By Bianca Symonds

For those who have not yet entered the intoxicating world of the D’Angels, be prepared to blow asunder all preconceived notions of our place in this universe. 

The second volume in a planned four part series has just been released.

Daley has masterfully interwoven Science, Religion, Spirituality, Technology, Ecology, Poetry, Hermetic Mysticism, the Brutality of War and the might of Mythological Gods in this darkly gothic tale of the complex brilliance and horror inherent in the blood-soaked history of humankind. He dares to offer the extreme and wondrous possibility that, more than just dust-on-this-planet, we are quite possibly embroiled in the matrix of a universal play far beyond our own mortal comprehension.

Mick Daley is the author of numerous published works, such as the epic rock & roll road novel King Tide Rollin’; freelance journalist, editor, singer songwriter and frontman for various musical acts, including Australia’s hardest touring country rock band The Re-mains and political folk legends The Corporate Raiders.

The journey is exhilarating as we are transported back to the very inception of our species; traversing the many transgressions during our habitation of this planet. Romance and adventure, lust, greed, beauty, creativity and its higher purpose, all are magnified under the lens of Daleys’ wildly fantastical mind. Humanity has been on a long journey to reach its ultimate destiny, but in galactic time what to us an eternity is nothing but a second on the cosmic clock.

Daley has been at the coalface of Australia’s political and environmental protest movement for over three decades and is thus well placed in these volatile times to become a true voice of the people. Drawing on the tradition of writers such as Mervyn Peake and Tom Robbins, he is a commensurate chronicler for our times. If you have the imagination and scope to enter this vast cosmic world, D’Angel Moon takes the gothic thriller genre to an entirely new plane.

D’Angel Moon, Volume 1 of 4 – The Witch and the Foreigner – commences atop a stagecoach, careening through the upper Carpathian Mountains en route to the eponymous village of Eagles Nest; its beguiling protagonists chaperoning us on our quest through the dance of human history. What follows can be viewed as not only a history lesson on the follies of our past choices, it is also a warning of our current direction and an auspicious, even daring, suggestion of what may be our greatest purpose. 

Daley engages the reader with his distinct literary technique, his exhaustive and methodical research of historic and archaic language; employing the language of poets, tribes, ancient civilisations now defunct with the cryptic text of todays’ youth, fused in an avalanche of cascading prose. His deeply textured characters and beautifully realised heroes and villains cast a spell that drags you willingly on their magnificent quest to uncover their own true divinations.

Begin reading. Emerge enthralled.