By Ethan Nash: TOTT News

The Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) has unveiled a new facility in Canberra to house the expansion of its intelligence gathering and threat detection capabilities

The national security agency has opened a new cyber and foreign intelligence facility in Majura Park, Canberra, built to “foster security partnerships across the intelligence community, law enforcement, Australian industry and international partners”.

The new centre is expected to house agents and personnel from the Australian Defence Force (ADF), the Australian Federal Police (AFP), the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC, the Department of Home Affairs and representatives from industry.

The announcement comes amid increased investment in the ASD’s signals intelligence, cyber security and offensive cyber operations capabilities.

The Majura Park facility is tipped to create new employment opportunities for intelligence analysts, cyber operators, technology researchers, and “corporate enablers”.

You may have already seen some of the new intelligence ads popping up on Twitter lately:

Minister for Defence Peter Dutton said adequately resourcing the ASD would ensure it can continue protection of the nation’s security interests, particularly critical infrastructure.

“This state-of-the-art building reflects the Australian government’s determination to defend against and confront our adversaries in what is a rapidly deteriorating strategic environment,” Minister Dutton said.

“ASD is a world-class intelligence, offensive cyber and cyber security agency and this new facility will ensure its dedicated staff can continue to innovate and stay one step ahead of our most cunning adversaries.

The ASD recently celebrated their 75th year of operation in Australia.

“Protecting Australians and Australian interests is a top priority of the Morrison government, and our intelligence and security agencies need the best possible tools to deter adversaries and defend the nation, and to strike back when necessary.”

Yet another national security building inserted into Canberra, adding to a growing network of bases across the country for both domestic and international operations.


Assistant Minister for Defence, Andrew Hastie, stressed the importance of securing Australia’s digital sovereignty, citing the ‘interconnectedness of the economy’.

Who caused that again?

“As we’re seeing in conflicts around the globe, authoritarian states are increasingly using cyber attacks to undermine and threaten democracies, and a strong ASD is vital to Australia’s cyber defences,” Hastie said.

“The Majura Park facility will better enable ASD and its Australian Cyber Security Centre to detect increased threats, disrupt more foreign adversaries, and build more partnerships with industry and government to protect more Australians.”

‘We need more powers to protect you’.

The same old broken record.

Director-General ASD, Rachel Noble PSM, welcomed the collaboration opportunities made available by the opening of the new facility.

“ASD has always worked as part of a larger team alongside its inter-agency domestic partners and Five Eyes allies, and the Majura Park facility will mean we can collaborate and share information with greater speed, scale and impact,” Noble said.

The launch of the ASD’s new centre comes just days after the Commonwealth government officially opened the Joint Policing Cybercrime Coordination Centre (JPC3) – a new Australian Federal Police-led centre designed to house collaboration between law enforcement and intelligence services representatives focused on combating the growing threat of malicious cyber activity.  

The cyber crime fighting hub received $89 million in funding via the Commonwealth government’s $1.67 billion Cyber Security Strategy.

Recently, Australia’s lead cyber agency has issued a warning to Australian organisations that a wave of cyber attacks on Ukraine and NATO countries “could spill over” to Australia.

Increased powers, increased warnings.

Am I the only one who smells something fishy?

‘No, this is for your safety, Ethan’.