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Australian Government’s Stalin Style Misinformation Bill Hits Roadblock

Ethan Nash: TOTT NEWS The federal government’s concerning ‘misinformation bill’ will face delays and head back to the drawing board, following significant criticisms of the dystopian legislation. But it will re-emerge in the future. The Albanese government is reportedly set to overhaul its… Continue Reading →

YouTube Censors One of Australia’s Most Talented Young Journalists

By John Stapleton. With Rebekah Barnett: Dystopian Down Under. Rebekah Barnett reports from Western Australia. She holds a degree in Communications from the University of Western Australia and when it comes to a new generation of journalists born out of… Continue Reading →

Misinformation Wars: The Flawed Research Driving Bad Policy

Rebekka Barnett: Dystopian Down Under Misinformation research is a joke, but not in the haha way. Today, I submitted my feedback to the Australian Government on the Communications Legislation Amendment (Combatting Misinformation and Disinformation) Bill 2023. If passed, the bill will… Continue Reading →

Peddling Outrage: Australia’s eSafety Commissioner Assuming Role as Chief Censor

By Paul Collits Is the eSafety Commissioner – one Julie Inman Grant – coming for me?  Or you?  Well, she is coming for Elon Musk, threatening Twitter with $700,000 a day fine unless the company shows that it is countering… Continue Reading →

“Orwellian”: Draft legislation for Australian online ‘misinformation’ released

TOTT NEWS The federal government has released a new draft bill that would give the communications watchdog more powers to be able to fine social media giants for hosting ‘misinformation’ on their platforms. Here we go, ladies and gentlemen. If… Continue Reading →

Australia’s Ministry of Truth: The Authoritarian Madness Down Under Just Got Worse

By John Stapleton Australia has long been a democracy in name over, with a passing parade of shrills posing as politicians parading before an ever increasingly disenchanted public. Now, on what would have been George Orwell’s 120th anniversary, the Australian… Continue Reading →

Censorship: A Threat to Public Health and Safety

By Kara Thomas: Australian Medical Professionals Society Medical practitioners are the bulwark between people, weak or corrupt leaders, captured authorities, and powerful vested interests. This bulwark is being slowly dismantled through severe censure, and punishment, posing a serious threat to… Continue Reading →

Forest of the Fallen: Letter from Australia

By Alison Bevege Thousands of people injured or killed by the covid gene-vaccines were unwelcome proof the injections weren’t safe, so they were silenced. Now, they have a voice. Forest of the Fallen: so beautiful is the concept. It’s a… Continue Reading →

Australia’s Department of Health confronted over Covid Censorship and Lies

TOTT NEWS Following revelations of federal department co-operation to ensure a mass veil of COVID censorship, health representatives were called to question at a senate estimates hearing. After recent revelations revealing the Department of Home Affairs censored thousands of social media posts… Continue Reading →

Australia’s Creepy Covid Cops: Explosive Revelations over Appalling Censorship of Correct Information

By Paul Collits When it comes to Covid, It has been a very, very busy month in Australia, with the news of the systematic censorship of Australian citizens making international news. It now lies beyond question that Australia’s Home Affairs… Continue Reading →

Australia’s Censorship-industrial-complex Revealed: The Truth Will Out

FROM TOTT NEWS Censorship actions taken by the Department of Home Affairs over COVID-19 ‘misinformation’ has finally been revealed, with exact details unveiled in a FOI request and questioned during a senate hearing. The Australian government has repeatedly proved itself… Continue Reading →

Shrouded in Secrecy: Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison Pushes Laws to Bury National Cabinet COVID Crisis Documents

By Paul Gregoire: Sydney Criminal Lawyers Blog At the state and federal levels, there were legislative mechanisms in place to respond to the public health crisis that is COVID-19. As these laws and regulations were drafted, the particular disease they would be… Continue Reading →

The War On Journalism

By Paul Murphy Press freedom has clearly become a key issue for Australians.  The third annual press freedom survey by the journalists union MEAA found that when asked if press freedom in Australia had got better or worse over the… Continue Reading →

It’s Time for the Government to Walk the Talk on Media Freedom in Australia

By Johan Lidberg, Monash University When the Australian Federal Police (AFP) raided journalists and media organisations two years ago, it showed the balance between national security and journalism is severely out of whack in Australia. To address this, a Senate… Continue Reading →

Australia: The Most Oppressive of all Western Democracies

Best of the Archives. By Alison Broinowski with Pearls & Irritations. When there’s a concerted attack on the interests of the Australian mainstream media they will rise in joint defence of journalists’ freedom. But they are slow to support five… Continue Reading →

Abandon Free Speech: Ye Who Enter Australia

TOTT News: New online Task Force will Target Critical Thinkers The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade will establish a new taskforce to counter “online disinformation campaigns”, in a bid to further clamp down on social media activities. The move… Continue Reading →

The Rise of Gab

The role of the Silicon Valley tech companies in manipulating public opinion during the Corona lockdowns has thrown a harsh light straight back on their own conduct. The creation of at scale emotional contagion and high levels of compliance in… Continue Reading →

Australian Alternative Health Magazine Pulled from Supermarket Shelves

By TOTT News A magazine that publishes about complementary therapies, alternative medicines and protection against 5G was recently taken down from supermarket shelves across the country. Coles and Woolworths bowed to pressure from radio host Ben Fordham to pull ‘What… Continue Reading →

Australia now a Surveillance State with Journalists as POIs under ASIO Act

Will future historians see the Abbott/Turnbull/Morrison era as the period of governance when totalitarian instincts were unleashed? The targeting of journalists is just the beginning of a much greater disaster, writes journalist and author, John Stapleton. Australia’s #RighttoKnow movement barely touches… Continue Reading →

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