Melbourne is Ground Zero for the disintegration of Australia as a functioning country. Victorians protesters have once again flocked to Melbourne’s CBD to oppose mandatory vaccination requirements and new permanent pandemic laws.

A massive group of protesters gathered in Melbourne’s CBD spouting pro-choice slogans and calling for Premier Daniel Andrews to be sacked, amid heated debate around mandatory vaccines and mounting frustration towards the state government.

The group was also opposing the government’s new permanent pandemic powers bill, which will see large fines or jail time for rule breaches, as well as sole powers to declare emergencies.

TOTT News has footage from the events today.

It is just this sort of footage will prove the evidentiary bedrock for historians and sociologists picking over this benighted period of Australian history.

To see the video footage in full go to the original TOTT News story here.

Beginning of the day..

The group first gathered outside at Treasury Gardens in the CBD, protesting mandatory vaccine requirements, ongoing restrictions for the unvaccinated and controversial new pandemic laws.

They would soon begin marching to Parliament House after the demonstrators had gathered.

Crowds gather at Parliament..

Once reaching Parliament, protesters could be heard shouting “kill the bill” in reference to laws controversially rushed through the lower house earlier this week.

They could also be heard chanting “sack Dan Andrews” and other slogans:

Melbourne protest – today. #Melbourneprotest— Evelyn Rae (@_evelynrae) October 30, 2021

Premier Daniel Andrews and Labor MPs have been subject to intense criticism over the legislation, which critics claim would give their government unprecedented power.

Speeches to the crowd and messages shared..

A number of speakers gave passionate speeches to the group, regarding a whole range of issues. Particularly, the fact all ‘authorised workers’ in Victoria must be fully vaccinated by November 26.

Ex-Police officer takes the stage..

Once police officer who had recently quit the force also took the stage, to a massive cheer from the audience. Yet another speaks out in regards to the ongoing destruction of civil liberties.

He tells the crowd, “You will be remembered as heroes”.

Violent melees with authorities are now just a part of Australian life. This is “the new Covid Normal”.
Craig Backman: Until Recently a Proud Senior Constable with Victoria Police.

He also turns to the wall of police behind him, many of whom he defended in his speech, to ask them to look inside their own moral compass and attitudes.

The crowd also chants, “Stand with Us”.

Now that Victoria has ‘opened up’ during a period of false freedom, the behaviour of police was far better than we have seen in recent months. No beating old ladies, no violence, just liberty in action.

Speaking of which, perhaps the most powerful part of the day was a talented violinist who captures the heart of everyone with a rendition of the Australian national anthem:

See the video at the following link:

A moment which will go down in Australian history

Protesters say they will be back at Parliament next weekend to continue their fight.



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