From Five Times August

You know the world has finally changed when a video claiming that no one is safe until Bill Gates is behind bars is readily available on YouTube; yes the same YouTube that made itself one of the most obscene censors of the Covid era.

And yes, the same Bill Gates who earlier this year the Prime Minister of Australia Anthony Albanese enthusiastically welcomed into his official Sydney residence, Kirribilli House.

Yes, the same Bill Gates who at around the same time was making half a billion dollars in profit selling his shares in BioNTech, the manufacturers of Covid-19 vaccines, before he started bagging the vaccines out as essentially useless.

The same vaccines that many Australians, including police officers, teachers, nurses and aged care workers, were sacked from their jobs for refusing to take.

The same vaccines which are now the subject of a truly massive worldwide medical scandal.

It’s hard to believe that at the same time as Australia’s excess deaths were running at around 16 percent, in line with other countries that introduced mass vaccination and lockdown campaigns, an Australian Prime Minister would welcome the world’s vaccine-profiteer-in-chief to the country.

But these past few years have been so bizarre, well, it just fits right in.

The wimp’s on the loose
He’s bought all the land
He’s out for revenge
To hurt every man
He’ll print all the food
And drug every kid
Pretend like he’s good
Then hide what he did

Nobody’s safe
Nobody’s safe
Nobody’s safe
‘Til we have gates behind
Gates behind the bars

He deals in the dark
AND buys his own truth
He’ll package it up
And he’ll sell it to you

All the sheep will believe
Afraid they will die
Trapped by the one
Who has wrapped them in lies

The creep’s not alone
He plots with his friends
The forum they have
Is a circle of sin
There’s snakes all around
Who traffic and kill
They’ll dope up the world
With needles and pills

No body Is safe
Nobody’s safe, Hey Hey
No body Is safe
‘Til we have gates behind
Gates behind the bars

Somebody’s selling a new religion
Somebody’s selling a lie
Somebody wants all the strife and division
That’s driving us out of our minds

They’re telling the world not to trust their own eyes
They’re telling the people they’re wrong
They’re keeping the truth for their power and gain
And taking whatever we’ve got

And some of you eat all the lies you’ve been fed
Some of you just go along
Training acceptance inside of your head
To give them whatever they want

You’re leaving your brothers and sisters behind
You’re told it’s the best thing to do
You’re shutting out friends ’cause you’re told that’s what’s right
Now they win because all of us lose

And it’s so sad
Watching these times as they change
And it’s so bad
The battle’s been violent and strange
As they lock us indoors
In a prison of this silent war

Lock down all towns
Everybody slow down
Give ’em everything you have
Mask up, vax up
Get your body trashed up
Better do what they ask

It’s alright, okay
Sorry, but ya can’t pray
Gotta keep the church doors closed
No superstitions
A saint politician
Will tell ya what you need to know

Screenshot 2023-03-03 04.21.21

Citizen fools
And brand new rules
Make everyone a hero now
So keep your distance
No resistance
Only do what you’re allowed

Cash that check
Go dance in the wreck
But just don’t speak your mind
Get your facts from the paid contracts
‘Cause never would they tell a lie

Screenshot 2023-03-03 04.22.56

They don’t know me
And they don’t own me

Oh God help us all
Look what we’ve become
Oh God help us all
And fix what we have done

See no evil
Bow to the needle
Didn’t we turn out great?
Sick is the new health
Poor is the new wealth
Truth is whatever they say