By Alison Bevege

Thousands of people injured or killed by the covid gene-vaccines were unwelcome proof the injections weren’t safe, so they were silenced. Now, they have a voice.

Forest of the Fallen: so beautiful is the concept.

It’s a haunting display for those whose lives were ruined by the covid gene-vaccines.

There are roughly 500 bamboo canes, planted in parks and beaches where they gently sway, a silent witness to the people they represent.

Each cane has a page, and each page is a person: their photo and what happened to them.

When you look across the sea of damaged lives, it hits you in the heart.

These are people, not statistics.

Redcliffe, Queensland, 14 May. Pic: FoTF Odysee

I couldn’t resist joining their walk through Vivid last Saturday night and again I visited them at Milsons Point on Friday.

The stories are verified and most come from Jab Injuries Australia which has been working with the injured and bereaved to publicly document what happened to them.

Many people have been hurt by this iatrogenic disaster and more are suffering in silence.

You may have seen one of these forests pop up – appearing then disappearing as quietly as they came.

They’re everywhere from Townsville to TenterfieldUlladulla to Geraldton.

The creative force is a woman called Selki from Tasmania.

About a hundred volunteers across Australia are on the map and more are asking all the time. It’s a loose collaboration of ordinary people who want to pay their respects and bear witness.

Forest of the Fallen says: we see you. We acknowledge you. You’re not alone. We want to help you.

And the vaccine-injured need our help.

For the past two years, the government and corporate media have censored, suppressed and insulted them.

They are not “antivaxxers” or “far-right conspiracy theorists”. They took the covid jab and it damaged them.

The government said it was safe, but it wasn’t safe for everyone – and the injured are the proof.

So they were made invisible.

Corporate media refused to tell their stories throughout 2021 and 2022.

When injured people started support groups, the Federal Health Department told Facebook to take them down.

The Department of Home Affairs told Twitter to remove more than 4200 covid tweets it didn’t like, and paid money to the Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD) who supplied experts to the ABC to smear protesters as having “conspiratorial beliefs”.

Freedom of Information request: the federal Health Department told Facebook to take down jab injured support groups, and they did

The injured and bereaved were left hurt, alone, isolated and confused.

The only help they had was from other jab-injured people who started Jab Injuries Australia as a way to document their stories and share support.

The number of people affected is far greater than the government statistics show.

Australia’s drug regulator, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), claims in its June 15 bulletin that the gene-vaccines killed only 14 out of the 991 people whose deaths were reported as vax-related to them.

But the TGA doesn’t require autopsies testing for vaccinal spikes when people die unexpectedly after the jab. That means some deaths attributed to heart attacks, strokes or other secondary causes that were caused by the jab haven’t been recognised or counted.

About 100 volunteers have set up all over Australia as of this week. Pic: FoTF

We know this happens thanks to a German autopsy study on 35 people who died unexpectedly at home within 20 days of injection. The gene-vaccines killed five of them: four were killed by Pfizer, one by Moderna.

Without an autopsy their deaths would have been blamed on heart failure. The mRNA shots caused their hearts to fail – but without an autopsy nobody would have known.

Many gene-vaccine injuries are never even reported to the TGA so the government figures do not reflect the true scale of the problem.

The TGA’s system relies on you or your doctor to report your gene-vaccine injury to them.

If you don’t tell them, they don’t know – and it’s not in the figures.

But there was no public awareness campaign warning you that the gene-vaccines were only provisionally authorised, that not all the potential problems were known, and to report any possible side effects immediately to the TGA.

Nobody knew these products were on the black triangle scheme or even what that meant. All the advertising and media propaganda said “take the vaccine”.

An independent analysis of Pfizer and Moderna’s own trial data published in the peer-reviewed journal Vaccine found the covid gene-vaccines cause serious injuries at a rate of 1 in every 800 vaccinees who took the two-shot regimen.

That is not rare – and yet the injured and bereaved say it’s incredibly difficult to have their case recognised and recorded.

When injured people go to their doctors for help, they are often told “it can’t be the vaccine” without any investigation, and it’s not reported to the TGA.

As a result the TGA does not know the real number of injured and killed.

Excess deaths last year were running at 15.3 percent above the baseline average according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

We don’t know how many of these people were killed by the vaccines, because the federal Department of Health and Aged Care refuses to release the all-cause-mortality figures stratified by vaccine status and age.

That is the one metric that would clearly show the extent of the problem.

Instead of acknowledging it and trying to help, the government is minimising it and changing the subject.

The restrictive government compensation scheme only recognises 10 injuries out of more than 1200 possible side-effects. Most people damaged by the gene-vaccines won’t see a cent.

Everyone knows someone hurt by these products: it’s real, it’s not rare, and they need our help and recognition.

And that’s what makes the Forest of the Fallen so beautiful. It is a silent support for the injured and bereaved.

If nothing else, it gives strength to those who are suffering and says to them: you are not alone. We see you, and we believe you.

There are volunteers in every state and territory, and if you want to set one up, you can do it, too. Just message Forest of the Fallen through the website for details.


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Alison Bevege is one of a new breed of talented young Australian journalists who have emerged during the Covid era. She has written for News Ltd, Reuters and Daily Mail. She became a bus driver during the pandemic instead of being locked down working from home.

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