A call for freedom from the two-party false paradigm.

The 2022 Election represents the essential political conflict of our time — one between the corporate oligarchy and the beleaguered working classes.

Less than a week remains until Australians head to the polls, and demonstrators have taken to the streets to let the establishment know what they think of them. A collective voice of rejection to their agenda.

Australians will not forget the last two years.

The documentation of these demonstrations mark an historic record of one of the most tumultuous times in the nation’s history, a prelude to what many people fear will be a dramatic decline in living standards and major social tumult, if not another Great Depression.

Whatever the future holds, the hundreds of thousands of Australians who have taken to the streets over the past two years, many at great personal cost, mark a significant turning point in the “temperature”, if you will, of the national spirit. History, as the saying goes, is made from those who leave a record, and these people have left a trail a mile wide.

Here is some of the media from national events this past weekend. This coming Saturday the nation goes to the polls. The mono-faced Covid disinformation and ridiculing of alternative views stemming from government and legacy media has had the predictable impact of stimulating multiple independent news sites and determined bloggers, talented writers and social documenters who have filled the void.

TOTT NEWS has come into its own during this period, and A Sense of Place Magazine has been pleased to republish their work.

A fierce sense of injustice is a far greater driver than any wall of propaganda.