By Nick Thompson

During the lockdowns, there was something more sinister going on, a major remake of our society. And yet almost no one noticed, or dared to speak out. It is no wonder, when the enforcement by Big Government and its many minions scared the heck out of the population: Stay indoors, watch television, get used to livestreaming for work and socially distance?

Yet is that really being safe? The problem with living in a cave is the snakes get in. It’s not actually safe at all. Humans are social animals, with an aura about us that connects us naturally with nature and with other humans. It is an essential part of our species survival mechanism. Together we are strong. Without such interaction humans almost inevitably become weak and depressed.

So what is this safe and effective situation being parroted on the mainstream television day in and day out? To this day we hear the same phrases, keeping us safe, a role once reserved for families and communities. The government and its phalanxes of bureaucrats tell us what is safe for us and what is not, as if we can’t think for ourselves any more.

Is it actually safe to be keeping away from each other and diminishing our natural human connection. Yet now that they have rolled out the bioweapon injection, there is such a thing as shedding or the passing on of the injection material to others. This now begs the question of, what do we do now.

If you are unfamiliar with the notion of vaccine shedding, you can follow the horror stories on the Telegram channel Vaxx Shedding.

Every other conspiracy theory has come true in recent years, why not this one?

In November 2021, the Adelaide City Council announced plans for a safe city CCTV Network, that will involve the introduction of facial and number plate recognition controlled by an illusive Artificial Intelligence beast system.

Meanwhile, at the time we were all getting used to being locked inside. Locked into getting used to the proposed 15 minute cities, already being referred to by critics as “concentration camps”.

Who would they be wanting to look for with this surveillance technology, and why would we even want to be locked in a city in the first place?

Would it be the dark knights of the rebellious order that they would be looking for, the escapees from these 15 minute city concentration camps? Is this all a plan to ensure that if we leave our homes we can be easily tracked and traced as we move from district to district?

These cities are well on the way. The authorities have been quietly putting up more 5G towers and surveillance systems without any discussion with the public. The digital grid was established under our noses whilst people were too busy watching TV, Netflix or following the every moment of how many new scary Covid cases there were.

If we let them create these ghettos, how will people find their significant other? Two by two, as the Biblical expression goes. Wouldn’t there be only a selected number of people within that 15 minute district? Or will we be matched by AI, which, at the current rate of technological development, would end up knowing us better than ourselves in any case.

Francisco Goya. Spell.

What if there you’re the only single person left in the city, would you be relocated or have a designated partner shipped in, the person of interest, at least to you, having been given special permission to leave his or her own 15 minute city; no doubt after being obliged to fill out a copious number of forms.

Or would you simply be given an AI companion robot, fulfilling a eugenics agenda of keeping the population growth down. Could non-human partners became mandatory?

While cities, far from being centres of creative ferment, will become digital prisons.

They’ll push farmers off their properties while AI machines and factories will run everything.

If you’re following alternative news sites on platforms such as Telegram, Bitchute, Rumble or Odysee, you’ll soon stumble upon people like the lovely Eva Vlaardingerbroek, a Dutch lawyer and political commentator on a mission to fight the eradication of our freedom and a champion supporter of fundamental rights. She has been very vocal about the Dutch farmers situation.

Dutch farmers are being paid off by Government to not harvest crops. Critics, of which there are many, suspect this is a bid to induce starvation, higher food prices and turn the lands from productive farms to park lands and 15 minute districts.

Those farmers who do not comply with the government’s wishes to give up their farm lands or accept payment for their farms would then be shut out of farming altogether throughout the European Union.

So, what’s yet to come from all this, from one side of the world to another, little Adelaide in South Australia to Amsterdam in the Netherlands, what is this significance between city monitoring and farm lands?

It’s very odd that Australia is a large place with small cities and the Netherlands completely opposite, yet both have cities and farm lands and the 15 minute agenda is being rabidly pushed in both countries.

It’s easy to see what the Globalists are trying to achieve here. One place has more population to starve and the other has less population to control. 

The goal seems to be controlling the population and feeding them synthetic lab made foods, rather than farm foods. It is eerily reminiscent of the movie Soylent Green, based on the Aldous Huxley novel, where humans end up eating themselves. 

In this most strange of eras, when looking at ancient history numerous people now see evidence of other advanced technologies. The truth of it all, only you can decide what to believe.

There are similarities as to what is occurring today that can be found in the Bible. We all have heard the End Time stories of Biblical history; and there are many people who believe or suspect that those Biblical prophecies are now coming true; and that the traditional understanding of what it means to be human is in the process of being overturned.

Faith in government has collapsed. Many people are reaching to spiritual explanations to interpret what is happening. It appears to me that the current rulers of this world are trying desperately to follow scripture to bring about famine, authoritarian control, a latter day licentious Babylon, and to usher in the destruction of this world or the apocalypse. and is it really that humanity over time just simply keeps repeating itself, vet to learn from the past, is the Bible an example of history deemed to repeat itself. 

So how is it that civilizations have risen and fallen, what is it that we just aren’t sure about with this past and are we being told the real story by the historians that we should be able to look towards for an example of what could have occurred, if not over and over again. For one thing that seems to make sense when looking back through the history books and literature is that humanity becomes corrupted by some type of technology and the reference in scripture to the mark of the beast is eerily ringing true today with the injectables being thrust upon the kids, the healthy and the elderly with claims that have papers from various worldly Government sources to back them up, that the jabs and boosters are very sinister indeed.

You only have to look towards Naomi Wolf and the recent Pfizer document releases to figure out what’s actually gone on here. It’s a wonder how many great resets that have gone on so far in this realm, probably many and by the use of technology and as an example with ancient structures looking severely damaged as they say by natural events and over a millennia of time, yet instead to look a bit deeper and past His-Story, you might just notice there is evidence of past nuclear contamination, the possible use of weapons of mass destruction makes sense when eliminating global populations, either through actual fiery explosions or through injectables, the simple answer is war can’t be raged without the use of technology.  

It’s all as if this is something out of a science fiction novel and everyone is sleeping. It appears that the public has been has been stunned into thinking that it’s all totally fine and dandy that the whole world be dictated to by a Dr. Evil, leading the way with a one world’s organisation, all happening under a mantle of lies that it’s all for your health and wellbeing.

As if they have your best interest at heart, gosh, it’s all so cliché.