By Paul Collits

One of the single most most damaging paper of the pandemic has just been published in The Lancet. one of the most famous and most respected scientific journals in the world.

Well, it was.

Those who have frequently told their critics, like Covid rebels and vaccine refuseniks, to
“follow the science” will, presumably, be sitting up and taking notice. Of course they will. After all, they “follow the science”.

But wait … Within twenty-four hours, the paper was taken down from The Lancet’s website.

Clearly there was pressure on The Lancet to take the paper down.

Here is Will Jones at The Daily Sceptic, consistently one of the best, and yes most sceptical, online journals in the world: “A Lancet review of 325 autopsies after Covid vaccination found that 74% of the deaths were caused by the vaccine – but the study was removed within 24 hours.

“The paper, a pre-print that was awaiting peer-review, is written by leading cardiologist Dr. Peter
McCullough, Yale epidemiologist Dr. Harvey Risch and their colleagues at the Wellness
Company, as well as top pathologist Dr. Roger Hodkinson and others, and was published online
on Wednesday on the pre-print site of the prestigious medical journal.

“However, less than 24 hours later, the study was removed and a note appeared stating: “This
preprint has been removed by Preprints with the Lancet because the study’s conclusions are not
supported by the study methodology.”

While the study had not undergone any part of the peer-review process, the note implies it fell foul of “screening criteria”.

Goneski! Just like that. Naomi Wolf has called it a “scandal”. Which it is. The authors are distinguished
at highly published scholars. Including in The Lancet! Previous journals had rejected the paper – “not a
priority”. Investigating vaccine deaths is not a priority? Downloads from The Lancet’s pre-print server
were by the hundreds per minute. “Flying off the shelves”, in Peter McCullough’s words. There was
unprecedented interest. McCullough has called it “medical censorship”.

There was no word from the editor to the authors of the paper. This is, as Wolf suggested a “corrupted evaluative process”. Science goes out the window. Unethical. In violation of its own mission.

Peter McCullough has also disputed The Lancet’s reasons for why the paper was taken down, and
guessed at what the real reasons were. They said the conclusions of the paper were not supported by the methodology. This is rubbish. Mere assertion. No supporting examples ere provided. No, there
was a real danger that people would find out just how catastrophic the Covid vaccines are.

The journal and its mates in Big Pharma simply didn’t like the paper’s conclusion. McCullough identifies a Bio-Pharmaceutical complex, a syndicate that is working to crush any information and to ensure that the
world does not see vaccine death causation data.


The syndicate is now active and hunting down this paper in order to kill it. Retractions from pre-print servers inhibit, indeed, kill, the peer review process on which science is built. This is the territory of Galileo.

One commenter at The Daily Clout weighed in: “I posted a comment on the Lancet preprint server the day the paper was put up, suggesting that it looked sound and that I believed it deserved publication and was told that my comment was under review.

“When the paper was removed the following day and I saw the curt reason stated, I tried posting another comment requesting the reasons and noting that their comment about their ability to remove a paper “if we determine that it has violated our screening criteria” seemed unduly harsh and asked just how the paper “violated’ their screening criteria. There was no reply to either query. I further commented that their silence smacked as unprofessional to the extreme.

The whole mess has reminded me of former New England Journal of Medicine’s editor Marcia Angell’s observation that medical journals have devolved into nothing but propaganda vessels for Big

Just like the 2022 Nobel Laureate for Physics, who has been lately talking eminent good sense on the
climate “emergency”, now “global burning”, has begun to be cancelled by the corrupt science establishment.

Screenshot 2023-08-03 13.09.13

Follow the science? Like hell. We live in times of “follow the ideology of the ruling class”. Narratives
and the reputations of all involved in The Covid Class must be preserved, at all costs.
Let us continue as if The Lancet paper on vaccine deaths was still “published”. So, what did it say? Here
is Peter McCullough:
As government and public health officials squirm with more published deaths coming out on a
daily basis, the final retort of “you cannot prove the vaccine caused the death” has just been
blown out of the water!
Hulscher et al have published the largest accumulation of autopsy result in deaths after COVID-
19 vaccination. From a total of 325 cases, independent review found the COVID-19 vaccine was
the cause of death in 73.9%. The vast majority had the cardiovascular system as the single fatal
organ system injury to the body.


The only inaccurate bit is the statement that government officials “squirm”. Australia’s Covid criminals
don’t do “squirming”. They ignore, double down, say “look over there” or “nothing to see here”, blame
“health advice”, cover up, lie, talk about something else, anything else.

Steve Kirsch concluded: “I was right. The COVID vaccines have killed massive numbers of people and the government covered it up.”

Yes they did, and they did.

It turns out that the Covid mRNA vaccine, as well as being unnecessary (there were always other,
effective treatments; it is just that governments, including Australia’s, would not let doctors prescribe
them or patients take them) and ineffective (taking the vaccine was never even tested to see if it
stopped infection and transmission), is also deadly.

Three quarters of those who died after taking the Covid vaccine died because of the vaccine. End of. Follow the science. The vaccine did it.

We have moved from correlation (of excess deaths with the vaccines rollout) to causation.

What happens now? Law suits? Bring them on. Get Tony Nikolic on the phone.

Compensation? Ditto.

Bring on the claims

Maybe an apology to the vaccine doubters who were banned from jobs and shopping, told they were
freaks, stopped from travelling internationally, arrested if in business, silenced by social media
companies, accused of being granny killers, indicted for lying when it was the Covid ruling class that was
lying? Let’s not hold our breath. Finding a remorseful pro-vaxxer is about as likely as finding an honest
English cricketer. As I say, it is all now about “moving on”, a truly sickening default position adopted by
just about anyone who commits a major sin in today’s world. Preserving the narrative and protecting
reputations are now the currency of political and corporate behaviour.

Who should apologise? Perhaps Joe Biden, who said: “This is a pandemic of the unvaccinated.”

Or Peter Hoysted, aka Australian media columnist Jack the Insider. His vilification of anti-vaxxers was mordant and relentless, using The Australian newspaper, owned by the Murdochs, as his own personal attack platform.

When Covid-19 vaccines first became available in the summer of 2021, I argued that this was the
end game for anti-vaxxers. The science and the data that followed would be irrefutable. I was
right about the data. But I was wrong to think this shameless movement would put its cue in the

Oops, Jack. Try following the science, mate.

Or former NSW Premier, the corrupt Gladys Berejiklian. “I wouldn’t want to be in the same room with lots of unvaccinated people.”

Or to the minds of many the clearly certifiable former Northern Territory Chief Minister Michael Gunner, now mercifully the responsibility of mining billionaire Twiggy Forrest.

‘Stuff it, shove it’: a furious Michael Gunner blasts those against vaccine mandates.

Or the disgraced Scott Morrison. Scotty from AstraZeneca.

Scott Morrison says businesses can deny service to unvaccinated customers.

Or Dictator Dan.
To quote the headlines of the time, “Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews says unvaccinated Victorians will be locked out of pubs, restaurants, major events and other venues “well into 2022″. Andrews said he’s not in a position to announce an unvaccinated Freedom Day.”

Or Brad Hazzard: “This is a world pandemic. It’s a one in one-hundred year event. So you can expect that we will have transmission from time to time, and that’s just the way it is. We’ve got to accept that this is
the new world order.”

Or yet more headline generating farce from The Health Hazzard: ‘Give a damn about someone other than yourself’: NSW Health Minister blasts the unvaxxed as Omicron surge leaves hospital staff ‘exhausted’.

Most, though not all, of the above and their vaxx-liar colleagues have left the building, and have never
been held accountable for their Covid crimes.

One was made Victorian of the Year (Brett Sutton).

Another was made Governor of Queenslander (Jeanette Young).

Others were pinged for other, non-Covid-related offences (Berejiklian), or lost office for reasons largely unrelated to their Covid crimes, such as former South Australian Premier Stephen Marshall, or former Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

I mentioned doubling down. The Australian Government has introduced legislation to create a Ministry
of Truth. This could well be the most dangerous bill ever introduced into our national Parliament.

This move will make the activities of Peter Dutton’s then Department during Covid, where people challenging the State’s Covid lies had their posts and, in some cases, their channels closed down by social media companies at the bequest of government, routine. This was only discovered through a freedom of information request by the heroic Senator Alex Antic. The new legislation, if passed into law, will give governments public permission to do what in all too many instances they already do.

There is similar legislation in the United Kingdom, designed to shut down dissidents of all stripes on any
issue deemed beyond challenge by the State. Where its communications regulator, Ofcom, currently
faces a legal challenge from the broadcaster Mark Steyn, whom Ofcom charged with breaching its
guidelines on disinformation while he was at GB News. The offending program included an interview
with Naomi Wolf, who likened forced vaccinations to murder.

Well, given the new The Lancet paper, Wolf was merely being accurate.

Every single family of every single person forced or persuaded to vaccinate, who then died as a result, are perfectly entitled to share Wolf’s view.

It is a shame that more people do not feel sufficiently emboldened to say it out loud, in public, preferably with a microphone in front of them.

We await Steyn’s trial with much anticipation. In the meantime, with the British bill far from law, Ofcom
is already busy building a new, enlarged office building and employing hundreds more “fact checkers”.

So that the UK Government can keep cancelling and silencing people who … err … speak the truth about
things like lethal vaccines.

But elsewhere, there is hope.

In what could be one of the most important decisions of this century, a federal judge ordered the Biden administration to end government directed and encouraged censorship on social media! 

Federal Judge Orders Biden Administration to Stop Social Media Censorship.


Judge Terry Doughty of Missouri may well become one of the freedom fighters of the twenty-first
century. As he said: “If the allegations made by Plaintiffs are true, the present case arguably involves the most massive attack against free speech in United States’ history.

“The principal function of free speech under the United States’ system of government is to invite
dispute; it may indeed best serve its high purpose when it induces a condition of unrest, creates
dissatisfaction with conditions as they are, or even stirs people to anger.”

Governments now don’t much like freedom, dissidents, trouble-makers, outliers, the dissatisfied. They
do “narrative” and totalitarianism.

The Brownstone Institute has weighed in on the Doughty judgement: “At last this court action may finally provoke a debate about the administrative state that embarked on the great silencing. Its machinery seized control of the country in March 2020 in a great turning point in American history. It’s taken more than three years to finally observe a major pushback. The struggle to maintain freedom will always be with us as a great task of every generation.” 

Indeed. Judge Doughty’s superb decision shows that progress is being made on several fronts in this ongoing war of the State against the people. People need to pick a side, and fight. It will be significant to see just who emerges in Australia and the UK, both absent the protection of a First Amendment, to swing the wrecking ball against the emerging communications dictatorships. Who lie about things like Covid
vaccines and then punish anyone who dares to question them. And not say sorry when they are found
out by “the science”. Perhaps it is serendipitous that the Doughty judgement and The Lancet study
appeared in the very same week.

Before the cowards take flight we await Nuremberg Two. Especially now that we know that the vaccine killed people, and continues to do so. On a largish scale. The Lancet said so. For ever so brief a moment in time. Before they became as gutless as almost everybody else.