Just to rely on their good work, the Australian media outlier TOTT News is one of the only significant media outlets to follow this utterly massive scandal in any detail; in a series of articles badged The Pfizer Papers.

The point being, Australian government officials must have known there were significant issues around the vaccines, even as they continued to promote them.

 Here are just a few excerpts from their series:


This is a scandal which deepens and widens by the day; and while the heavily manipulated and financially compromised mainstream media do their best to dodge what is now being frequently labelled the biggest medical fraud in history, nothing can stop the juggernaut now.

The truth will out.

The documents promise to reveal flawed trial methods, distorted efficacy reporting, and silenced safety concerns. Already, we have a bombshell.

In late-2020/early-’21, politicians, health officials, and state-corporate media told us to “get vaccinated” to protect ourselves and others. They gave us the impression that the injection would get us “back to normal,” implying that the jab protects against infection, prevents transmission, and will lead to herd immunity.

When this failed, the same people told us, starting around mid-’21, that we must get jabbed because the injections reduce “severe infection” and hospitalisation.


Documents reveal sleight-of-hand tactics were used on clinical trial protocols to ensure the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine was granted a license.

It is very, very unlikely that were it not for the pandemic, the Pfizer-BioNTech product would have been granted a license.

The dedicated work of rights advocates has given us an unparalleled opportunity to explore the Pfizer papers and unearth exactly how they, in collusion with the FDA, pulled off one of the biggest crimes of the century.


Pfizer began a third dose study while continuing trials of the second dose. Despite this, it saw fit to declare that two doses were effective for six months.

No sooner had they made the claim, CEO Bourla stated that three doses might be needed, even though it would have taken Pfizer until at least October 2021 to discern that information from trial participants, yet the US Food and Drug Administration authorised the third dose in September, with trial data still pending.


Newly-released Pfizer-US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) documents suggest that after several trial participants died — following injection with the experimental product — Pfizer covered up their deaths by attributing them to natural causes, existing conditions, and even by mere assumption that the given death was not triggered by the injection.

A common pattern emerges: Pfizer and the FDA minimise the deaths and do not attribute them to BNT162b2. Instead, they highlight natural causes, existing conditions, and mere assumption.


Ever since a judge in Texas ordered the monthly release of the US Food and Drug Administration’s Pfizer-BioNTech documents concerning the so-called vaccine (BNT162b2), explosive revelations that should have made headline news have been predictably ignored by legacy media.

They include hundreds of potentially serious side-effects, more children having severe adverse injection reactions than needing oxygen for Covid, increased myocarditis in young people, causes of death in trial participants not being investigated and an increase in spontaneous abortions and miscarriages.


In January 2021, the Israeli government signed an extraordinary collaboration agreement in which Pfizer used Israel as “a sort of laboratory” (Chief Scientific Officer Philip Dormitzer), in which the vaccine candidate, which tellingly is described as a “product” in the agreement, was to be compared with natural immunity.

An Israeli health officials’ leaked Zoom call provides invaluable insight into long-term side-effects that are of no interest to Pfizer. Against the backdrop of unexplained excess mortality, there is also a mounting body of peer-reviewed evidence revealing long-term acute physical and neurological damage.  


The US Centre for Disease Control’s approval of Pfizer jabs for under-5s comes into conflict with a clinical development document that recommends against vaccinating this age group. Rather appallingly, the CDC seems to have made its recommendation for under-5s to be jabbed on the basis of poor data given by Pfizer.


The latest batch of Pfizer documents shed a new light on just what was known — or not known — about adverse events, as well as efforts undertaken to minimise data instead of halting the injection rollout.

The documents (January 2023) contains some astonishing information confirming that the company marketed a dangerous experimental product, skipping Phase IV trials — which are usually long-term, large population safety studies — in favour of a speedy rollout under emergency use authorisation.

The new documents confirm that the company knew about the increased risk of myocarditis, but did not pull the product.


The latest batch of Pfizer Papers reveals that, after testing the vaccine candidates on rats, the company hired labs to test monkeys, which tragically for animals is standard practice.

But prior to injecting the monkeys with the vaccine candidate, the unfortunate creatures were anaesthetised with ketamine: the very drug that may reduce the risk of serious infection.