using Facial Recognition Technology in stores

Three more major companies are being referred to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner over their use of facial recognition technology in stores. Australia’s leading consumer advocacy group has raised serious concerns about major retailers using facial recognition technology to… Continue Reading →

Vaccine Mandate Madness: Chaos as Thousands Refuse the Jab

By Ethan Nash: TOTT NEWS. Despite state governments beginning to abolish harsh vaccine mandates, major employers have stated policies will not change and “high-risk” workplaces are pushed for a fourth dose. Some of Australia’s biggest employers will continue to require… Continue Reading →

Millions of Australian School Students tracked during Lockdown Remote Learning

TOTT NEWS An investigation has revealed over 4 million Australian children were exposed to surveillance and tracking from third-party apps during lockdown remote learning periods. The school students were put at risk of unprecedented tracking and surveillance during remote learning… Continue Reading →

The Ever Widening Scandal: The Pfizer Papers. The Company Exploited and Misapplied a Controversial Clinical Trial Method

By Dr T.J. Coles: TOTT NEWS. Documents reveal sleight-of-hand tactics were used on clinical trial protocols to ensure the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine was granted a license. In April last year, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) published a confidential Biologics… Continue Reading →

The Posthuman Caste Vision: Cyborg ruling classes and a Genetically-engineered Species

TOTT NEWS The transhuman promise of ‘superhuman’ abilities will be reserved for the ‘chosen class’, while the masses merge with technology designed for a constant state of surveillance and control. In attempt to give themselves godlike abilities, the technocratic elites are moving towards… Continue Reading →

Scott Morrison endorses handing over Pandemic Powers to the World Health Organisation

Ethan Nash: TOTT NEWS. Prime Minister Scott Morrison has endorsed the prospect of more powers for international health bodies such the World Health Organisation (WHO) at a press conference in Darwin today. One reporter raised an upcoming WHO meeting on… Continue Reading →

‘We Choose Freedom!’: Large crowds across Australia REJECT the Major Parties ahead of Federal Election

TOTT NEWS “SACK THEM ALL” A call for freedom from the two-party false paradigm. The 2022 Election represents the essential political conflict of our time — one between the corporate oligarchy and the beleaguered working classes. Less than a week… Continue Reading →

Cross-department Digital ID pilot planned for New South Wales: The Ever Tightening Web

TOTT NEWS Residents in New South Wales are in line for a whole-of-government Digital ID that will let them connect their biometric details for access to services. Australians in the state of New South Wales will soon be able to… Continue Reading →

Transhumanism is an idea Centuries in the Making

TOTT NEWS. Eugenics and transhumanism go hand-in-hand, and modern ideas about ‘transcending the human’ can actually be traced back to works that were written centuries ago. Transhumanism is the belief that, in the future, science and technology will enable us to… Continue Reading →

Australian Researchers Launch world-first ‘wireless neuro-stimulator’ for Brain Implants

TOTT NEWS. Wireless technology that allows for human brain implants to be analysed remotely is now possible, thanks to researchers at the University of Queensland. It is a world-first. Queensland researchers have come up with a new way to use… Continue Reading →

The Pfizer Papers: Documents confirm the vaccine was supposed to “prevent COVID”, Not just reduce Symptoms

T.J. Coles. TOTT NEWS. The Pfizer-FDA health and safety documents reveal the COVID vaccination was originally intended to “prevent” the virus. This is Part One of a series of articles from TOTT NEWS exploring the explosive Pfizer-US Food and Drug… Continue Reading →

AFP Creates New Taskforce to Protect Politicians ahead of Imminent Election

TOTT NEWS The Australian Federal Police (AFP) will set up a “specialised investigative taskforce” to help “ensure the security of parliamentarians during the 2022 Federal election”. The Australian Federal Police (AFP) task force will use “real time intelligence” to investigate… Continue Reading →

New Australian National Security Facility opens in Canberra

By Ethan Nash: TOTT News The Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) has unveiled a new facility in Canberra to house the expansion of its intelligence gathering and threat detection capabilities The national security agency has opened a new cyber and foreign intelligence facility in Majura… Continue Reading →

Australia’s Freedom Marches: There’s No Going Back

TOTT News and Others With election season in full swing, Australians have taken to the streets across the country to let their so-called ‘representatives’ know just what they think of them, their behaviour over the last two years, the agenda… Continue Reading →

After two years, the COVID ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ have been proven Correct

TOTT News. Two years ago — on 11 March 2020 — the coronavirus was officially declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization, and with in a matter of weeks, the entire world would be changed forever. Countries would begin to enter… Continue Reading →

Dramatic Scenes in New Zealand as Police Move In: A show of Force in Wellington.

A show of force in Wellington. New Zealand Police have launched on anti-mandate protesters today in dramatic scenes, attempting to finally end a sitting that has disrupted the country’s capital for the past three weeks. Large numbers of police —… Continue Reading →

Australians are Still Unaware of how much Data Facebook is Collecting.

TOTT News. Australia is ranked amongst the top ten countries which have no idea how their data is collected by Facebook. In April of 2018, Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg confirmed that the social network collects data from people online even if they… Continue Reading →

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