Abandon Free Speech: Ye Who Enter Australia

TOTT News: New online Task Force will Target Critical Thinkers The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade will establish a new taskforce to counter “online disinformation campaigns”, in a bid to further clamp down on social media activities. The move… Continue Reading →

Grass Trees Aren’t Grass and They’re Not Trees

By John Patykowski, Deakin University Grass trees (genus Xanthorrhoea) look like they were imagined by Dr Seuss. An unmistakable tuft of wiry, grass-like leaves atop a blackened, fire-charred trunk. Of all the wonderfully unique plants in Australia, surely grass trees… Continue Reading →

Ancient Aboriginal Archaeological Site Preserved on Seabed

By Jonathan Benjamin, Flinders University; Geoff Bailey, University of York; Jo McDonald, University of Western Australia; Michael O’Leary, University of Western Australia and Sean Ulm, James Cook University For most of the human history of Australia, sea levels were much… Continue Reading →

Want a High-paid Job at the Bank? Become a Politician

By Callum Foote with Michael West Media Australia’s banking sector is a haven for government ministers, prime ministers, state premiers and a slew of top bureaucrats. Our Revolving Doors investigation into this most mollycoddled of industries begins today. We expose,… Continue Reading →

Lost Worlds: Australia

How It All Ends Part I For years the biggest story in the country has been the slow motion collapse of the Australia of old. Now, with the country only slowly stumbling out of lockdown and insane levels of social… Continue Reading →

Sydney’s Song Before Sunrise: The Photography of Tim Ritchie

Crisis turns into salvation at every step. For Tim Ritchie it is literally true. “I am a diabetic and eight years ago my doctor told me to walk 10,000 steps a day, but even then my blood sugar levels were… Continue Reading →

Winter’s Coming Back to Australia: The Photography of Dean Sewell

After one of the worst bush fire seasons in living memory, it’s easy to forget that last winter there were snowfalls across parts of Australia that don’t see snow from one year to the next. This piece was originally published… Continue Reading →

The Future has Arrived

Surveillance in Australia This week ten people were arrested in Melbourne for attending a protest against self-isolating, social distancing and tracking apps, the only real political protest in the country since climate demonstrations earlier in the year. The government perpetrated… Continue Reading →

Deliberately Destroying the Australian Economy

Fiscal Stimulus on Steroids The government which brought the nation some of the most expensive electricity in the world, worst, read truly abysmal internet, plummeting educational outcomes, highest household debt and soaring costs of living is in the act of throwing… Continue Reading →

Morrison Government: Wreathed in Scandal

Extract from Dark Dark Policing The sorry Covid-19 saga says a lot about Australia and the churn at the top of the pile, the Prime Minister Scott Morrison. None of it complimentary. We have seen in the past few days… Continue Reading →

Welcome to Australia: The World’s Newest Totalitarian State

No one with two neurones to rub together trusts the Australian government. Their actions during the pandemic are being wildly and widely condemned. Australians have been suffering a slow death of democracy for years. A sclerotic bureaucracy and a greedy, dismally… Continue Reading →

How To Destroy A Nation

The Failure of Australian Governance All politics is local. An adage Australia’s inept government forgot long ago. It is what is happening in people’s lounge rooms that matters the most. Now almost everyone is hunkered down in their own lounge… Continue Reading →

The Rise of Ultranationalism in Australia: Facebook and the Sites of Discontent

Nothing could be more volatile. The live streaming of the Christchurch massacre to Facebook, perpetrated by an Australian citizen, broke new ground in online slaughter. Politicians and members of the public of all persuasions have used the event to peddle… Continue Reading →

Bob Hawke and the Demon Drink

At 89, former Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke has declared himself in miserable health and unlikely to last much longer. While he expects the Labor Party, which he led for many years, to win the next election, due by May… Continue Reading →

Gilligan’s Island, Sydney

Terror in Australia: Workers’ Paradise Lost Australian democracy is in collapse. A country once proud of its own story, of its tough convict origins and rough as guts bush legends, a prosperous country which held its head high in the world… Continue Reading →

Bridget Lafferty Leaves Redfern

Images, paintings and recollections by Bridget Lafferty People dwell in large cities for different periods of time, for different reasons. Then they disappear. Without a record, they disappear even more finally. Bridget Lafferty, artist and high school teacher, came to Redfern… Continue Reading →

A Parallel Secret Police Force

Surveillance in Australia Australia has a government run on announceables. Even without the Budget blizzard, so far in 2018 we have had major announcements on everything from the so-called Gonski 2.0 education reforms, the establishment of an Australian arms industry… Continue Reading →


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Highly controversial, Silent Invasion: China’s Influence in Australia has a troubled history. Leading Australian publisher Allen & Unwin ditched the book in November, 2017, citing fear of legal action from the Chinese government or its proxies. The book was originally subtitled: How China Is Turning Australia into a Puppet State.

Speaking to The Sydney Morning Herald, author Clive Hamilton said: “I’m not aware of any other instance in Australian history where a foreign power has stopped publication of a book that criticises it. The reason they’ve decided not to publish this book is the very reason the book needs to be published.”

The book was only published after it was tendered as part of an Australian government inquiry into foreign interference. The SMH recorded: While such activity is carried out by other states, elements of Beijing’s influence campaign are clandestine or highly opaque. According to media investigations and warnings from spy agency ASIO, these efforts are targeted at Australian politicians and academics.

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