Following revelations of federal department co-operation to ensure a mass veil of COVID censorship, health representatives were called to question at a senate estimates hearing.

After recent revelations revealing the Department of Home Affairs censored thousands of social media posts relating to COVID ‘misinformation’ via directives from the Department of Health, it was time for the ‘experts’ to come forward and explain why they did what they did.

In another senate estimates hearing, Department of Health representatives were questioned by the likes of Alex Antic on this censorship-industrial-complex, in which they denied a funding agreement with Home Affairs and “couldn’t recall” who made the decision to start the thoughtcrime campaign.

Professor Brendan Murphy, who was all over our television screens during the ‘once in a generation pandemic’, says the Department was concerned with “clear misinformation” that was “frankly dangerous”.

They also “don’t apologise” for their actions, citing “…there is a fine line between someone expressing their opinion, and expressing under the guise of scientific knowledge completely erroneous claims”.

“I’m not aware of anything that we have suggested was dangerous or false that’s turned out to be correct.”

See our piece, After two years, the COVID ‘conspiracy theorists’ have been proven correct, to view them.

When Antic mentions transmission as one of these notions, Murphy responds with the old excuse..

‘But the new variants came!’.

Ah yes, just when we had the answer, the questions changed. New variants, specifically Delta, that ‘threw everything off’.

Does Murphy not remember this is what the ‘conspiracy theorists’ were telling him from the start?

‘Has the flu vaccine ever actually stopped the flu?’, many people argued during lockdowns, citing that viruses constantly evolve each and every time a new jab is rolled out.

‘Then why are we locking down an entire society until people get it?!’.

Remember, Australia started our jab rollout late, and already had overseas data from countries like the U.K and India showing new strains were developing and jabs were failing (‘the science was changing’).

The ‘Delta strain’ was first detected in India in November 2020. Our vaccine rollout began in February of 2021. Three months later, and three months worth of data showing its spread and ‘immunity to jabs’.

It was hitting the world at the time we were receiving vaccines for the first strain, and the Department/state lackies did nothing but ignore this and push ahead with the suicidal ‘COVID 0’ policy underpinned by a mass vaccination campaign, one statistics both here and overseas already showed to be failing.

It was also argued that, due to the harmless nature of the strains — with a 98.4% survival rate across all age groups and only one recorded death between December 2020 and July 2021, that we shouldn’t even have a vaccine to begin with because of the fact it is harmless to most fit and healthy Australians.

‘Why risk it evolving into something worse?’, they asked.

This was the known outcome of mass vaccination, yet the notion was conveniently denied in a crusade to convince millions the ‘magic jabs’ would completely save them if they all took them. Done and dusted!

Even on the surface-level, using their own narrative, it didn’t make sense.

And this isn’t even going down the rabbit hole into what ‘viruses’ and ‘vaccines’ are.

I’m strictly arguing within the confines of their own fake medical jargon.

Vaccines never stop viruses or their transmission, and are merely a tool (in their own words) to prepare your immune system for catching the real thing.

Never has a child been told ‘we are getting a flu jab today so you can protect everyone else’.

Yet, despite the jabs being effectively useless against new strains (as they were repeatedly warned and was intentional to further line their pockets with booster scams), Murphy still argues that the vaccine was ‘highly effective in reducing transmission’ in the initial phase.

However, they locked entire states down and wouldn’t open until the majority had gotten vaccinated.

That’s what actually stopped the transmission of this re-named flu (which ‘funnily’ made the real flu disappear for an entire year), not because of a jab that most Aussies couldn’t get for months (meaning we were already in the Delta period before communities became ‘protected’ for the original strain).

And, let’s also not forget, the narrative actually was that the COVID vaccines would stop the virus dead in its tracks, a notion first promoted by Pfizer in development of the experimental drug. 2021.

When Antic asks Murphy if he still concedes the vaccines are safe, Murphy claims “absolutely”.

“We’re vaccinating people now to stop severe disease.”– Brendan Murphy.

Yes, a disease ‘so severe’ that everyone who died from it had multiple co-morbidities, were over the age of 90.. and don’t forget couldn’t even be determined whether they had died “with” or “from” it. 2021.

Now, nobody cares about it anymore and are getting on with their lives.

Such a ‘severe’ disease..

It should of been this way from the start, with each free to make their own decisions.

Murphy discusses the “risk-benefit analysis” of the Department’s decisions, yet Australians were scorned for attempting to weigh up their own analysis of the risks of the vaccine itself.

In fact, they were censored for trying to do so.

Murphy acknowledges that “all vaccines have adverse effects”, yet nobody was given the choice.

It was only people with specific rare anaphylaxis reactions that were able to get a medical exemption.

Doctors that dared to hand out exemptions for any other reasons were repeatedly targeted, before ATAGI expanded their exemption criteria to include.. severe reactions to the shot. Laughable!

Mandates would soon fly into communities to segregate and coerce those who wished not to get it, leading to more adverse reactions from this vaccine than every vaccine other combined.

That is the reality of the situation, beyond Murphy’s fluffy words. No matter how much they try to justify their actions with mixed up timelines.

During the hearing, Murphy admits that mandates are no longer justified, as they never were in the first place, perhaps because even the most brainwashed of person couldn’t believe any excuse in that area.

We shall wait to see if those who still remain unemployed because they chose human rights over ‘the greater good’ will be allowed back to work any time soon.

But, hey, they denied that natural immunity even existed during the pandemic, banned alternative treatments and censored free discussion — so why should we be surprised by any of this nonsense?

Malcolm Roberts once again took the respondents to task, demanding answers as to why Australia had 30,000 excess deaths in the year following the vaccine rollout:

A Department official says they acknowledge the deaths as ‘unusual’ and ‘concerning’, but say it is also ‘very hard to determine what caused them’.

They say they have ‘entered into a contract with a research team’ to be able to ‘solve the matter’.

What a joke.

In one final interesting note, Alex was able to secure further details on Australia’s commitment to an international pandemic treaty, as well as amendments to international health regulations.

See our piece, As pandemic treaty looms, ‘Disease X’ fearmongering begins, for details on the treaty.

In the end, we never really did get down to the meat of the bone regarding censorship, which I feel is perhaps the most important thing that needs to be addressed.

But well done to the Senators involved once again for their actions.

It’s a shame that nothing in a legal sense can come from senate questioning sessions, but it is good to finally see the corona cult being made to answer for their contradictions, lies and injustices.

Injustices that involve multiple departments in a massive web of deception.


This estimates hearing follows one last week featuring Department of Home Affairs representatives, in which Senator Alex Antic asked for further details on a redacted FOI request stating 4,213 social media posts were declared “flagged” according COVID-19 ‘misinformation guidelines’.

During the hearing, the Department detailed how they were funded to act as an intermediary to ‘provide information’ to the Department of Health on posts that contradicted the establishment narrative.

Health says they did not pay Home Affairs to undertake the monitoring on behalf of them, while Home Affairs said during this hearing their funding will expire at the end of this financial year.

So, who do you believe?

And will any of these individuals ever be held accountable for their actions?

Where are the mainstream media on this issue?

Not a single article can be found mentioning this estimates hearing.

Indeed, Home Affairs and Health are just part of a major larger web of deception that involves the government, media interests and unelected offshore entities.

All lining their pockets while the people of Australia had to live through this.

Their continued lies three years later are a pitiful sight to see.

Imagine having to look yourself in the mirror each morning..

Cover Image: Brendan Murphy, officially Australia’s former Chief Medical Officer and former head of the Health Department, unofficially Australia’s most vociferous Vaccine Promotor, one of the perpetrators most directly responsible for the train wreck of Australia’s vaccine rollout. A man who to this day refuses to say sorry, or to acknowledge the enormous damage he did to the country, including through utterly pointless lockdowns and border closures. And while numerous countries are now avoiding the vaccines like the plague, he is still pushing them on his fellow Australians.