Representatives from Pfizer and Moderna have been called before an Australian Senate to face a barrage of serious questions surrounding the COVID-19 vaccination program.

Members of the Australian Senate asked Pfizer and Moderna executives a series of questions as to the effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccine and core underpinning presumptions of the vaccination program.

The hearing, sponsored by the Senate Education and Employment Legislative Committee, offered a forum for the few politicians with a backbone to press representatives for the first time.

In the most shocking revelation uncovered, a Pfizer spokesperson revealed that the pharmaceutical giant had imported a special batch of COVID-19 vaccines solely for their employee vaccination program.

The admission came during a rigorous questioning session of Pfizer Australia’s Country Medical Director, Dr. Krishan Thiru, and Head of Regulatory Sciences, Dr. Brian Hewitt:

Australian Senator Malcolm Roberts led the interrogation with forceful inquiries regarding Pfizer’s potential involvement in the introduction of vaccine mandates for employment in Australia.

In June 2021, Pfizer said that “widespread vaccination is a critical tool to help stop transmission.”

Now, in the Senate, they have refused to back that statement, nor ‘could they point to any statement’ where Pfizer clarified the record on transmission.

Roberts sought clarity on Pfizer’s role in implementing vaccine mandates for employment and their participation in potential government bans on alternative treatments such as Ivermectin.

“Pfizer has no involvement, had no involvement in the imposition of vaccine mandates… Pfizer has had no involvement in relation to Ivermectin,” said Dr. Thiru.

The inquiry took a turn when Roberts probed into Pfizer’s confidential indemnity agreements with the Australian government, suggesting that the taxpayers who funded the vaccine have the right to see the details of what they bought, accusing them of a significant transfer of wealth from the Australian people.

A transfer straight to Big Pharma via the government’s COVID-19 agenda.

Indeed, Pfizer raked in record profits while governments coerced people into taking their product.

But, to add insult to injury, Pfizer claimed that ‘no one was forced to take the vaccine’ when questioned by Senator Pauline Hanson.

Also included on the panel was another COVID-19 vaccine critic, Senator Gerard Rennick, who among other things, has called for the prosecution of Australian health bureaucrats for mRNA vaccine deaths.

Rennick grilled the representatives around a lack of adequate testing before rolling out the experimental gene-therapy drug, a notion we have revealed during our Pfizer Papers series of investigations.

“Do you understand why it causes myocarditis?”

It was a question that seemingly couldn’t be answered and was repeatedly dodged.

It seems we know more about the biochemistry process than so-called ‘experts’ do.

PR answers that avoid taking any responsibility or an answer to serious questions.

Next up was Moderna..

Senator Alex Antic questioned Moderna representatives about the rate of adverse events, for which they once again said they were ‘not aware’ of a report that records a rate of 1 in 800 vaccinated people.

This is despite stating they ‘regularly screen scientific literature’ and the purpose of the entire estimate being around vaccine efficacy and safety. What a surprise…

We have investigated the true data on adverse events in the following pieces: COVID jab adverse events are significantly higher than EVERY other vaccine COMBINED and Australia’s COVID Injection Deaths Are At Least 80 Times Higher Than Reported — and Likely Much Higher

Rennick also joined in on the Moderna mauling, asking what percentage of profits Moderna allocates to help people who have been injured by the vaccine?

The answer?


Yes, the level of cunning weaving done by these representatives and ‘experts’ is something to behold, not even attempting to own up to any of the damage they have caused to society.

But it’s all coming out now and the real history books will remember.


This hearing is the latest in a series of important senate inquiries called in recent months.

In a third meeting following Pfizer and Moderna, the TGA were also once again taken to task over their handling of Australia’s COVID response, with Roberts once again leading the charge.

He asked representatives about vaccine side effects once again, with similar results. See this below:

Health representatives were recently called before the Senate to explain their co-operation with other federal agencies in a bid to censor any contrary information to the government narrative.

This was first exposed by Senator Antic, who kicked all of this off in a questioning session with the Department of Home Affairs, following a Freedom of Information request that was redacted.

It was here they finally confirmed the censorship web that has gripped most free thinkers during this time.

But despite all of this, companies like Pfizer are planning to continue with their vaccination program:

Boy, oh boy.

Once again, well done to those involved with bringing the real questions to these groups.

Could this be the start of a substantive investigation into pandemic practices?

Or is this just more theatrics?

There’s an old government motto: Never hold an inquiry unless you already know the answer.

No one likes to be surprised.

Pfizer’s appearance before the Australian parliament has attracted international attention.