By Human Rights Advocates and Advocate Me

This letter was originally addressed to the NSW Minister of Education Sarah Mitchell but is relevant across multiple industries and jurisdictions.

Thousands of teachers, police officers and many others face the sack in the coming days as Australian governments mandate vaccines in “no jab no job” campaigns. The group National Education United has held successful Reclaim the Line protests around the country over the weekend protesting mandatory vaccination.

Here is an excerpt from their open letter.

As if forced home detention under arbitrary stay at home orders were not enough, Australian governments state and federal have stepped into the abyss, introducing vaccine passports and a medical apartheid, only allowing those who are fully vaccinated certain freedoms.

Government moves to enforce vaccines are creating chaos across multiple industries.

Here as background is an interview the founder:

The demonstrations in recent days have been peaceful and powerful in their dignified silence.

The brawling and wildly out of control demonstrations in the capital cities from ordinary citizens protesting both vaccine and lockdown overreach are also proving a very powerful counterpoint to the authoritarian derangement which has overtaken the country; and the madness which has overtaken the political elites who have entirely forgotten they are there to serve, not to issue mandates.

The government lost control of the narrative a long time ago.

Now it is in the process of losing control of the country.



Human Rights Advocates and Advocate Me, have been approached by many aggrieved and concerned
Department of Education employees (along with parents and students) in New South Wales (N.S.W), with
regards to the discriminatory treatment they are experiencing, for exercising their right of informed consent to not take the COVID-19 injection.

It has been brought to our attention, that all NSW on-site school staff are being exposed to egregious conduct for exercising their right to decline the COVID-19 injection.
For the purposes of this letter, and for the purposes of protecting the identity of on-site school staff, we will not be disclosing the respective names of the aggrieved employees and members of the school community.
It is sufficient for you to be aware, that this is a significant population of over 5000 individuals, employees
including Principals, Assistant Principals, executive staff, teachers, administration staff, counsellors, school
learning support officers and maintenance staff.
We note that the COVID-19 medical intervention mandates from the NSW Government, do not include private primary care providers such as General Practitioners and Allied Health Professionals when ‘common sense’ would indicate that they are a profession most exposed to COVID-19 in clinical situations.
The NSW Education Department must provide a definitive and conclusive, explanation, supported by
independent peer-reviewed scientific studies, as to why it is proposed to become mandatory for NSW on-site school employees to be injected with a drug, but is NOT mandatory for private General Practitioners and Allied Health Professionals.

Currently there is no mandatory COVID-19 injection applicable to public, private, or educational facility staff in other states or territories of Australia. We assert that even if they did, the employees would still have the right to decline the COVID-19 injection. However, at this stage, there have been no official mandates to force comparable interstate employees to take the COVID-19 injection. The measurement validity underpinning the rationale is evidently unreliable and without credible qualification.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) states that a drug is called a ‘vaccine’ if it protects people before
they come into contact with the disease, and if it prevents the transmission of the disease in the community.

Yet this COVID-19 injection will not do these things. The Australian Therapeutic Goods Administrator
(TGA), states that this medical intervention will not prevent you getting the disease, nor will it prevent
transmission of the disease in the community.

Further, the WHO definition states, “because vaccines contain only killed or weakened forms of germs,
viruses and bacteria, they do not cause the disease or put you at risk of its complications.” Yet, the COVID19 injections do not contain any of the killed or weakened Coronavirus 2019 (the causal agent); as such, it is questionable as to whether this intervention meets the criteria to be called a ‘vaccine’ at all.
In the very short time that this medical intervention has been trialled in the human population (December
2020 – September 2021), there has been overwhelming evidence of the complications and deaths caused
after the injection and no definitive proof of benefit because COVID-19 injected people are still getting COVID19, and even dying from/with this illness.

The COVID-19 injection contains genetic technology that has been previously tested on cancers but has not been extensively tested on infectious disease. The injection does not directly contain the synthetic spike protein but rather codifies or sends into the body, information capsules for the making of this spike protein by the human body. In two of the presently used ‘injected drugs’; this is delivered by an mRNA molecule (nucleic acid) that may have the potential to insert into (marry with) our own DNA. The effects of this on the genetic blueprint of humans, and the long-term adverse health outcomes, will not be known until the next generation.

Pharmaceutical companies have stated that they have NOT done trials that have investigated the effects of this medical intervention on the reproductive organs, or on the carcinogenicity or toxicology, of this injected drug in the human body. This makes the NSW Education Department’s COVID-19 mandatory injection policy, a CLINICAL EXPERIMENT PERFORMED ON ON-SITE SCHOOL STAFF, that is in violation of all medical ethics!

All governing education bodies will be complicit in any adverse events or death to employees.

Furthermore, as of August 29, 2021, the official TGA COVID-19 adverse events report records 55,016
adverse vaccine reports, including thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome (TTS), Guillain-Barre
Syndrome (GBS), immune thrombocytopenia (ITP), anaphylaxis reactions, myocarditis and pericarditis.
The following quote is from the TGA report (29/8/2021): “Sadly, two people died this week – a 59-yearold woman from Queensland with confirmed TTS and a 54-year-old man from NSW with probable
TTS. The TGA extends its sincerest condolences to her family and loved ones”.

It is noted on the Therapeutic Goods Administrator website ( that the Pfizer vaccine is categorised in the ‘Black Triangle Scheme’, meaning it’s a provisionally registered product and this medicine will remain in the Black Triangle Scheme for the duration of its provisional registration. Being ‘provisional’ means the following:
● Pfizer vaccine is still in clinical trials.
● Remains experimental.
● No established risk/benefits analysis.
● No medium/long term effects have been established.
● No proven benefits, however; there is overwhelming evidence of adverse events and death.

As a result of the vaccine being in the Black Triangle Scheme, it is unlawful for the injection to be mandated on NSW on-site school/education staff.

It is noted that the respective NSW Educational governing bodies, have access to this conclusive government data recording, as such, will be held accountable for mandating a medical intervention resulting in adverse events to employees who are coerced into taking the COVID-19 injection. Further noting, that adverse events may not always be evident from the outset of the injection, and may become more apparent after the 2nd, 3rd OR 4th dose.

No long-term studies exist; the long-term effects are unknown. Furthermore, a ‘health’ policy that promotes an invasive medical procedure, must be proven to promote ‘health’ before it is mandated in healthy people.

The government policy of a mandatory medical intervention for NSW on-site school staff, has not been proven to promote ‘health’, and due to the low risk from COVID19 disease for all healthy people; the Education Department MUST provide independent peer-reviewed scientific studies supporting their policy of mandatory COVID-19 injections, in promoting the ‘health’ of their employees.

Consequently, there have not been any clinical trials in humans to establish an evidence-based risk/benefit analysis.

Mandatory medical interventions are a breach of basic human rights and medical freedoms. We all should
have the right to go about our everyday life without being forced or coerced into being injected with a drug, especially an experimental one using new technology.

As a collective, please be assured, that we have very clear intentions to escalate education staff grievances
to pursue legal recourse, should this egregious mandating of COVID-19 injection of on-site school staff,
not be reversed immediately. Please note, that a Legal Firm has been engaged and is preparing for
escalation of this matter to court proceedings.