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Australia now a Surveillance State with Journalists as POIs under ASIO Act

Will future historians see the Abbott/Turnbull/Morrison era as the period of governance when totalitarian instincts were unleashed? The targeting of journalists is just the beginning of a much greater disaster, writes journalist and author, John Stapleton. Australia’s #RighttoKnow movement barely touches… Continue Reading →

The Glories of Caitlin Johnstone: The Internet Transforms Journalism

Talent works hard. Genius is compelled. Caitlin Johnstone is compelled. There are more than ten million blog posts published every single day. According to Hosting Tribunal there are 70 million new blog posts each month on WordPress alone. How can… Continue Reading →

Australia Is In Dire Straits

Crony Capitalism and the Collapse of Democracy Quiet Australians, so-called. They’ve become an article of faith for a victorious Coalition government. Against the odds, surprising pundits, pollsters and even themselves, the conservatives have just won government once again despite a… Continue Reading →

Dental Tourism in Vietnam

Australia’s major dental associations have all issued dire warnings about the dangers of travelling to Asia in an attempt to save money on dental work. The Australian Dental Association has produced a number of fact sheets about dental tourism, warning… Continue Reading →

Adrift on the World: The Art of David Tees

David Tees has been drawing almost every day for the past 40 years, in a journey which has traversed continents and judicial systems. He was born in London, southern Ontario, in 1972 and moved to Vancouver cresting twenty. I was… Continue Reading →

Twitch: The Evolution of Connectivity

Humans spontaneously form villages and have an inherent desire to tell stories. Wherever and however people gather, others are sniffing around for money. And predators abound. Twitch is well on the way to becoming the world’s dominant streaming platform; a… Continue Reading →

The Voices of Dickson: The Essay

The sprawling electorate of Dickson in Northern Brisbane is Ground Zero for the coming election; pivotal for the future of the country. Every major media organisation has sent journalists to the seat; almost all of them with an agenda to… Continue Reading →

Someone To Lead. The Voices of Dickson: Part Three

Like many areas in a rapidly changing Australia, the seat of Dickson in the north of Brisbane straddles many divides. It is also a fulcrum seat which holds a key to the future of the country. It is the electorate… Continue Reading →

What They Say In The Pubs of Australia’s Most Controversial Electorate. The Voices of Dickson: Part One

Just over a week to go in what is being condemned as the most turgid, dull, boring election campaign in Australia’s history. Daily politicians on both sides announce this, that and the other, all their various empty schemes backed with… Continue Reading →

Australia’s Underworld Versus A Celebrity Muslim Refugee Doctor: How a Medical Dispute ran entirely Out of Control

Once upon a time there was nothing the Australian media liked more than a good gangster story. Now there’s nothing Australia’s media like more than a celebrity refugee. Crime stories require resources and insider knowledge; feel good refugee stories fit… Continue Reading →

Australia’s Genius Son: Julian Assange

By John Stapleton Which master government strategists planned this? With all their resources, money, power and operational capacities, who on Earth dreamed up the idea of making the intelligence community’s Number One nemesis front page news around the world? And… Continue Reading →

Brexit in the Springtime

The daffodils are out. The cherry blossoms are in bloom. England’s famous meadows are looking their absolute best. And the headlines are all diabolical. It’s spring in the UK and the papers scream “Death of democracy”, “Cabinet in crisis”. Day… Continue Reading →

Finding Tom in the Philippines Life: as an Adventure Vlogger

Thomas Kuegler is just having way too much fun. All the while attracting millions of followers and fulfilling a Millennial’s ultimate dream — to make a living out of social media. Tom, 25, has become famous largely by simply being himself, infectiously… Continue Reading →

The Birth of Dads On The Air: Interview with co-founder John Stapleton

When Dads On The Air, now the world’s longest running fathers’ show, began in 2000 we had no idea we were part of a worldwide trend protesting the treatment of fathers in separated families. We were a small group of… Continue Reading →

What is Wrong With This Picture? Civilian Casualties and the Death of Truth

The truth is military authorities have no idea how many civilians have been killed by American and Australian bombs in the medieval streets of Iraq and Syria. Millennials obsess and blog endlessly about how they can be better, more socially… Continue Reading →

The Greed of the Oligarchs Destroys Australia’s Great Outback

They blame climate change. They blame the drought. They blame everyone and everything but themselves. The stench of millions of dead fish, the rotting corpses of kangaroos and sheep, the missing bird life, the farmers who can no longer farm,… Continue Reading →

World Press Photographer Jailed in Chinese Crackdown: The Photography of Lu Guang

Lu Guang picked up a camera for the first time in 1980, still a teenager. He was a factory worker in his hometown of Yongkang in China’s Zhejiang Province. After studying in Beijing he became a freelance photographer in 1993,… Continue Reading →

Australia’s Only Celebrity Jihadist Creates Diplomatic Chaos: The Life of Neil Prakash

Since October of 2016 Neil Prakash has been in a prison near Turkey’s southern border, accused of being a supporter of Islamic State. As he appeared front and centre of some of the terror group’s most powerful and widely distributed… Continue Reading →

Bob Hawke and the Demon Drink

At 89, former Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke has declared himself in miserable health and unlikely to last much longer. While he expects the Labor Party, which he led for many years, to win the next election, due by May… Continue Reading →

Australia’s Political Class: Could There Be a Greater Betrayal?

So it is done. The Coalition government has admitted defeat. Current Prime Minister Scott Morrison is not there to save the furniture. He’s there to steer his party to electoral oblivion. The ineptitude of the recent Wentworth by-election for the… Continue Reading →

Publishing the Book: Children of the State

Let’s face it: this is a tough sell. In the beginning was the Word. Well, there was a radio show called Dads On The Air. We were a small group of that most unfashionable of all people. Separated, sad, angry, overwhelmed… Continue Reading →

Jac Vidgen and the RAT Parties

Farewell Old Friend Jac Vidgen became both famous and infamous for one thing: his parties. They grew from his lounge rooms in Elizabeth Bay in central Sydney in the 1970s, where I was a frequent visitor, to become truly massive… Continue Reading →

Coup Capital of the World: Australia

The Demise of Malcolm Turnbull I am a vengeful god. The Lord is a jealous and avenging God; the Lord takes vengeance and is filled with wrath. The Lord takes vengeance on his foes and vents his wrath against his enemies…. Continue Reading →

We Come not to Praise But to Bury

The Terrible Legacy of Malcolm Turnbull Those Whom the Gods Would Destroy The Coverage Malcolm Turnbull’s Day of Reckoning has arrived. He could have left with dignity ten days ago; doctors advice, spend more time with his grandchildren. But this hapless… Continue Reading →

Australia’s Assault on Freedom of Speech

The Terrible Legacy of Malcolm Turnbull Let Slip the Dogs of War: Coverage The word “crisis” is bandied about a lot in discussing Australian politics right this minute. Nothing the present batch of oligarchs could do to manipulate, suppress or control… Continue Reading →

War Crimes: Malcolm Turnbull’s Terrible Legacy

America’s Wars, Australia’s hypocrisy With his fate set and Malcolm Turnbull’s Prime Ministership in its death throes, it is time to look back across the wasteland of his leadership. The ritual lies of political combat: The Prime Minister has my… Continue Reading →

The Many Lows of Malcolm Turnbull’s Prime Ministership

Australia’s Failing Democracy The Foundation Lie The frenetic efforts of a failing Prime Minister have curled into a frustrated ball of fury. And arguably the worst government in Australian history faces electoral wipeout. The slow motion trainwreck of Malcolm Turnbull’s… Continue Reading →

Betraying the Future: The Worst Internet in the World

The Terrible Legacy of Malcolm Turnbull The First Harpoon Strikes the Flank In the petri dish of Australian politics, the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull thrashes in a blood soaked sea. The first leadership spill, on Tuesday 21st August, 2018, precipitated by the… Continue Reading →

Malcolm Turnbull: Mr Harbourside Mansion

A House of Cards Collapses “Mr Harbourside Mansion” was a pejorative term coined by critics within Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s own party. The insult stuck. Indeed it is Turnbull’s often boasted about wealth which has been his undoing. A… Continue Reading →

From Out of the Maelstrom: A Very Australian Two Horse Race

The Fight Is On At the centre of the maelstrom which has overtaken Australian politics this weekend lies one man: the departing Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. Disliked by the public, disliked by his own party, disliked by the public service, Australia’s… Continue Reading →

The Quagmire Collapses: The Demise of Malcolm Turnbull

The leadership is in play. Diabolical polling ensures that. But how Malcolm Turnbull’s prime ministership devolved to the current disaster is a complicated yarn, like the man himself. So let’s begin at the beginning. Rob Hirst, drummer for Midnight Oil,… Continue Reading →

A Parallel Secret Police Force

Surveillance in Australia Australia has a government run on announceables. Even without the Budget blizzard, so far in 2018 we have had major announcements on everything from the so-called Gonski 2.0 education reforms, the establishment of an Australian arms industry… Continue Reading →

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