It has been a interesting few months for Victoria, Australia, with the state now staring down financial consequences caused by the plethora of devastating lockdown policies unleashed during COVID.

Delusion may soon implode the state.

After being subjected to the world’s longest lockdown, it seems Victoria’s chickens are coming home to roost, as the state faces an uphill battle to recover from such a reckless policy decision.

In Victoria’s latest round of woes, Premier Dan Andrews announced that gas connections will be banned in new homes and government buildings from next year.

There have been warnings from many commentators, including the Opposition, that the sudden change could increase household energy bills fuelled by higher demand for electricity.

The news comes after Dan’s recent secret visit to China, for what it is worth.

And this is just the latest announcement in series of stories that show Victoria has been deeply wounded after the campaign to ‘stop muh spread’ for ‘the greater good’.

Just last week, Andrews confirmed the state will no longer host the Commonwealth Games in 2026 due to financial constraints, with the state not able to fund the event (although the figure is questionable).

But not just that: Victorian taxpayers could be on the hook for more than $1 billion in taxes simply due to the fact this event was cancelled, with the citizens once again having to bear the brunt of Dictator Dan.

Thanks, Dan!

This new debt adds to the existing mammoth post-COVID deficit, which will see Victorians handed the bill in a $31.5 billion “COVID-19 Debt Repayment Plan to “repay borrowed emergency funds”.

Yes, the money the very same citizens fund with taxes, used in a way they had no choice over.

Not a single inquiry as been held to hold the actions to account, including the ‘expert advice’ Andrews claims he was following the entire time throughout the ‘pandemic’.

Taxes, taxes and more taxes. All of this to add to rising inflation rates, poverty, crime and more.

And it seems they are making up any excuse for a tax now in Victoria.

It was recently announced also that Victorian drivers could be slugged close to $10 a day to drive into the Melbourne CBD under a renewed push for a congestion tax.

Public policy think tank the Grattan Institute claims the increased use of cars post-COVID and the under utilisation of public transport is a “recipe for gridlock” and ‘must be solved’.

To achieve this, a levy to drive into the city would help ‘deter motorists’ from using their vehicles.

How lovely.

It was only a matter of time before Victoria, which became the laughing stock of the world during COVID, began to feel the return of such an unprecedented removal of freedoms.

I hope the #IStandWithDan crowd are now starting to see what every rational thinking person was warning against the entire time.

‘But what if the ‘cure’ ends up being worse than the ‘virus’?’, it was asked.

‘What if lockdowns and the economic aftermath will kill more people?’

They warned us it would take four generations to recover, and everyone complied like good little slaves.

Victorians even re-elected him to a third term, highlighting the abuser-victim mental trap down there.

Well, those that weren’t the tens of thousands that fled the state at the first chance they got.

Occupied Victoria is now beginning to pay the cost and Dan will ride off into the sunset afterwards, probably to work a cushy job for one of these companies in the private sector.

And to be fair, he played his role well as a PR spokesman in the geopolitical stage show.

A talking mouth used to relay the messages of the puppet masters that really pull his strings.

As you can see, many of these announcements are directly are related to the Agenda 2030 plan .

The end of private vehicle ownership, including ‘smart traffic management’ systemsbans on resources in favour of a ‘green future’, and a debt-driven slave populous.

It’s all part of a larger plan, for which Dan continues to be instrumental in.

Sit back and enjoy the show, ladies and gentlemen!

Coming to a state and city near you across Australia very soon?