The World Economic Forum (WEF) has recently published its Top 10 Emerging Technologies of 2023 report, which includes a look at a range of ‘innovative’ trends in the world.

The WEF report “…outlines the technologies poised to positively impact society in the next three to five years”, and includes many that are currently in use by military researchers and intelligence agencies.

Let’s take a look at the technologies listed in the report that are said to “positively impact society”.

At the number one slot in the WEF’s top 10 emerging technologies list are “flexible batteries”.

According to the report, batteries “…can be integrated into the fabric of jackets, shirts or other apparel will be required to power emerging textile-based electronics with capabilities ranging from built-in heating systems to health monitoring”.

While this may seem innocent, some have suggested it is very far from it.

You may remember that during the pandemic, the WEF highlighted one start-up that was creating online digital IDs for garments, so that brands could maintain ownership and re-sell their clothing.

The CircularID, which is part of the Internet of Bodies (IoB) ecosystem, allows brands to track and trace their products while ‘monitoring their performance’ over their entire ‘life cycle’:

According to the WEF’s new report, flexible batteries “..have applications in a growing number of fields, including wearable medical devices and biomedical sensors, flexible displays and smartwatches.”

Additionally, “Health-related applications powered by these batteries could transmit data wirelessly to healthcare providers, facilitating remote patient monitoring…”

But it’s not just tech start-ups that are exploring these types of avenues.

The U.S. Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA) recently launched research program to equip spy agencies with this same technology.

IARPA’s Smart Electrically Powered And Networked Textile Systems (SMART ePANTS) program will essentially turn clothing into high tech spy wear that will constantly monitor and record everything a person sees and hears while reading their geolocation every 10 minutes.

According to IARPA SMART ePANTS program: “The SMART ePANTS program seeks to develop clothing with integrated audio, video, and geolocation sensor systems that feature the same stretchability, bendability, washability, and comfort of regular textiles”.

How long will it be before Australia’s favourite fashion ‘influencers’ start promoting this type of clothing?

The number two slot on the WEF list is occupied by “generative artificial intelligence”.

Which, according to the report, GAI “…can translate a mathematical formula into plain English or analyse brain activity data to generate drawings of the objects that human participants are holding in mind”.

As we all know, over the past six months, there has been massive discussion around emerging programs like ChatGPT and the implications that this type of machine learning will have.

The WEF report notes: “In the workplace, the use of AI-based language models like the recently popular ChatGPT or its successors can increase productivity and improve output quality, restructuring human tasks towards idea generation and editing as opposed to rough drafting.”

Even the military is now looking to build ChatGPT-like tools for writing intelligence reports.

We must keep an eye on how this ‘next level’ in AI will soon shape the future.

Now endorsed by the World Economic Forum, which is always a red flag.

How can we achieve this? Will planes ever be ‘sustainable’?

This is a question that has recently been asked by the climate change lobby.

I know! Only the elite and privileged will be aloud to fly in the future, while the peasants stay home!

Have you tried to book a flight in recent years? Or in these economic conditions?

Who can? My point exactly.

Excuse me?

‘We are engineering viruses to augment health’?

Boy, oh boy…

Come join others in a virtual eco-chamber where everyone is always right and always ‘happy’!

Feeling down about the fact you own nothing?

Put your VR headset on and escape to paradise!

‘Thank you for doing your part to save the planet’.

Even the plants can wear new types of emerging technologies!

All of natural life is truly ‘all in this together’.

Did anyone ask the plants if they want to be subjected to this?

Once again we return to the elitist mentality of the Cult of Scientism about ‘discovering’ the ‘mysteries of life’ by using their fundamentally anti-human technologies and methodologies to do so.

Much like the WEF, we have recently seen Elon Musk launch his new AI company to do the same thing.

They have already sequenced the entire human genome, so what will they ‘discover’ once they “map” the entire processes of life on a molecular level?

Maybe they will use this data to further suggest we can use this “mapping” for ‘preventative measures’.

What a time to be alive.

Coming in at number eight in the WEF report is “flexible neural electronics.”

The report reads: “In recent years, brain-machine interfaces (BMIs) have gained visibility, igniting collective imaginations regarding the power and potential of one day controlling machines with thoughts”.

Which is indeed true, and we have covered these rapid developments here.

“Researchers have recently developed brain interfacing circuits on biocompatible materials that are soft and flexible,” the report continues, noting how we are now entering a ‘new phase’.

There has been a very disturbing push to ‘get inside of our bodies and minds’ in a very literal sense.

Beyond the realms of healthcare and into the modern fabric of society for everyone.

Now the WEF highlights how circuits can be ‘engineered better’ in the nervous system.

What could possibly go wrong?

Of course, we must find ways for our mass data collection to be ‘sustainable’!

‘How can we collect everyone’s data on an unimaginable level but also ‘save the planet’ with storage?’

Give me a break…

AI-facilitated healthcare is another trend highlighted by the WEF in their report, and this is certainly a field that doesn’t get as much attention as it deserves.

From data models and advice on COVID being given to doctors from computers, to robotic surgeons that are assisting with surgeries in remote Australian regions, AI has largely taken over healthcare.

These are the emerging technologies that are said to “positively impact society”, according to the WEF.

But as we have repeatedly pointed out here on TOTT News, they also have the potential (and is the intention) to make the world a much darker place by fundamentally altering what it means to be human.

Achieved by tracking and tracing your every movement and by developing capabilities to decode the human brain where your thoughts are no longer just your own.

This is all part of the Fourth-Industrial Revolution (FIR), a period of history we are in the beginning stages of. Stages that involve the merging of biology reality, both plants and humans, with technology.


Defence and intelligence communities are already on the cusp of ushering in a new era of transhumanism by funding research into artificial intelligence and the Internet of Bodies (IoB) ecosystem for human performance enhancement (HPE), including controlling thoughts with machines.

According to a 2021 Pentagon-sponsored RAND report on “human performance enhancement” from, the primary application researched for BMIs is “neuroprosthetics”.

In other words, bypassing the nervous system for the purpose of controlling external apparatuses, such as with mechanical limbs or cochlear implants.

Concerning the seemingly telepathic nature of BMIs, the RAND report adds: “Humans can be trained to control all sorts of external devices, such as movement of a computer mouse, robotic arms, and drones.”

Now think to when Yuval Noah Harari stated that human beings are now “hackable animals”:

This is what the WEF and scientific oligarchy hope to achieve with their dystopian plans, and all the lower-level scientists are carrying out under the false pretext of ‘fixing the world’s problems’.

And they are now quiet about it either.

Speaking at the WEF annual meeting in Davos this year, attended by many of Australia’s rich globalists, Duke University’s Dr. Nita Farahany said that the technology to “decode brainwaves” already existed and was currently being rolled out in some use cases.

According to Farahany: “We can pick up and decode faces that you’re seeing in your mind — simple shapes, numbers, your PIN number to your bank account…”.

We also know that existing technologies already have limited capabilities to alter humans as it is:

What happens when the masses willingly put this type of technology inside of their bodies?

And have they already done so in other ways, is another pressing question.

We explored the IoB phenomenon as it related to COVID-19 tests during the pandemic, and ‘coincidental’ links between those in power making the decisions and DNA storage companies and programs.

Of course, all of you reading this now are in the small minority that will get to live your days out as biological humans, and won’t fall for the hypnotising spell that has been cast upon the world.

We have heard this story repeated time-and-time again over the ages by major religions and thinkers, and get to watch it play out in real-time as most run head first towards the temptations.

Hopefully this time around we will learn the lessons as a society and teach our children to not end up in the same positions by liars and deceptions long after we are gone.

You can keep your technologies, military-industrial-complex and WEF. I’m all good as I am.