By David Nieuwenhoven. Images by Jamie Minco Photography.

This tribute to the Convoy to Canberra and the days which changed Australia forever has taken me three days to write as I wanted to convey many different stories, videos, pictures, messages that I have watched and received over the last few weeks from hundreds of people, groups and posts.

The Canberra convoy started out as literally a few people getting inspired by what was happening in Canada and thinking “why don’t we do that”?

There had been a lot of talk in various groups about heading to Canberra and making a stand of some sort in a non-violent way to let those know in power that we are well and truly over this absolute nonsense, mandates, fear mongering and more and many good people including nurses, doctors, fireman, teachers and essential workers just want their jobs back!

Let’s face it, pretty much every person just in Australia has been affected in some way in the last two years. Many people lost everything; including loved ones to suicide, jobs, friends, family and more.

So everyone has a story but strangely the only people that haven’t been affected are those sitting in that house on the hill in our capital….hmmm.

So, what started out as a “road trip” for a few people suddenly turned into something much, much bigger! An idea started to form…. A vision…. A movement.

As a person who follows the “real news” I started to see this idea take form… “let’s go to Canberra” … which then turned into “everyone’s going to Canberra”.

Social media platforms like Telegram and even Facebook suddenly had thousands of people commenting saying they want to go too, then tens of thousands on the sole idea of getting people to the capital whatever way they could so they could be seen and heard.

Trucks were out of the questions because truckies in Australia do not own their own trucks so even if they did drive them there, they would soon be out of a job and potentially in trouble for stealing, right!?

So, people organised buses, carpooling, caravans and trailers were loaded, and people just decided they wanted their voices heard and would get there however possible. Soon tens of thousands, then hundreds of thousands over a very short period where getting FOMO and wanted to get to the capital to see if by being there they could get things changed…

Different factions or groups had different ideas. Some wanted to do it peacefully, some wanted to let the politicians know of their anger by petitions and some though wanted to do it physically to remove those who do not serve us.

Of course, even if a million people turned up and forced their way into the white building what good would that do? All it would do would cause injuries, harm and be a total love fest for the lying Mainstream Media.

They would turn, spin, and cause more division just like they have done for decades and especially in the last two years.

There was lots of talk, but one thing was clear… People had had enough!

Enough of the lies, enough of the mandates and most of all enough of the state premiers and the Australian Prime Minister.

So within the space of a few days thousands headed whatever way they could to the nation’s capital with an idea of “if enough of us go maybe the government will listen” ….?

It all happened so quickly… people hired buses, booked plane flights, some people took 50 hours to get there and many spending hundreds and some many thousands to be there as they wanted their voice heard and to vent their anger at parliament.

It was all planned for a big event on the Saturday and the politicians were not even in the building and the prime minister was in Sydney 300kms away so what could turning up in mass achieve you may ask…

What was amazing was that there was no one leader, no one person who organised everything it was basically a community effort, people working together in most cases to agree it needed to be peaceful and it needed to make a statement.

Sure, there were outspoken people, some people with big social media followings were coming (funny that no celebrities, actors or sports people were coming) but there was not actually a plan except just a simple “turn up” and see what happens.

So the people came….and kept coming…. And kept coming and soon Canberra was overrun with Australians from all walks of life descending on the capital to get their voice heard and be with their people.

The Canberra police said they recorded a million plus cars coming into Canberra in the preceding ten days and more than one million additional traffic movements on the day itself.

This was not an “Anti V” movement; this was a massing of ordinary and extraordinary people all feeling the “call” to stand up for what’s right. There were people there that had got two or three shots but still felt they had been lied to, there were thousands of frontline workers there that all had witnessed first-hand the effect of the medical experiment and could no longer stay silent.

Speakers and leaders were “elected” by a few, and these included an Airline Pilot of 30 years, a veteran paramedic, a construction worker, a self-employed surfer with a massive following on Telegram and more.

None of these people on stage had medical qualifications except the paramedic but it didn’t matter because a blind person could see that there was no actual apocalypse happening in Australia;’ if anything just a mild case of the flu.

The police evicted people from the lawns near parliament, so they moved to the showgrounds and then the magic started to happen….

People showed up who had lost their jobs, their homes, their freedoms; and they were welcomed like family.

People organised free donations of food, clothing and more. Anything you need just ask and someone will help!

The campground grew. Soon it was in the thousands, then tens of thousands filled every square meter with tents, swags, caravans and even buses.

Some people slept in their cars, on the ground or under the shelters as they wanted just to be there. Everyone no matter where you come from, what your background, was welcomed with open arms with many receiving a “heroes” welcome for making the journey or getting their message to thousands of people despite ridicule and ostracizing by many.

They travelled from Cape York, they crossed the Tasman by ship towing their caravans and more, they fled the harsh lockdown state of WA, they rode their motorbikes and some scootered in from the suburbs.

Buses upon buses arrived, convoys from every state, mums, dads, thousands of kids. Welcome to the party!

There was a medical tent set up staffed by nurses and doctors, free food was cooked and handed out to people.

The volunteers cooked thousands of free meals for the hungry, people fixed each other’s cars if they broke down, musicians played to keep people entertained and the video footage was aired to millions.

Huge numbers of people went into town to Kmart etc and took out their credit cards and bought soap, toilet paper, toys for kids, blankets, bedding and anything else that was needed there seemed to be nothing off the table.

A whole “eco community” with no pre organisation had suddenly come together without people thinking twice about it.

Remind you of anything baby boomers?

I watched the live streams, I saw the smiling faces, I saw laughter and comradery and the “human spirit” doing its thing.

On the big Saturday, there were speeches, there was tears, there was an international rock star, doctors, nurses, teachers, military, veterans and even police stood shoulder to shoulder many times with their arms around each other letting each other know that they were not alone.

The crowd was unprecedented in size with the media and police saying “a few thousand” people and downplaying it all; yet those who were there, the pictures, videos and drone footage show hundreds of thousands with many estimates settling around 1.4 million.

People sang, they cheered, they waved their flags, and they were extremely peaceful.

They were so peaceful that out of the hundreds of thousands that were there all the media could show that night was the same selected footage three times of one brave soul running toward the parliament doors with his “Sovereign Flag”.

I mean, a streaker at the cricket is committing a much bigger offence and they get cheered rather than making the 6pm news.

So the people stood in the sun, holding their bladders as the police made sure no hire companies would lend out portable toilets that day. I know right, disgusting!!!

Free water was handed around, people locked arms and sang together, they felt free…. And in all of this only two or three actual serving politicians out of hundreds turned up to walk amongst the people and that says something right there…

The day finished with spur of the moment concerts, new friendships formed, new lifelong bonds and much much more.

So what did it achieve… all those petitions, all those emails sent to politicians, the legal documents served to the Premiers, the Governor General, the Prime Minister, has it changed anything…?

So first of all, Rome was not built in a day, right? There is no way you could just show up expect the pollies to resign with a shrug and say “she’ll be right mate”.

Even if you could get rid of them all, who would replace them, what is their experience in looking after billions of dollars of taxpayer’s money and who is qualified and why?

But that wasn’t the plan….

I attended an event on the Gold Coast last year where Pauline Hanson from one nation spoke and there were two things which really stood out in her talk.

1) All pollies and their staff are “Exempt” from taking the “V”. (Rule for us and one rule for them) which was a shock for many with the 24/7 advertising from government on why you need to get the stick.

2) She said “the only way to change this is to get more independents into parliament so they get more control, and we end this two-party preferred system.

Now Pauline is not the best speaker at any time, but she has been one of the very few from the start standing up for us Aussies and “questioning everything”. Don’t we need more people like that running our country…?

So after Saturday hundreds of thousands have returned home only to vow they are coming back soon, some this weekend and some next month at budget time.

Before the final brutal and sad crackdown by the authorities on Camp Freedom, there were still thousands in Canberra vowing not to leave till “the job is done”.

There are some who thanks to the mandates have nothing and are now refugees in their own country, which is very sad. Disgusting really… So what is the result, how did this massive crowd/event change anything…?

Well, I can tell you it made a massive difference in so many ways and here is why….

1) It showed the willpower of the people and the fact that we have had enough!

2) Let’s say on a very conservative and in reality improbably low number of 200,000 people attended Saturday rally. For every one person there another ten would have loved to come but couldn’t make it.

That’s two million people or more to the point two million voters! There is just under twenty-six million people in Australia with half being adults so say 13 million people.

So we are talking over 10% of the population that do not agree with the government…

This is a figure that should scare the crap out of any sitting politician as the numbers may be a lot more.

3) The fact that this was the biggest rally Australia has seen in decades was seen millions of times on social media networks around the world showing that “the people” are the truth in media and the MSM.

4) Humanity has never seen anything like this since the war days….. People coming together, uniting, making friendships, giving, hugging, crying, laughing together as one.

5) After two years of people feeling alone, afraid, outcast they now felt they “belonged”; a jubilant feeling which you cannot put a price on.

6) It showed the power of people that came together in mass with little to no planning, no tickets purchased or sold and people willing to do whatever it took to get their message heard.

7) It showed the human spirit, the power of the human heart and the absolute desire to be heard and feel part of a community.

8) It gave people something to live and fight for and showed them they are not alone.9) The M-S-M lost out big time as they didn’t get their footage to be doctored, and they were booed and heckled as they were certainly not welcome.

10) Many of the hundreds of police on the day hugged people, were given water, some cried an I have heard a few are now on stress leave or have quit the force.

So…Are you listening Canberra because you better be….

Australia has sent a clear message to their governments. We will not comply, we will not tolerate being lied to.

Hands off our children. Release the name on the suppression order. End the tyranny. Give back the jobs.

Stop persecuting, separating, harming Australia citizens. Let people breathe without muzzling them.

Let people have a choice.

End this insanity.

It is interesting the statistics released today by the Australian Bureau of Statistics that shows conclusively what many of us have been saying from the start.

With only…. Eighty-three deaths in Australia in the last 2 years as a direct result from the “C” vir-us we have been tricked, deceived, lied to, tortured and our liberties taken all over a mild flu and yet our government has invested billions into drugs which are still under human trials till next year.

Read that again. This is a human trial, as even the Health Minister stated.

We have no idea the long-term effects of these untested chemicals but we do know that 750 people have died after getting the stick… Yes, nearly ten times more people have died according to the Therapeutic Goods Administration and over 100,000 adverse reactions.

If there is one thing that is clear about these last few weeks is that come election time if you do not change, we need to vote these criminals out.

Don’t just put them last on your ballot paper but make it count and here is how.

Vote in person. Vote with a black pen not a pencil.

Find out who your sitting member is in your electorate and put their name at the bottom of the paper and with other two parties second and third from bottom.

This way your independents will win seats, get into parliament and give back power to the people!

You now know what to do to make change and get your freedoms back!