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For Washington, the US-Australia Alliance Counts for Less than Nothing

By Greg Barns: Pearls and Irritations Prime Minister Anthony Albanese will have plenty to talk about when he meets with US President Joe Biden this week. The Middle East, China, AUKUS and submarines will no doubt dominate the agenda. But… Continue Reading →

A Rocky Diplomatic Road: Julian Assange’s hopes of Avoiding Extradition take a blow as United States Pushes Back

By Holly Cullen, The University of Western Australia. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s hopes of avoiding extradition to the United States, where he’s charged with espionage and computer misuse offences, have taken a blow. US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, asked… Continue Reading →

Julian Assange Ignored in Australia’s “Press Freedom Roundtable” as Spies Cosy up to Big Media

Philip Dorling: Michael West Media  New documents show Julian Assange got little more than a mention at Mark Dreyfus’s media talkfest this year. Amid much talk about reform and transparency, the Government wants to draw our big media outlets into… Continue Reading →

US Moral Authority is Dead and Buried

Caitlin Johnstone Seven progressive Democrats from the House of Representatives have signed a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland calling for the Biden administration to drop the charges against Julian Assange and cease seeking his extradition. It’s a good letter as far… Continue Reading →

Hypocrites in Power: Australian Government Happy to see their own citizen, Julian Assange, Die in an American Prison

Rex Patrick: Michael West Media. Foreign Affairs Minister Penny Wong has all but confirmed in Parliament the government is doing nothing to bring the world’s foremost political prisoner home. What’s the scam with “quiet diplomacy”? Despite claiming the government is… Continue Reading →

Australia’s Prime Minister in America: Release Our Number One Political Prisoner Julian Assange NOW!!!!!

By Michael West: Michael West Media There will be no better opportunity than now for Anthony Albanese to ask US President Joe Biden for the release of Julian Assange.  This week Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese met with US President… Continue Reading →

Enough is enough for Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese on Julian Assange: Allegedly

By Alison Broinowski, Pearls and Irritations. The Prime Minister’s surprise revelation that he has raised the case against Julian Assange with US officials and urged that charges of espionage and conspiracy be dropped opens up many questions. Mr Albanese thanked… Continue Reading →

John Pilger: “Assange is the Courageous Embodiment of a Struggle against the most Oppressive Forces in our World”

From Pearls and Irritations. In an interview with the World Socialist Web Site, renowned Australian investigative journalist John Pilger has warned that the “US is close to getting its hands on” the courageous WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange. Last month, British Home… Continue Reading →

A New Book argues Julian Assange is being tortured. Will Australia’s new Prime Minister do anything about it?

Matthew Ricketson, Deakin University. It is easy to forget why Julian Assange has been on trial in England for, well, seemingly forever. Didn’t he allegedly sexually assault two women in Sweden? Isn’t that why he holed up for years in… Continue Reading →

Julian to the Slaughter, as UK Moves Towards US Model of Killing Press Freedoms

By Paul Gregoire: Sydney Criminal Lawyers Blog The Westminster Magistrates Court approved the extradition of journalist Julian Assange to the US on 20 April. The proceedings were a mere formality, as the High Court had overturned its original decision not to… Continue Reading →

Doctors Warn Assange’s Health Can’t Take Anymore State Sanctioned Torture

By Paul Gregoire: Sydney Criminal Lawyers Blog. The US and the UK governments have been slowly torturing WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange for the last decade via a range of measures, including the deprivation of liberty, prolonged isolation, medical neglect and… Continue Reading →

US Continues Pursuit of Assange, and Australia Neglects its Moral Obligation to Protect Him

By Greg Barns: Pearls and Irritations This week Australian citizen Julian Assange’s long running battle against extradition to the United States where he faces espionage legislation charges relating to his publication in 2010 of material that revealed war crimes by… Continue Reading →

Collateral Crucifixion – Pressuring for Julian Assange’s Release!

By Sabine Bock: Pressenza international Press Agency With the title “Collateral Crucifixion”, the artist duo Captain Borderline has completed this motif as a giant maximum Assange mural in Berlin on a complete house facade directly in front of the Willy… Continue Reading →

Noam Chomsky on the Plight of Assange: “The Complicity of Many Governments”

The Best of 2020. By Paul Gregoire: Sydney Criminal Lawyers Blog. British Judge Vanessa Baraitser is currently deliberating on whether Australian journalist Julian Assange should be extradited to the United States, as he’s currently being remanded in her country on American espionage… Continue Reading →

Assange’s Momentary Reprieve Opens Way for More Torture and US Extradition on Appeal

By Paul Gregoire with Sydney Criminal Lawyers Blog For a brief moment, the globe was shocked that a UK court ruled against the extradition of Australian journalist Julian Assange to the US, where he would face an 18 count Virginia District Court indictment,… Continue Reading →

Right Outcome, Wrong Reasons on Julian Assange

By Alison Broinowski with Pearls and Irritations British justice has been done, but it is hard to fathom. Assange’s crime is different. He embarrassed the US by revealing activities recorded by Americans themselves, and the lawlessness of the US military that… Continue Reading →

“It Should Put all Australians on Notice”: Andrew Wilkie on the Unjust Assange Extradition Trial

By Paul Gregoire. Sydney Criminal Lawyers Blog. The judge presiding over Julian Assange’s extradition case, Judge Vanessa Baraitser, indicated last week that she wouldn’t be making a decision on whether the Australian journalist and publisher will be sent to the United States,… Continue Reading →

Man Without A Country

By Dr Alison Broinowski  A decade ago, WikiLeaks shocked the world with revelations of US war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan. How Assange’s popular following was reversed, his reputation trashed, and his health ruined is a saga which is still… Continue Reading →

Assange, Collaery, Snowden, Smethurst: Criminalising Truth

By Alison Broinowski with Independent Australia ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. You’ve often heard that from leaders clutching at their last straw. Australia, you would think, has had enough this year. Enough of a scorched, smoky summer. Enough eviscerating loss of family. Enough… Continue Reading →

Who’s Above The Law? Politicians, Judges, Military and Intelligence Officers

Alison Broinowski and the Case of Julian Assange Justice is on trial in London. Lady Arbuthnot, the Chief Magistrate in the extradition case against Julian Assange, says ‘no-one is above the law’. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison loyally says the same,… Continue Reading →

We’re Asking One Question In Assange’s Case: Should Journalists Be Punished For Exposing War Crimes?

By Caitlin Johnstone This is the transcript of a recent speech by journalist, iconoclast and all round rebel Caitlin Johnstone. Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, rots in a British prison facing extradition to the US. The geniuses in American… Continue Reading →

Australia’s Genius Son: Julian Assange

By John Stapleton Which master government strategists planned this? With all their resources, money, power and operational capacities, who on Earth dreamed up the idea of making the intelligence community’s Number One nemesis front page news around the world? And… Continue Reading →


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Julian Assange continues to demonstrate why he is one of the most significant journalistic, publishing and whistle blowing figures of the 21st Century, with the latest bout of revelations about the conduct of Hillary Clinton and the Clinton foundation, linking them to the same sources of Saudi Arabian funding as for Islamic State. WikiLeaks came to prominence in 2010 with the release of 251,287 top-secret State Department cables, which revealed to the world what the US government really thinks about national leaders, friendly dictators, and supposed allies. It brought to the surface the dark truths of crimes committed in our name: human rights violations, covert operations, and cover-ups. The WikiLeaks Files exposes the machinations of the United States as it imposes a new form of imperialism on the world, one founded on tactics from torture to military action, to trade deals and “soft power,” in the perpetual pursuit of expanding influence. The book also includes an introduction by Julian Assange examining the ongoing debates about freedom of information, international surveillance, and justice.

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