By Jorg Probst

On 19 March 2022 I attended a protest outside the prime minister’s humble abode in Sydney. I would estimate the crowd on this showery day at somewhere between 300-500 people. The event was noisy, entirely peaceful, and completely ignored by the media. 

Two days later I attended another protest, this time outside the New South Wales Parliament House. Again it was noisy and peaceful. This time there were a few journos loitering among the over 500 strong crowd, perhaps because a few politicians were speaking. Let’s say the output of these journalists didn’t exactly raise the standard of reporting on Covid – no surprises there. 

But why still protest at all? Didn’t we have freedom day? Isn’t everything hunky-dory again – more or less?

On a personal level, my parents are both turning 80 this year, my sister 50, but there is no sign that the government will lift the ban for the unvaccinated any time soon so that I could travel overseas to partake in these celebrations. And thousands of other Australians are in the same situation. 

While over 95% of Australians might think they pretty much have their old lives back, for a small minority, this is decidedly not the case – a minority that could easily be forgotten in a brainwashed binary society that has decided that: jab = good, no jab = bad.

No matter the increasing evidence from around the world that these jabs are somewhere between pretty much useless to outright dangerous. 

In Australia, the mass hysteria continues to be nourished by governments and the mainstream media – with the spectre of new spin-off versions of the incredibly non-deadly deadliest virus ever created, and by maintaining mask mandates on public transport, the only conceivable purpose of which is to remind the plebs: “it’s not over – and we’ve got you muzzled and on your knees”.

Sadly, most people dutifully continue to submit to the governments’ ridiculous laws and regulations.  

The fight against all this Covid nonsense must continue. 

Whilst I enjoyed these latest protests overall, and I don’t doubt the organisers’ good intentions, on further reflection, I feel disappointed. There is a lot of shouting, but little substance. There is nothing that might possibly inform or convince someone (including a politician) who is perhaps not quite sure about this Covid thing. There is no concrete calling out of the medical disinformation and misinformation that the governments and the media are showering us with. 

Sure, preaching to the converted in this way is fine too – it can provide a sense of community and demonstrate we’re not going to allow the government to pull the wool over our eyes. But you don’t need to do that in front of parliament houses, especially when in my view some of the speakers are potentially doing nothing more than fueling the media’s primitive image of those who are critical of senseless government measures. 

I think we need to do more. We, the people who have not lost our critical thinking hats during this Covid mayhem, have to call out the precise reasons why we oppose government measures, and we must also ask for specific actions. 

Perhaps Australia isn’t ready yet, but I’m saying it anyway: at this point we have to push for three things to prevent this kind of calamity we call Covid from happening again.

  1. We need a Royal Commission. Some kind of rubbishy parliamentary inquiry won’t do, because the vast majority of parliamentarians from all persuasions have failed us miserably from day one. 

    We need a full royal commission with wide-ranging terms of reference, so that every closet will be opened, every carpet will be removed, every swamp will be drained, and bright lights will shine on every dark corner of this sad and sorry saga. These politicians, our employees that are supposedly serving us, have been taking us for fools. Their ineptness and incompetence must be exposed, and this demagogic, undemocratic nonsense must stop for good. A royal commission would be a necessary first step at least.

  2. Some of our state and federal laws must be overhauled. 

    Why on Earth would we give a handful of panicked and hapless Ministers and their hand-picked unelected careerist henchmen the unfettered dictatorial powers that they have been using and abusing for two years now? It has proven to be a recipe for disaster. 

    Laws that allow an entire nation to become essentially a prison island for two years simply at the say-so of a Minister who doesn’t have to produce a shred of actual evidence is preposterous and undeserving of a democratic and free society. 

    The same goes for the absurd laws and regulations that essentially introduce compulsory vaccination with experimental drugs through the back door.

    To be fair, probably nobody anticipated anything like what we’ve experienced when the current Biosecurity Act 2015 or the various current state and territory Public Health Acts were drafted. And probably none of the then parliamentarians even read those problematic provisions (they hardly ever do, they just vote along party lines).

    But it’s in our hands to redraft those laws and make sure there is transparency and proper accountability, and that our human rights and freedom are respected and maintained, even if there were a real crisis. 

    How about an Australian Bill of Rights? I think that’s worth reconsidering, seeing our Constitution is so utterly useless in protecting us from government overreach. 

  3. No pandemic treaty!

    We cannot allow any Australian government to sign up to the upcoming WHO treaty. Treaty? What treaty? Well, whilst the easily distracted media are busy reporting on the conflict in the Ukraine, the WHO is just as busy cooking up its next evil scheme, in concert with the usual suspects. 

    Yes, a pandemic treaty is in the works, with the aim of unleashing it on the world by 2024. Since you won’t find anything about this in the mainstream media, you might want to read up on the progress so far here.

    I would not be surprised if that treaty would turn upside down all previous sensible pandemic plans. Instead, such a treaty could enshrine the use of lockdowns and mask wearing at the first sign of an alleged new virus, prescribe total censorship of any and all questioning voices, make compulsory 24/7 tracking of the entire world population, and the only allowable medical countermeasure could be these supposed mRNA vaccines, complete with mandatory digital vaccine passports. 

    Such a treaty would undermine individual countries’ sovereignty, and along with this our democracy and freedoms would take another huge blow.

We must continue to say no, and we must make specific demands – loudly, but clearly and intelligently.

Frustrated by the legacy media’s derogation of their civic duty, Jorg Probst posts regularly to his own website here.