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Where Is Australia’s Royal Commission into the Covid Response? The Truth Will Out.

By John Stapleton Australia’s response to Covid was arguably the worst in the world, with the country making headlines around the world for all the wrong reasons, including the pepper spraying of protestors and the censorship of dissident voices. The… Continue Reading →

The Data on Covid Emerges and History Will Show the Australian Parliament is Full of Cowards

By Senator Malcolm Roberts This is a transcript of a speech given to the Australian parliament. Malcolm Roberts has been one of the very few Australian politicians to stand up to the mob. As a servant to the people of… Continue Reading →

We Have All Been Misled

Malcolm Roberts: Senator in the Australian Parliament. Malcolm Roberts of the minority Australian party One Nation has been one of the only politicians in the country to call out the tyranny of Covid and the nation’s response to the “pandemic”,… Continue Reading →

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