The 12th of February 2022 is the day Australia transformed.

Without counting the several hours missing from the police report of people coming on the 11th, over 1.2 millions cars entered ACT in the week preceding this epic day.

Epic as the name of the camping ground, the Canberra showground, where more than two hundred thousand Australians from all over country.

Located on the outskirts of Canberra, Australia stayed at Epic Bundawang, in harmony, as a self organized community over two weeks. Smiles, music, hugs, kids playing alongside adults speeches along the days.

Let’s start with this place’s meaning:

Epic“: an exceptionally long and arduous task or activity.
Bundawang” : Nearby sacred site used to light signal fires and to observe the movement of people between the highlands and the coast.

And now, let’s hear and watch our people, our brothers, our sisters, our parents and children dream of a new world in unity, peace and respect.

Below are some videos from yesterday’s historic events.

Technical difficulties and chaotic circumstances on the ground in Canberra are preventing us uploading more material at this point.

There will be more videos to follow.

Beautiful Chaos – Convoy to Canberra

Mother of 22 year old daughter who dropped dead at work after being vaccinated

Monica Smit, driving force behind Reignite Democracy Australia. She describes herself as a political prisoner after spending 22 days in jail after being arrested in Melbourne. One of the most dynamic and courageous documenters of the Freedom movement.

Life at the Epic Camp Freedom

More videos to follow.