By John Stapleton. With TOTT News.

In a first, the National Free Media Summit in Adelaide last weekend brought together a gathering of some of the liveliest journalistic talents to emerge from the past few dark and tumultuous years of Australian history.

In terms of influence they might not have have yet entirely gazumped the legacy media, but by telling the truth about this era they are reshaping the national narrative.

The event was Headlined and organised by Maria Zeee, a highly professional knows-no-fear operator who has created an international stamp for herself.

Always lively and confrontational, recent features on her website include Climate Cultists Agenda: Collapsing Local Economies and Going After the Food and Energy Supply, Proof That Governments are Hacking Humans and UN, Rothschilds, Antichrist & Israel.

You can follow her work here:

You can see material from the conference through her Rumble site here.

For the record, here is the poster for the event.

The array of talent included one of the best documenters of the era Michael Gray Griffith of Café Locked Out fame. His writings around the demonstrations of the early 2020s, most notably around Melbourne’s Shrine of Remembrance, as well as his extensive interviewing of people around the country, has left a significant record. If the librarians were doing their job he would already be in the National Archives.

You can follow his work on his Substack page here:

He told the crowd like the hippies, we must form our own identity in the freedom movement, no longer recycling old phrases and songs from years ago.

“Now is the time to be an authentic artist.

“Don’t worry about trying to appease the government, in order to get a grant, don’t worry about what your friends and family think, instead, remember that true and free art is the deepest voice of your soul, and your purest unfiltered voice is not only unique, but now desperately required.

“For they may take your house, your money, your job and infect your veins with shite, but what they want is your soul, but they can’t take it, it’s out of their reach. Instead, you have to give it to them, willingly.”

Here, too, is a sample of Michael’s work we published in A Sense of Place Magazine.

Here is a link to Michael Gray Griffith’s full speech

Equally of interest was Ethan Nash of TOTT News, a kind of hyper-intelligent force in the field whose highly informed work has had at times an almost prophetic feel, so across some of the developments of this decade has he been.

Next up, Ethan Nash from TOTT News took to the stage to offer a few observations from his journey in the scene for over decade, including how the study of cycles of time can help us understand what is emerging today, and how previous cultures have survived tyranny and kept their societies alive.

‘The New World Order is the Old World Order back again’.

‘Like the stoics of the Great Depression, like the Greeks with their moonlight schools under Ottoman rule, our time has come to also ensure our culture stays alive.’

Here is a sample of Ethan’s work we published way back in April of 2020.

You can follow Ethan Nash’s work at the TOTT News site here

Joel Jammal is a young up and coming journalist, political commentator and political activist. Having lost both his job in construction and his father in 2020 due to the initial lockdowns, he set out on a mission to expose how both the government and the media manipulated and bullied the Australian people during the Covid years.

Four years on, Joel has accrued some 350,000 followers online across all platforms. He’s racked up over 70 million views on his videos and at the federal election provided voters with 250,000 how to vote cards to better make their votes count to their values.

Joel spoke on issues that Australian society faces, including misinformation legislation and a cashless society, how we can push back in the Parliament and how minor parties can work together.

Joel is the face of Turning Point Australia and does all of his work off donations. He is unapologetically loyal to his Christian and conservative values.

The blurb: The huge four-hour event saw a number of important speeches, video messages, musical performances, a Q&A session, and strategies for the future for all like-minded individuals who cherish freedom.

Damien Richardson spoke of his journey from an acting career, to standing tall at the Shrine of Remembrance lockdown protests. He travelled around the country after facing mandates, and how it was the scariest and yet most fulfilling thing he’s ever done.

Finally to the stage was the headliner of the event, Maria Zeee, who gave a 30 minute presentation on the shadow world government power structure, plans for AI obsolescence of society, beyond Agenda 2030, and the window we must seize to ensure that these dystopian plans are not fulfilled.

Maria also discussed strategies to combat the propaganda and vision of the ruling biofascist oligarchy.

She finished to a standing ovation from the packed crowd at Norwood Town Hall.

This may have been the first time so many alternative and independent media platforms have come together under the same banner for a single event, but it is unlikely to be the last.

The beast has been unleashed.

There are many other independent media personalities who have come to the fore in recent years, not least including Rukshan Fernando, who hosts his own podcast, Avi Yemini of Rebel News, Monica Smit of Reignite Democracy Australia, David Oneeg with his Aussie Chat Telegram channel, Rebekah Barnet both on her own Substack page and through Umbrella News, Sonia Hickey for Sydney Criminal Lawyers Blog, Kara Thomas from the Australian Medical Society, Rebecca Weisser of Spectator Australia, amongst others and Paul Collits, who writes across a number of publications, as does Professor Ramesh Thakur of the Australian National University. Amongst others.

All this ferment of talent is nothing but positive.