By Paul Collits

When it comes to Covid, It has been a very, very busy month in Australia, with the news of the systematic censorship of Australian citizens making international news.

It now lies beyond question that Australia’s Home Affairs and Health Departments colluded with the Big Pharma funded tech giants to censor their own citizens, and to delete what has subsequently proved to be correct information.

As some of us (probably not many, actually) brace for the hyped “fifth wave”, we have reports of the Australian Government collaborating with social media companies to shut down Covid dissidents.  Mr Twitter Files, Matt Taibbi, one of America’s very best journalists, calls them Australia’s “creepy Covid cops”. 

Not far wrong there!!!

The Australian branch of the Censorship Industrial Complex is well and truly active.  As Taibbi notes: “Through a freedom of information request, a conservative Australian senator named Alex Antic revealed that the country’s Department of Home Affairs between 2017 and 2022 made 13,636 referrals to digital platforms to review content against their own terms of service.

“Of those, 9000 were terrorism-related, but a full 4,213 were listed as Covid-19 related referrals.

Racket News

Australia’s Creepy Covid Cops

Monday morning, New South Wales time — Sunday night to Americans like me living on the east coast — the Australian published an exposé titled, “Antic reveals Canberra silenced Covid posts.” Through a freedom of information request, a conservative Australian senator named Alex Antic revealed that the country’s Department of Home Affairs between 2017 and 2022 made “13,636 referrals to digital platforms to review content against their own terms of service.” Of those, 9000 were terrorism-related, but a full 4,213 were listed as “Covid-19 related” referrals…

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Alex Antic is a star.  One of not very many in the Australian Parliament.  He has been a relentless champion of the vaccine injured, as well as having sound views on a range of issues like digital identity, the surveillance state, spiking excess deaths post the vaccine rollout, the World Economic Forum and the World Health Organisation Pandemic Treaty. And he has been blessed with the courage to pursue them. 

Both sides of Australian politics have proved atrocious during the Covid era. Senator Antic is one of the few attempting to inject some spine into the Liberal Party, the conservatives in the Land Down Under.

One might also hope that he is putting a bit of spine back into the nation’s journalists, who have with very few exceptions proved totally gormless over the past three years, acting as propagandists not news reporters.

Senator Antic told parliament earlier this month: “The pursuit of truth is a vital service to our common good. The truth keeps tyranny at bay and provides facts in the face of propaganda. Before 2020, I think a lot of Australians assumed that we had at least something of a free and truthful press. But that myth has been blown apart, and the trust in the fourth estate has never ever been lower.

The fear propaganda surrounding COVID-19 exposed the rot at the core of the censorship industrial complex, otherwise known as the mainstream media.

“Throughout this period, the censorship industrial complex ensured that any rational, reasonable, thoughtful discussion about case fatality rates, the origin of the virus, the ineffectiveness of the masks or the criticism of the state governments’ draconian lockdowns and restrictions was shut down, and that remains true today. The will of the elites was enforced ruthlessly by their handmaiden media assets. Those who didn’t accept the ABC news or the latest CHO press conference and assume that they had it right were demonised.

“What does this tell us about the connection between the media, the government, and big business? Few journalists have remained faithful to their duty to pursue the truth for Australians, and, despite the frustration aimed at parliaments like this, the censorship industrial complex was at least as culpable. To the media-release-transcribing employees of the mainstream media, which is basically all of you, I say: is doing the bidding of your corporate overlords really why you took this career? Are you satisfied by being the narrative enforcers of the big end of town? Don’t kid yourselves—that’s what you’ve become.”

Image by Nick Thompson. From the Convoy to Canberra.

Racket News has delved deeper: “During the Covid-19 crisis, the Australian government appears to have taken the same approach as its Five Eye cousins, freely mixing concepts of violent extremism and social cohesion with legitimate concerns of citizens regarding government panic, lack of expertise, and overreach.

“From our review, little to none of the content that was flagged came from extremists. Rather it was and is from everyday Australians and foreigners who disagreed with government policy. Some of their claims are indeed far-out and/or at least esoteric, but characters are part of life, and being unusual doesn’t justify a dragnet approach to censorship. 

Racket News

Twitter Files Extra: The Covid Censorship Requests of Australia’s Department of Home Affairs

Thanks to the Twitter Files, we’ve known for a while that the company’s official censorship partnerships extended far beyond the United States. In Australia, for instance, the company had extremely close contact with the Department of Home Affairs (DHA), whose responsibilities include oversight of national security, law enforcement, border control and the country’s lead intelligence agency, the Australian Security Intelligence Organization (ASIO…

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Racket News’ analysis makes sobering reading.  It is pretty scary that the person in charge of all this has the job title “Senior Analyst, Extremism Insights and Communication”.  The Aussie deep State is deep indeed.  And ever so slightly alarming is that fact that the Minister for Home Affairs during this surveillance regime was one Peter Dutton, now leader of the Liberal Party and His Majesty’s Opposition.

We also have news of Australia’s first class action on behalf of Covid vaccine victims.  Welcome news, indeed.  And driven by the heroic and indefatigable Dr Melissa McCann, who spoke on the same stage as the great Peter McCullough on his recent Australian tour.  She, too, has used Freedom of Information processes to good effect. 

As Rebekah Barnett (Dystopian Downunder) notes:

The Class Action seeks to hold the TGA to account for alleged, “negligence, breach of statutory duty and misfeasance in public office” in its failure to properly approve and monitor the Covid vaccines, resulting in harms to Australians.

Class Action respondents include, but are not limited to, the Australian Government, the Department of Health and Aged Care Secretary Dr Brendan Murphy, and the Former Deputy Secretary of Health Products Regulation Group Adjunct Professor John Skerritt.

Despite this good news, last week we learned that Australia’s promised Covid inquiry as “nowhere to be seen”.  So much for the Prime Minister’s word.  This is a setback for truth-seekers, but not unexpected, as so many in the political class have so much to cover up. They are sticking to the tired narrative – we did our best, maybe made some mistakes, but what we did was for the public benefit and based on all the information we had at the time – and they have no intention of ever letting it go.

All in all, at least some of Australia’s Covid chickens are roosting.  Who knows what will become of the class action or of Senator Antic’s revelations? 

But at least the costs of the Covid policy disaster down under, not to mention some of its more sinister elements, like the silencing of dissent by the unelected who inhabit some of the darker corners of the administrative state and who do sleazy deals with corporate mates in Big Tech, might just be beginning to ease into the public consciousness.  But with the political class still looking the other way and continuing their lies, there is still quite a ways to go.