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Convoy to Canberra One Year On: Glorious, Chaotic, A Profoundly Moving and Historic Event

By David Nieuwenhoven. Images by Jamie Minco Photography. This tribute to the Convoy to Canberra and the days which changed Australia forever has taken me three days to write as I wanted to convey many different stories, videos, pictures, messages… Continue Reading →

Convoy to Canberra One Year On: Are we the Last Fort? Reflections on the first Convoy Camp Site

Michael Gray Griffith: Café Locked Out. Day three was a cooler day, but only weather wise. Every hour the police entered the camp and did a walk through. All of them masked up and initially polite, they passed through the… Continue Reading →

Convoy to Canberra One Year On: Videos, A Sense of Place Magazine, 8 February, 2023.

By John Stapleton The 12th of February 2022, hundreds of thousands of Australians came to Canberra and lived together to protest the totalitarianism of the Australian Government, and asked the Governor general to “Sack Them All”. No politician, no intelligence… Continue Reading →

Convoy to Canberra One Year On: Voices From Camp Freedom

By Susan Pavan. Photography by Damos. From a bloke who has lost all contact with his baby girl as a result of travel restrictions, to a doctor who has been deregistered for speaking about early treatment options. We spoke to… Continue Reading →

Convoy to Canberra One Year On: The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth

By John Stapleton Exhibition Park in Canberra, otherwise known as Epic, lies on the northern outskirts of Canberra and is the site of the annual Canberra Show, which like other shows around the country exhibits the produce and achievements of… Continue Reading →

The Sad and Brutal Final Hours of Camp Freedom and the Convoy to Canberra

What had been a remarkably successful policing operation, handling the one million protestors who showed up in Canberra to protest two years of government overreach during the Covid era, turned sour in the final hours. Until that point there had… Continue Reading →

So are we really violent?

The 12th of February 2022, on some estimates more than one million Australian came from all over the country, some driving more than 24 hours to get there. At the very least it is clear that the official estimates of… Continue Reading →

Video From The Day Australia Changed Forever

The 12th of February 2022 is the day Australia transformed.Without counting the several hours missing from the police report of people coming on the 11th, over 1.2 millions cars entered ACT in the week preceding this epic day. Epic as… Continue Reading →

The People Find Their Voice: Australia 12 February, 2022.

By Susan Pavan. People were upset. They expected something to change. There was a tsunami of freedom. People don’t want to go back to their old lives. They want to stay. They want to start a new way, a new… Continue Reading →

The Largest Aussie Protest Gathering In History: As Seen from the Sky

Drone footage by Bailey and his Dad. Travelling from all states around Australia, including one lone driver from Perth who travelled 52 hours, the Convoy to Canberra is inundating the ACT like no event ever before seen in Australia’s history…. Continue Reading →

Imprisoned Dr Bruce Paix Released on Bail: Given A Hero’s Welcome at Canberra’s Camp Freedom

By John Stapleton. Photography John Napper. War veteran and trauma specialist Dr Bruce Paix was arrested near Canberra airport while on his way to attend the Convoy to Canberra gathering. Cheering crowds celebrated Dr Paix’s release today, 11 February, 2022,… Continue Reading →

The Meek Will Inherit The Earth: Inside Australia’s Camp Freedom

By John Stapleton. Photography by John Napper. With numbers now in their tens of thousands at the rallying point for Convoy to Canberra, the atmosphere at the heart of Australia’s Camp Freedom is both chaotic and glorious, jubilant, exultant. And… Continue Reading →

Another Court Challenge Against Vaccine Mandates Fails: Day Ten of the Canberra Convoy.

Featuring the Photography of John Napper. Another in a queue of court cases against vaccine mandates has failed; leading critics to emphasise the urgent need for an Australian Bill of Rights. Here renowned Australian photographer John Napper, who is presently… Continue Reading →

The Spirit Rises: The Photography of John Napper Inside Australia’s Protests

While mainstream journalists around the country continue to ignore the biggest story of their lifetimes, Australia’s independent media is on fire. Thousands of people from all around Australia are converging on Canberra as part of the Canberra Convoy protests. The… Continue Reading →

The Right to Protest Has Been Restored: And Protestors have travelled from all over Australia to surround the National Parliament

Compiled by John Stapleton. With Joel Gilmour. The mainstream media has utterly disgraced itself over the past two years; allowing itself to be manipulated or bludgeoned by government into being propaganda cyphers and willing puppets for the authoritarian derangement which… Continue Reading →

This Utterly Extraordinary Day: The Fulcrums of History

TOTT News Massive crowds from across Australia descend on the nation’s capital. Huge crowds of pro-choice protesters have gathered in the Australian Capital Territory to demand freedom and no more COVID-19 vaccine mandates. But the powerful event was driven by… Continue Reading →

Canberra: Police Move In. The Crucible of Change.

TOTT News. Police forces descended upon the #ConvoyToCanberra campsite early this morning, telling the protesters to move on or risk having their possessions seized. The latest developments from Canberra. Protesters who police say have been ‘illegally camping’ in the Parliamentary Triangle… Continue Reading →

The Tipping Point: Another Extraordinary Day in the Australian Capital. The People Rise Up.

From Multiple Sources. Another day of tumult, as the world turns on its axis. Australia, as we all now realise, will never be the same again. The country of old has been wantonly destroyed. Now comes the backlash. DAVID ONEEG’S… Continue Reading →

The Australian Convoy: Day Three

In his own grudging, peculiarly ungracious way, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has admitted that some Australians are unhappy with his management of the Covid “pandemic”. Bull dust. They’re absolutely bloody livid. Morrison must face the electorate before 23 May… Continue Reading →

Australia’s Convoy: Day Two

With TOTT News & True Arrow. Many hundreds of thousands of Australians have been protesting for months over the authoritarian derangement which has seized the country. Almost all those protests have been ignored or misrepresented by the mainstream media. Not… Continue Reading →

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