With zero ethical political leadership, and with violent scenes of authoritarian derangement now being a regular feature of life in Australia’s major cities, here’s images and links from the last few days.

Australia is at a turning point, on the descent into a totalitarian hell.

All the warnings, all the pleas for common sense, have been ignored.

Just as many observers both here and around the world are already doing, so future historians will look back at this period of Australian history and shake their heads in bewilderment.

How could this be?


Polish MPs protest about what is happening in Australia and the destruction of its democracy. “Like the example that North Korea shows us, we see how totalitarianism and communism can end. The example is right before our eyes today. in Australia. What is happening in Australia cannot be called democratic.”
Tucker: Lockdowns are the biggest drag on the economy ever conceived. So are those police SWAT teams beating people for going outside. Covid mandates are a far greater threat to Australia’s social fabric than COVID itself.”


3 OCTOBER 2021

One protestor says to camera: “I came to live here, I am not originally from Australia. I thought it was going to be a beautiful country and a beautiful life. And it has been until now. This is tyranny. This is total and utter control. I have three kids, they are all struggling. Their mental health… I can’t even work. I look around me, and people are struggling massively.”


Chilling. People scream as they flee.


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Sky News host Rita Panahi says: “We have seen the rise of citizen journalists because much of the media has failed so abysmally to cover what is really happening. There’s a reason why Melbourne will become the most locked down city in the world. The media’s complicity in creating an environment where that is possible cannot be overlooked. Too many have been preoccupied with being propagandists for the government and the police. Craziness has been normalised.”

Ms Panahi said the ABC, SBS and The Age have come together to “bash” independent journalist Rukshan Fernando “who is doing a better job than they are”. “Maybe he is attracting millions of views because he is showing what is really happening and allowing people to explain why they’re so upset rather than just demonising any anti-government dissent as some anti-vaxxer, neo-Nazi-inspired conspiracy.”


NCA News Wire. Sarah Matray. Also feature Image. Police arrested 109 people and fined 108 on Saturday as angry protesters again blocked Melbourne traffic and chanted in the CBD. Ongoing protests that have been a fixture of the city for two weeks.
A Victoria Police spokeswoman said: “Victoria Police will continue to have a highly visible presence to ensure any protest activity that breaches the Chief Health Officer’s directions does not impact on the broader community’s right to go about their daily lives.”


“What do we want?” “Freedom.” “When do we want it?” “Now!!”
“My body my choice.” “We’re not going to take it anymore.”