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Censors Enthroned: Australia’s Misinformation and Disinformation Bill. The Sirens should be going off. 

By Binoy Kampmark: Michael West Media Should the government decide what news is appropriate and what is not for its people? The heralded arrival of the Internet caused flutters of enthusiasm, streaks of heart-felt hope. Unregulated, and supposedly all powerful,… Continue Reading →

Client State: Australia the “51st state of the US” for Deadly Weapons Production

Farah Abdurahman: Michael West Media Australia is licensed to produce “unguided dumb missiles” which explode shrapnel, killing all soft targets within 50m of the blast, and causing lethal harm to those within a 150m blast radius.  Here Farah Abdurahman,  with… Continue Reading →

The battle for Victoria Street, Kings Cross – Fifty Years on

By Wendy Bacon: Michael West Media Why is there more homeless today, per capita, but fewer squatters? Fifty years on, Wendy Bacon looks back on the landmark protests of Victoria Street, Kings Cross. Fifty years ago this month, hundreds of people gathered… Continue Reading →

Secret Forest: Australia rivals The Congo on Deforestation and so Blocks Media Access to World Scientists

Callum Foote: Michael West Media Forestry officials have blocked journalist access to scientists at a global forum earlier this month aimed at monitoring the destruction of native forests. This report explores the secrecy of Department of Agriculture officials following the destruction… Continue Reading →

Australian workers drained of money for AUKUS submarines: And it’s flowing to the UK and the US

By Rex Patrick: Michael West Media Paul Keating rightly calls it the “worst deal in all history,” and the Albanese Government intends to use Australian taxpayer’s money to build up the US and UK submarine construction and ship repair industry. Rex… Continue Reading →

The Snowy Mountains Scheme was a Source of Australian National Pride. Now Snowy 2.0. Snow Job.

By Rex Patrick: Michael West Media Malcolm Turnbull’s Snowy Hydro 2.0 project was touted as $2 billion bargain in 2017. It now shapes as a $10 billion abominable snowman. Peering through a Kosciusko/Canberra snow storm of FOI brush-offs, Rex Patrick asks what… Continue Reading →

Australia’s Defence Minister Richard Marles Mauled: Government sophistry on AUKUS, Submarines, Nuclear

By Rex Patrick: Michael West Media At this week’s Labor Conference Defence Minister Richard Marles distributed a 32 paragraph statement for insertion into the ALP National Platform to explain the Albanese’s Government’s rationale for an incredible $368B of public expenditure… Continue Reading →

Sky Views: Australia’s Taxpayer-funded Billionaire Bush-bash with the Murdochs and Albo in the Paddock

Michael Sainsbury: Michael West Media Billionaire mining scion Gina Rinehart, gas fracker Santos, Australia’s number one corporate welfare recipient Qantas, as well as beleaguered taxpayers, bankrolled Rupert and Lachlan Murdoch’s annual Bush Summit. Starting last Friday in Tamworth, a national… Continue Reading →

Death of Sovereignty: Everyday Australians will pay the cost of US kowtowing, AUKUS and Inevitable War

By Rex Patrick: Michael West Media. The spiralling cost of our alliance with the United States goes way beyond the $368B AUKUS deal and joined intelligence and communications facilities. Australia is paying the price of reduced independence, as Rex Patrick reports. The… Continue Reading →

Australia’s Share Market of Deathly Hollows: $100b of equity passes from public to private hands in takeover binge

By Stephen Mayne: Michael West Media Australian companies worth billions of dollars are slipping into private hands at an alarming rate. Stephen Mayne explores what’s driving it and why it’s a worry.   After 38 years as a public company, vitamins group… Continue Reading →

A Vice-Regal Stitch-up? How the Great, the Good and the Consultants fell in with Australian Governor-General’s Favourite Charity

By Jommy Tee: Michael West Media. When the Governor-General’s man knocks, you open the door. Simple. Many avenues of influence were used in the making of the $18m taxpayer-funded Australian Future Leaders Foundation.  When your charity has the GG’s David Hurley’s… Continue Reading →

Rampant Money Laundering, Foreign Investors, put squeeze on Australian Renters, First Home Buyers

Milan Cooper: Michael West Media As the debate over the housing crisis ramps up in Parliament, the impact of money laundering driving up property prices has been largely ignored. Behind the scenes, work is being done for Australia to catch… Continue Reading →

Julian Assange Ignored in Australia’s “Press Freedom Roundtable” as Spies Cosy up to Big Media

Philip Dorling: Michael West Media  New documents show Julian Assange got little more than a mention at Mark Dreyfus’s media talkfest this year. Amid much talk about reform and transparency, the Government wants to draw our big media outlets into… Continue Reading →

Australia: The Best Democracy Money Can Buy

Rex Patrick: Michael West Media While we’ve been busily distracted on the big issues like cost of living, AUKUS, the Voice, access to doctors and a broken gas market, Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has been quietly wrapping a highly… Continue Reading →

Hypocrites in Power: Australian Government Happy to see their own citizen, Julian Assange, Die in an American Prison

Rex Patrick: Michael West Media. Foreign Affairs Minister Penny Wong has all but confirmed in Parliament the government is doing nothing to bring the world’s foremost political prisoner home. What’s the scam with “quiet diplomacy”? Despite claiming the government is… Continue Reading →

I just want a Ferrari, sorry, a Nuclear Submarine, no matter the cost

By Rex Patrick: Michael West Media Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has just committed Australia to spending $368 billion on somewhere between three and five second-hand US Virginia Class submarines, and a follow on build of eight next generation British AUKUS… Continue Reading →

Australia’s Prime Minister in America: Release Our Number One Political Prisoner Julian Assange NOW!!!!!

By Michael West: Michael West Media There will be no better opportunity than now for Anthony Albanese to ask US President Joe Biden for the release of Julian Assange.  This week Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese met with US President… Continue Reading →

A Royal Commission into Former Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison? He sold off the Farm, in Secret

By Michael West: Michael West Media. Scott Morrison approved tens of billions in foreign takeover deals after secretly being appointed Treasurer last year, compromising Australia’s national interest. Sydney Airport, electricity giants AusNet and Spark Infrastructure. All gone.  Revelations that former… Continue Reading →

The Best of 2022: All Caretaker, no Responsibility. How a Dying Australian Government slipped Freebies to its Mates

By #Mate: Michael West Media. On its way to electoral oblivion, the Morrison government kept the dollars flowing to select beneficiaries, in defiance of the 70-year-old parliamentary “caretaker” convention, writes #Mate. On May 16, five days before the election, the… Continue Reading →

The Best of 2022. Kill off Australia’s Administrative Appeals Tribunal, it’s stacked with Political Appointees and is no longer credible

Greg Barns: Michael West Media. Just before ousted Prime Minister Scott Morrison called the election, his Attorney-General Michaelia Cash stacked the Administrative Appeals Tribunal with a host of Liberal Party mates. Political appointments are out of control and the AAT… Continue Reading →

The Best of 2022. Culture Wars: Prime Minister Scott Morrison hides big spend on Australia Day

By Callum Foote: Michael West Media. Scott Morrison’s government has cranked up Australia Day funding tenfold in two years to promote a celebration of which we can be proud, sorry, suspicious. Callum Foote investigates the mysterious National Australia Day Council, and busts… Continue Reading →

The Best of 2022. Australia Breaks Apart. Slip, sliding away: is Western Australia uncoupling from the rest of Oz?

By Mark Sawyer: Michael West Media. Is a third of the Australian continent planning to stay cut off from the other two-thirds forever? Mark Sawyer ponders an unlikely but not impossible future of the great big state of Western Australia. Will January… Continue Reading →

Don’t Mention the War Powers: Behind the Australian Government’s Silence

Zacharias Szumer: Michael West Media Traditionally in Australia only the Prime Minister has the power to take the country to war. It has led to Australia’s involvement in some highly unpopular wars, including former Prime Minister Tony Abbott taking the… Continue Reading →

Winged again: Alan Joyce’s Ruinous Reign over Australia’s National Carrier Qantas

By Michael Sainsbury: Michael West Media. The national airline’s losses under Alan Joyce are approaching an eye-watering $3 billion amid self-administered engineering and pilot crises. But win or lose, the chief executive is always flying high. Qantas has posted a loss… Continue Reading →

Transparency Paradox: Former Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison flayed for Secrecy as his successor Blocks access to National Cabinet Documents

By Rex Patrick: Michael West Media. While the media is flaying the political corpse of Scott Morrison, quite deservedly over the former prime minister’s secret power grab, the new government has quietly stripped Australians of their 40-year right of access… Continue Reading →

There is no place for secret ministers in Australian democracy

By Rex Patrick: Michael West Media. The weekend revelations confirm Scott Morrison as Australia’s worst PM since McMahon and Christian Porter as the worst attorney-general ever. Their conduct in the appointment of Morrison to three extra portfolios without notifying the public… Continue Reading →

Blinds drawn on the Australian dream: Black Money Fuels House Prices

By Nathan Lynch: Michael West Media. Gaping loopholes, earnest advisers and an international reputation for stability have made Australia a place of choice for illicit funds. Despite a crackdown on the foreign ownership of established houses, there are still many ways… Continue Reading →

The Rorting Years of Australian Politics: how Scott Morrison put a Shark Bite on the Taxpayer

By #Mate: Michael West Media. Speculation surrounding Scott Morrison’s post-parliamentary ambitions includes the possibility of a job with the Australian Rugby League. His involvement with the sport poses plenty of questions, including the grants largesse that defined his time as… Continue Reading →

Australia’s Atrocious Internet: Let the Farce Continue

By Kim Wingerei: Michael West Media. Australia has some of the slowest and worst internet in the world, a fiasco brought to its long suffering citizens by the Australian government. The newly elected Labor government has yet to say how… Continue Reading →

Australia: Batten Down the Hatches as Recession Looms

Michael West: Michael West Media. Recession is likely. Share markets, bonds, property, crypto; it’s all falling, just as the cost of living is soaring and central banks around the world are hoisting rates to crush demand and curtail rising prices. Michael… Continue Reading →

It’s time. Time for Labor and the Greens to say yes to love

Mark Sawyer: Michael West Media. Labor has won a working parliamentary majority in a sullen, angry country. Perhaps more by pure luck than design, Australia has avoided a hung parliament. That’s the good news. But for this Labor government to… Continue Reading →

The corrupt Coalition gone, PM Anthony Albanese confronts the immense Challenge of Repairing Australia

Michael West: Michael West Media. This is a great result. The tired and corrupt Coalition government has been turfed out despite the billions in public money wasted in bribing Australians for their votes, despite the relentless propaganda of the government’s… Continue Reading →

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