After three years of utterly pointless lockdowns and a mass vaccination campaign which did massive harm to the country, Australia is returning to a semblance of normality. It is an illusion. If the Australian authorities can lockdown the entire country once, putting half the population, that is 12 million people, under virtual house arrest, all without any medical or scientific justification, they can do it again.

The world’s least free democracy, Australia, made headlines around the world for its totalitarian overreach during the Covid era. The brutal crushing of dissent came as a shock to many freedom loving Australians and provoked numerous demonstrations right around the country. All the same laws that allowed this disaster to be visited on the country are still in place.

And there’s one simple lesson to be learnt from it all: If they can do it once, they can do it again.

And mark our words: they will.

Here are some images from last weekend’s protests, courtesy of one of Australia’s greatest media outliers, TOTT News, one of the very few outlets fighting against Australia’s slip into an appalling level of authoritarianism. The Australian government would dearly like everyone to forget the abuse they levelled against their own population. There are many people out there who will never forget; their courage forged in steel.


SYDNEY! — Protesters gather in the CBD to let their voices be heard on many issues.





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