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More of the Same – Only Different: Think for Yourself

By Jorg Probst. Pre-2020 nobody cared much about the flu – we just lived with it. Health workers would complain, rightly so, about being under-resourced every major flu season – but meh, who cared or listened? Certainly not governments.  Then… Continue Reading →

Is Australia Ready to Face Covid Truths?

By Jorg Probst On 19 March 2022 I attended a protest outside the prime minister’s humble abode in Sydney. I would estimate the crowd on this showery day at somewhere between 300-500 people. The event was noisy, entirely peaceful, and… Continue Reading →

Men Go Mad In Herds: Covid Is Over – It’s Time to Move On.

By Jorg Probst. Featured Artist Ludwig Meidner. After two years, I declare Covid over, at least for me. It’s time to move on.  Over the last two years, I dedicated many hours reading, researching, and writing on my own blog about Covid…. Continue Reading →

Covid Mania: You Might As Well Laugh

By Jorg Probst. Satire trigger warning: This text may offend some most people. To listen to the podcast go here. We’ve had a rough two years, so it’s all the more important that we remind ourselves how we can still feel really… Continue Reading →

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