Elon Musk has announced a new venture called ‘xAI’ that plans to “understand the true nature of the universe”.

What will they ‘discover’?

Billionaire Elon Musk launched an artificial intelligence company called xAI on Thursday, vowing to develop an AI program that competes with established offerings like ChatGPT.

Musk says the goal with xAI is to build a good artificial general intelligence, with the ultimate purpose of ‘understanding reality’ at the company core.

According to the xAI website said, the company has signed up engineers who have formerly worked for major companies in the field like Google, Minds and OpenAI.

Musk, who has previously criticised the pace and ambitions of recent developments in AI, said in a Twitter Spaces on this morning that he ‘entered the industry reluctantly’.

“If I could press pause on advanced AI digital super-intelligence, I would. But it doesn’t seem like that is realistic,” Musk said that he expects xAI to be ‘safer’ than its competitors.

Musk also said that the safest way is to build an intelligence that is “maximum curious” and “truth curious”, and to try and “minimise the error between what you think is true and what is actually true”.

For a “truth-seeking super-intelligence”, Musk says humanity is much more interesting, giving the example of how space and Mars is “super interesting”, but pales in comparison to humanity.

XAI, according to its website, aims to “understand the true nature of the universe.”

Musk said this morning “…there is so much that we think we understand but we don’t in reality”.

For example, “…there are many questions that remain about the nature of gravity”, he said on Twitter.

Which I found quite funny.

Maybe if he looks hard enough, he will find Cavendish and his giant lead balls.

What will Musk ‘uncover’ with his new AI company?

That remains to be seen.

Now, while all of this sounds good on the surface, it is yet another example of those with too much money and the Cult of Scientism devoting their resources to ‘uncovering’ fundamental questions about life. Musk, who is on a mission to fundamentally alter humanity, also wants to ‘understand them’.

All part of a trend that has caught on in recent years, as companies dedicate billions to ‘solving’ the mysteries of life with secret advanced projects.


Elon Musk, while ‘wowing’ much of the world with his Twitter takeover and posts suggesting he is not as ‘chained’ as other billionaires, behind the scenes, he is a major factor aiding the transhumanist push.

Earlier this year, the FDA approved human trials for the brain microchip developed by his company Neuralink, which he says will transform not only health, but the way we live as societies.

Full steam ahead for Neuralink, despite facing investigations after leaving a trail of destruction in their wake to get to this point, including the killing of large amounts of animals.

Not only does he want to ‘understand’ humans, he wants to get inside their brains.

Many of the companies and individuals undertaking this research have more resources than most governments have, and when it comes to regulating them, it seems they are always ahead of the curve.

Musk’s new company joins a list of multi-national corporations that are dedicating massive resources to projects like this. Who could forget Google’s announcement of a research center solely to ‘solve death’.

Or how about Facebook’s secretive ‘Building 8′ project, which included former workers from DARPA, which has since been divided up into sub-divisions inside of Meta.

It should be no surprise he has recruited minds from these fields for xAI.

While he charms the world on one hand, claiming to be against this shift, he is aiding it moreso.

A Royal Society Fellow. That’s all you need to know.

He comes straight from the Vatican of Scientism.

For centuries, at the highest levels, those that have ruled society have possessively tried to understand the mysteries of reality, including concepts like life extension and immortality.

Musk has continuously cried of the ‘dangers’ of sentient AI or a point of ‘singularity’, stating that ‘if we can’t beat them, we must join them’ as part of his marketing philosophy.

I have previously floated the notion that machine learning — which is of course not useful when controlled by those who wish to use it for bad intentions — is being used as a ploy to ‘hook us in’.

But sprouting that the machines will one day ‘take us over’, despite numerous (almost impossible) hurdles to overcome before machines truly become ‘conscious’, it serves as a false flag to put the chips in us.

But then the great threat of the machines never come.

While those that are around (not conscious) have taken your job in the meantime, all while the masses are now marked with a microchip.

He has even used a future ‘Terminator’ scenario as the premise when launching this company:

Something to think on!!!