Australian adults will be able to get a fifth – yes, fifth – dose of a COVID-19 vaccine in the next few weeks.

Australia will roll out a fifth dose of COVID-19 vaccine later this month to all citizens aged 18 and above ‘who have not contracted coronavirus or been vaccinated in the past six months’, Health Minister Mark Butler said in an announcement.

The decision expands eligibility for the booster shot to include about 14 million people, more than half the country’s population.

They will be offered a new ‘Omicron variant-specific vaccines‘ from Feb. 20, Butler said. This includes:

“From February 20, all adults who haven’t had a booster or an infection in the past six months can go out and get a booster shot, to give them additional protection against severe illness from COVID,” he said.

“The rollout of the fifth shot will help deal with what inevitably will be the next phase of the next wave of COVID sometime over the course of 2023.”

From the Get Go Australia’s entire Covid response has been ridden with conflicts of interest. As Australia’s implements a new National Anti-Corruption Commission, there are those who believe the first cabs off the rank should be the Therapeutic Goods Administration, which approves vaccines and is largely funded by pharmaceutical companies, and ATAGI, whose role in overseeing Australia’s vaccine policy is being seriously questioned as the rest of the world moves away from the scandal ridden Covid-19 vaccines.

Here, courtesy of the Informed Medical Options Party, is a partial list of the conflicts of interest for ATAGI. You can see their full full list of conflicts of interest in Australia’s vaccine policies here.


ROLE“ATAGI advises the Minister for Health on the National Immunisation Program (NIP) and other immunisation issues.”

  • The Australian Government National Immunisation Handbook is recommended by ATAGI before being published. ATAGI advises the Minister for Health re vaccines and advises the PBAC on vaccine effectiveness.
  • There are currently a total of 15 members on the Advisory Group. Many members of ATAGI also work on industry-funded vaccine trials. For example:
    • Co-chair of ATAGI is Christopher Blyth, who has received funding from Pfizer.
    • Co-chair of ATAGI is Allen Cheng, Director of Alfred health, which has received payments from Merck, GSK, Gilead, Biocryst and George Clinical, which are all involved in vaccine manufacturing.
    • Member of ATAGI is Nigel Crawford who is employed by Murdoch Children’s Research Institute which has received funding from Vaccination and Immunisation Research Group by vaccine manufacturers GSK, Janssen, Merck, Novavax, Sanofi and Sequiris.
    • Member of ATAGIMichelle Giles, is an infectious disease Physician, who has received travelling, accommodation and registration to a vaccine conference from Pfizer. She also received grants from Monash University.
    • Member of ATAGI, Tom Snelling is Head of Infectious Disease and Implementation Research of Telethon Kids Institute, which is partnered with Johnson & Johnson, Roche, Pfizer, Novartis, GSK and Sanofi. He is also on the committee of the PBAC.

As one revelation after another destroys the reputation of many of those involved, whether these bodies will be reformed or abolished in the wake of the past three years still remains to be seen.

Australia, which is among the most heavily vaccinated countries in the world, is getting ready for a fifth round.

Despite this, COVID-19 cases remain higher than they ever were during non-vaccine periods, with a 100,000+ case rolling average in January, and over 1,700 hospitalisations in the same period.

Good to see the experiment products are working greatly!

The perpetual booster era rolls on. Never ‘fully vaccinated’, just “up-to-date”.

The war is not meant to be won, it meant to be continuous.

Let’s not forget that NSW recently removed vaccination status from hospitalisation data for COVID.

They also changed phrasing in 2021 after admitting they don’t know if a person has died from or with COVID.

‘But anyway, get your booster, folks!’

This is the message from the authorities.

But it seems, after years of psychological warfare against the people.. they perhaps.. are finally not too keen.


Health Minister Mark Butler says people above 65 years remained at “high risk of severe illness and death from the coronavirus” and so urged them to take their fifth shot if they are eligible.

Yes, a virus with a 98.4% overall survival rate (99.9% for those under 70). Of course.

It seems the public are also not buying the words of Mr. Butler, as reports suggest enthusiasm for a fifth shot is not there.

This follows an already slow uptake of booster shots, with official data showing around 72% having had a third dose and only 44% their fourth one. Now even less predicted for the fifth.

Official figures showed about one in five adults had received two doses without moving yet to get a booster shot.

Uh oh, spaghettio.

Is this why Bill Gates was in Sydney and Melbourne over the past few weeks?

To get obedient uptake methods back on track?

Medical experts have warned against a ‘mission accomplished attitude’ on vaccination.

“Australians have very little idea of the scale of the problem at the moment, including the risk to themselves,” Burnet Institute Director Brendan Crabb told reporters.

“I have absolutely no doubt that Australians don’t know that COVID is putting 50 times more people in hospital than the flu, that it’s killing 50 to 100 times more people than the flu, that 5 per cent of them, if they get infected, even if they’re vaccinated, are likely to get long COVID.”

Someone get this clown some maracas to juggle!

Australia, the circus show.

That has to be one of the most absurd comments to be said by an ‘expert’.

But some will still believe the fearmongering language of these paid personalities.

The invisible boogeymen is hiding around every corner, waiting to strike! Be very afraid!

The madness continues.