By John Stapleton: Extract from the upcoming book Australia Breaks Apart

For anyone who has followed the Covid narrative and the rampant corruption involved, this is the biggest story on Earth.  The revelations out of the European Parliament that Pfizer did not even test to see if their Covid-19 vaccine stopped transmission, after more than two years of totalitarian lunacy, were gob smacking, appalling, delicious in a terrible sense.

Following a committee meeting investigating the European Union’s 36 billion Euro contract with Pfizer, the largest ever signed by the EU, Member of the European Parliament Rob Roos of the Netherlands, a highly credible source, released a video with the caption “BREAKING: Vaccine never tested on preventing transmission. This means the COVID passport was based on a big lie”.

The clip, of an execrable performance by a Pfizer executive Janine Small, shows her giving a strangled laugh when asked directly to give an answer on whether or not Pfizer tested to see if the vaccines prevented transmission.

No, they did not. 

Yet stopping transmission to protect loved ones was the sole reason hundreds of millions of people around the world got “jabbed”. 

The admission made redundant or absurd the actions of Western governments in mandating vaccines, and destroyed the Australian government’s credibility on its aggressive push to vaccinate the population, ultimately making it one of the most heavily vaccinated countries on Earth. 

Many, in rolling up their sleeves, believed they were doing the right thing. 

But those snake oil salesmen pushing a poorly tested and experimental medical product must have known they were flogging a useless or in fact harmful product.

Australians did this to Australians. 

The admission provoked outrage around the globe, and destroyed whatever shreds of credibility were left for America’s corrupt medical establishment.

Figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics show excess deaths are now running at 17.1 percent above normal.

Australians did this to Australians. 

The Pfizer executive Janine Small’s garbled response and the accompanying outrage lit up the internet.

In a video shared by Roos which promptly went viral, and which interestingly enough was readily available on two of the greatest manipulators of the Covid narrative, Twitter and YouTube, he addresses the camera and states that the Dutch Prime Minister and Health Minister told the Dutch people that “if you don’t get vaccinated, you’re antisocial” and that “you don’t get vaccinated just for yourself, but also for others.” 

Roos continued, “Today, this turns out to be complete nonsense. In a COVID hearing in the European Parliament, one of the Pfizer directors just admitted to me: at the time of introduction, the vaccine had never been tested on stopping the transmission of the virus. This removes the entire legal basis for the COVID passport.”

In the video, Roos then introduces the testimony clip showing himself asking Janine Small of Pfizer for a “clear” answer.

“I will speak in English so there are no misunderstandings. Was the Pfizer Covid vaccine tested on stopping the transmission of the virus before it entered the market? If not, please, say it clearly. If ‘yes’ are you willing to share the data with this committee? And I really want a straight answer, ‘yes or no’ and I’m looking forward to it.”

“No”, Small replied with a half strangled laugh. “We had to really move at the speed of science to understand what is taking place in the market. We had to do everything at risk.”

Her remarks were widely ridiculed by commentators and comedians alike.

The lie, or the failure to correct the lies of politicians, came not just from the vaccine manufacturers; but from their willing helpers in the media and in the nation’s bureaucracies.

Much of the disintegration of Australia and the complete loss of faith in government owed its origin to the fact that the population had been frequently and repeatedly lied to about Covid vaccinations, and led to believe by their elected representatives that by having the vaccine they were contributing to a social good in stopping the spread of a dangerous virus.

It was a lie, had always been a lie, and those peddling it either must have known, or should have known; with their massive salaries, their even more massive vaccine related grants, their staff, their burnished university degrees.

But still they lied.

Nor was it a lie from an occasional self-aggrandising bureaucrat, it was a whole of government effort; from the Prime Minister down through to the state Premiers and Chief Medical Officers, right down to the doctors and medical staff at vaccination centres.

And what made it even worse was that they did it to their own people, sledging everyone in the military and the public service, police, teachers, nurses, rescue workers, all were obliged to get “the jab” or lose their jobs. 

Thousands quit out of principle, creating chaos across multiple industries and organisations.

Still others suffered various degrees of vaccine injury as they faced the Hobbesian choice of being injected or losing their job, facing homelessness and an inability to care for their children, or rolling up their sleeves.


Ironically, for a news organisation which had done so much to promote public hysteria and the interests of Big Pharma, News Limited came out with a story titled “Yes, they claimed the vaccines would prevent transmission” with the slug line: “After a “scandalous” admission by a Pfizer executive testifying before parliament this week, there is one massive lie being told to everyone.”

Predictably the comments section went straight off the charts. Here’s just one example, from a poster calling himself Jab: “I lost my job due to the mandates, a loss of over $80k over the year. I’ve supported myself throughout this time, no government help.I’ve been told I am selfish, not looking out for my fellow humans, the elderly, the immunosuppressed, how I was putting them all at risk.

“I’ve been down-trodden and treated like an outcast of society.  

“All because of a lie.

“I didn’t let it get me down, all the bullshit I’ve been through.

“I grew stronger and healthier, used the time for me, waiting patiently, knowing this time would come.

“I’m glad I was strong enough to withstand the pressure, to support myself and to get myself to the other side of this lie.  Let’s hope those responsible for the lies will all be dealt with.”

Helpfully the author of the piece Frank Chung listed a series of examples of Australian and American officials assuring the public that the vaccines stopped transmission. 

“A simple ‘sorry, we were wrong; would go a long way.”

This was an American inspired fiasco with worldwide implications, and it was the rampant corruption of the American public health and regulatory systems, American based companies and Americans themselves, including most infamously Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci and Mark Zuckerberg, who had manipulated the narrative and inflicted this harm on populations worldwide.  

The stench that flowed from this international disaster marred still further America’s damaged reputation.

US President Joe Biden said in July 2021 that “you’re not going to get Covid if you have these vaccinations”.

A lie.

White House chief medical adviser Dr Anthony Fauci said in May of 2021 that vaccinated people become “dead ends” for the virus.

“When you get vaccinated, you not only protect your own health and that of the family but also you contribute to the community health by preventing the spread of the virus throughout the community. 

“In other words, you become a dead end to the virus. And when there are a lot of deadends around, the virus is not going to go anywhere. And that’s when you get a point that you have a markedly diminished rate of infection in the community.”

A lie, a complete and total lie, and a very influential one and that.

Centre for Disease Control director Rochelle Walensky said in March 2021 that “vaccinated people do not carry the virus, don’t get sick”.

A lie.

As Chung reported: “In Australia, politicians and health officials held millions of people hostage for months, lecturing and threatening them to get vaccinated to regain their freedoms.

“The vaccines were the ‘way out’ of the pandemic, they were not just to protect ourselves but to ‘protect others, they would ‘stop the spread’, and not getting vaccinated was ‘selfish’.

“Vaccine passports, the vaccinated economy, were necessary so people who ‘did the right thing’ would feel ‘safe’ knowing they weren’t ‘mixing’ with the unvaccinated, who were a ‘risk to the community’.

All of it was bullshit, to slip into the Australian vernacular.


Here’s a sampling of the blizzard of terror rained down on the Australian population which induced a nationwide psychosis and induced millions of people to roll up their sleeves for a vaccine which was neither safe nor effective, and which most certainly did not stop transmission.

Daniel Andrews, Premier of Victoria:

September 5, 2021: “We’re going to move to a situation where, to protect the health system, we’re going to lock out people who are not vaccinated and can be. If you’re making the choice not to get vaccinated, then you’re making the wrong choice, you’re making the wrong choice. And for safety’s sake, back to that point of how much work our nurses have to do, as this becomes absolutely a pandemic of the unvaccinated, and we open everything up, it’s not going to be safe for people who are not vaccinated to be roaming around the place spreading the virus.”


October 26, 2021: “If you’re on the fence, if you haven’t quite made up your mind yet about whether you will or won’t get vaccinated and be protected by these vaccines that are free, that are safe, that are effective — please reconsider that decision. Two doses of this vaccine is the greatest protection that you can have for your health and the health of those you love and, indeed, the health system.”


January 30, 2022: “I think it’s only a matter of time before the relevant federal agencies confirm that it’s three doses … in order to be protected, not just against really critical illness but to be protected or to minimise the likelihood that you get it and that you give it to the people that you love. At the moment two doses are protecting the vast majority of people from serious illness, but it’s only with three doses that you’ll be prevented not just from serious illness but from getting this virus, this Omicron variant, and therefore giving it to others.”


Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk:

November 9, 2021: “People want to be able to go to a music festival, a stadium, a cafe or a restaurant and know the people who are around them are fully vaccinated and it’s safe for their families. This is an important step in keeping our freedoms. Millions of people have gone and got vaccinated and they need to be rewarded for their efforts. They have done a great job, they have done everything I have asked them to do. But as a community, if we are going to stop the spread of this virus when the borders open and the virus is going to come here, we need people to get vaccinated. Families want to know they are safe when they are out in public.”

All based on falsehoods.

Jeannette Young, former Queensland Chief Health Officer, was later rewarded with the plum post of Governor of Queensland. Professor Graeme Nimmo received travel perks and benefits while serving as an adviser to Covid-19 vaccine manufacturer Pfizer.

October 7, 2021: “The only thing that’s going to stop us getting locally acquired cases going forward, we know is vaccination. We can’t stop it. The only way to stop it is vaccination. It does take five weeks from your first dose of Pfizer to be fully protected and six weeks from your first dose of Moderna.”

All based on falsehoods.

West Australian Premier Mark McGowan:

October 31, 2021: “I just urge these people to go and get vaccinated … the time for protesting and reading crazy conspiracy theorists online is over. Some of the material they’re spreading is extreme, misleading and frankly lies. They are reading wacky theories online that are untrue. This rubbish that’s put out online and some of the lies and misleading information … is dangerous. I just urge them to stop, go and get vaccinated and just act like normal, rational human beings.”

Totally, completely and dangerously false.

January 13, 2022: “Following WA’s Safe Transition, we want the public to be confident in these public settings, and that they’re only mixing with other vaccinated people. People less likely to be carrying or able to pass on the disease. It reduces the risks posed by unvaccinated people bringing the virus into busy, populated settings. Life will become very difficult for the unvaccinated from January 31. No pubs, no bottle shops, no gym, no yoga classes, no gigs, no dancefloors, no hospital or aged care visits. If you go and get vaccinated today you can have your second dose by early February, but if you choose to remain unvaccinated you’re choosing to put yourself at risk, you’re choosing to put the people around you at risk and you’re choosing to increase the burden on our health staff.”


Then South Australian Premier Steven Marshall:

May 25, 2021: “This is Kaylah Pascoe — she’s among the first 16-years-olds in regional SA to roll up her sleeve and get a Covid-19 vaccine. Thank you Kaylah. By getting vaccinated, she is not only helping protect herself, but is preventing others from suffering from this insidious disease.

“We are scaling up our vaccination rollout in South Australia, to include people aged 16 years and over living in regional areas.

“A vaccinated SA population means a much safer and stronger economy. ”

A truly appalling fiasco visited upon Australians by their elected representatives.

November 24, 2021: “We’ve had a very, very good uptake in South Australia. They know that when they look interstate at the moment, this is essentially the disease of the unvaccinated.”

It was never a disease of the unvaccinated. That was a corporate inspired government sponsored lie. Why were our taxes used for this purpose?

Northern Territory Chief Minister Michael Gunner, notorious for rounding up much of the indigenous population off their homelands, confining them to quarantine camps and forcibly, effectively, injecting them. 

September 15, 2021: “I know I am supposed to say I respect people’s choices and reasons for not getting vaccinated — I don’t. I don’t understand, I don’t respect it. You don’t get to choose to burden our health system because you refuse to follow preventative health measures.”

November 22, 2021: “A lockout means fully vaccinated residents are able to move about the community freely, while wearing a mask. If you give a green light, give comfort to, support anybody who argues against the vaccine, you are an anti-vaxxer. Your personal vaccination status is utterly irrelevant. There are people actually supporting the idea of a teacher being unvaccinated in a remote community classroom with kids who can’t be vaccinated. I reject it. If you’re out there in any way, shape or form campaigning against the mandate, then you are absolutely anti-vax. If you say pro-persuasion, stuff it. Shove it. 

“We are absolutely going to make sure as many Territorians as possible are vaccinated. I will never back away from supporting vaccines, and anyone out there who comes for the mandate, you are anti-vax.”

Pure, simple madness.

Or was it greed?

January 6, 2022: “Work is not a reason to leave the home for the unvaccinated. The Chief Health Officer has also determined that restriction of movement is critical right now and that one hour of exercise for the next four days is not essential. There has been plenty of time for people to get vaccinated, people who are not vaccinated present the greatest risk of spreading the virus and are the most at risk of becoming seriously ill if they get the virus.”

More lies. Simple as that.


In New South Wales the rabid lockdowns and urgent, incessant remonstrations with the public to get themselves vaccinated raised the ire and suspicion of many. 

These people and their ilk did not genuinely care a jot for the public they were elected to represent. Never had. Never would. Comfortably shrouded in an air of self importance, of, in a sense, unassailable pomposity, the sight of themselves on television confirmed just how successful and important they were. They were professional politicians of Australia’s professional class. They possessed no genuine affinity with the voting public, who they only understood through the filtered medium of opinion polls, surveys and focus groups. 

The great unwashed, the peasantry, the poorly educated and the working class, were there to be manipulated, controlled, taxed, and, at election time, to vote them back into office. 

And very comfortable, lucrative offices they were.

Perhaps it was the status, the ego strokes, that they cared about the most. The cash was nice, too. The influential connections, very handy. The chauffeur driven car, good one! The functions, the travel, the sense of power, all of it a sweet reward to which they felt fully entitled. 

They didn’t care about the welfare of the public, or they wouldn’t have so constantly ripped them off with so many ridiculous and expensive schemes; they would not have wasted their taxes in the way they so flagrantly did.

It made no sense whatsoever that they were now so urgently determined to have the population vaccinated with a vaccine they could not possibly know the long term consequences of; and yes, to understand most perplexing stories it’s a simple case of follow the money.


NSW Premier Gladys  Berejiklian: 

August 25, 2021: “Don’t hold off, get your hands on any vaccine you can. Keep yourself and your loved ones safe. It’s also doing a community service by helping stop the spread and keeping people out of hospital.” 

A lie.

September 2, 2021: “Anybody should come forward and get vaccinated. We don’t want to see anybody vulnerable without a vaccine. This is, I’ve said a couple of times, a pandemic, an epidemic of the unvaccinated. When we see people who are fully vaccinated hospitalised or horribly die, often there are other conditions associated with that.”

All based on lies.

September 7, 2021: “I wouldn’t want to be in the room with lots of people who aren’t vaccinated.” 

September 15, 2021: “We don’t want anyone who hasn’t been vaccinated yet to sit at home. Come out, get vaccinated, do your bit for yourself and your family. Remember that people might say well if you’re not vaccinated, that’s on you and you might get sick — well, no. Unvaccinated people spread the disease more readily. So if you’re in a venue or somewhere and there’s unvaccinated people [you have] more chance of contracting the disease from them because they don’t have that protection.”

A sheer,  total and complete fabrication supported by the Prime Minister and the health bureaucracy.  

September 20, 2021: “Unvaccinated people, it’s one thing to put themselves in jeopardy, but they’re jeopardising everybody else because they’re more contagious. If you choose not to be vaccinated, it’s one thing to make that decision for yourself and your family, but you’re also making that decision, suggesting that you don’t care if you’re more contagious to other people.”

Speechless. If only. These people just made stuff up; it was irresponsible, stupid and deeply dangerous. 

Gladys Berejiklian resigned within weeks, under investigation from the Independent Commission Against Corruption for an unrelated scandal but tight on the heels of public allegations that Pfizer was manipulating public policy through tens of millions of dollars of donations to political lobbyists. 

The prompt nature of her departure after the allegations of corruption were raised beggared belief. There was never any adequate explanation for her resignation. Perhaps, to use another colloquialism, she knew “the shit was about to hit the fan”.   


New South Wales Health Minister Brad Hazzard:

July 29, 2021: “There are a lot of people who don’t base their decisions in science or evidence. I’d say to those not wanting to take vaccines, my message to them is you’re being extremely selfish if you think you can not have a vaccine just because you don’t want to have a vaccine, well you should think about what you’re doing to your family and to the community, and I would say even more than that, what a hide you have, what a ridiculous position is that when you’re going to put health staff at risk, and when you get sick you’re going to expect to come into hospital and get paid for by taxpayers.”

What a blather of absolute nonsense. 

As history would soon reveal. 

Within days of the revelations emerging out of the European Parliament and brutal coverage in Sydney’s tabloid newspaper The Daily Telegraph, NSW’s truly appalling Health Minister Brad Hazard resigned from politics.

Many pundits on social media were delighted to see the back of a man they thought of as “evil”, a man who, having been a vociferous proponent of lockdowns, masks and vaccines, had done massive harm to the state’s more than eight million residents.

His moment in the sun had turned into a Dark Winter for everybody else.

Perhaps he could get a job with Pfizer. He had certainly done everything in his power to flog their product.

Perhaps he already had a cosy little sinecure lined up, perhaps a position on the board, that was the suspicion abroad, that these people would never have behaved the way they did without considerable financial motive. But that bordered on the slanderous, surely not.

Perhaps he already had a cosy little sinecure lined up, perhaps a position on the board, that was the suspicion abroad, that these people would never have behaved the way they did without considerable financial motive. But that bordered on the slanderous, surely not.

The overlords would have liked everyone to just conveniently forget the whole damn thing. For those whose lives had been irreparably damaged, and there were many of those, there was no forgetting. 

As Hazzard resigned, excess death rates were running at an unprecedented 17 per cent above normal, hospitals were gridlocked and chaotic, the health system in crisis, thousands of nurses had quit rather than get “the jab”, and faith in government was at existentially low levels. 

It was a major threat to Australian democracy and the credibility of the ruling elites.

If anyone ever believed a word that came out of these people’s mouths ever again, more fool them.

Ten months before, in conjunction with TOTT News, one of the very few outlets to have consistently and intelligently questioned the Covid narrative, A Sense of Place Magazine published a piece calling for Hazzard’s resignation.

The puffed up, stern, self aggrandising image of Brad Hazzard, the Health Minister on a mission, beamed into everybody’s lounge rooms, transfigured everybody’s lives, alarmed the innocent.

There would be no mea culpa, and no apology. In the round of valedictory media interviews, fielding softball questions from gormless journalists, Hazzard was never held to account.  

The piece, published just before Christmas of 2021, was titled: In A Year of Utter Madness One Thing Is Certain: New South Wales Health Minister Brad Hazzard Has To Go. 

“Millions of citizens of Australia’s most populous state have had their lives and businesses destroyed or profoundly disrupted throughout the madness, the sheer unadulterated insanity, of 2021.

“Front and centre of this debacles has been the increasingly crazed figure of Health Minister Brad Hazzard, whose deranged posturing and spit flying authoritarian drivel has done much to discredit not just the state’s political class but the medical and bureaucratic edifices backing or refusing to speak out against the wholesale disruption of the state’s economy.

“Referencing ‘modelling’ from epidemiologists during a press conference, Hazzard said the ‘reproductive rate of the virus’ was more than 1.5, with numbers close to doubling every three days.

“Hysterically, of course, “Omicron” is an anagram of “moronic”, making every sceptic on the planet laugh.

“Hazzard’s fear mongering is set against the backdrop of a spate of excoriating books dismembering every aspect of the Covid narrative, most notably over the past month Robert F Kennedy’s riveting work The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health; along with former New York Times journalist Alex Berenson’s Pandemia: How Coronavirus Hysteria Took Over Our Government, Rights, and Lives, both of which have been dominating the Amazon best seller lists.”

In other words the sceptics were well out of the closet; and everyone now knew the shocking fraud behind the yarn, not least of all the world’s military and intelligence agencies.

Governments, including Australia’s state and federal governments, had been left stranded with a credibility gap so wide it was impossible to jump over.

But still they continued on.

“The principal problem for government’s attempting to maintain credibility through this period is that much of the information, and the forecasts they are relying upon, repeatedly shown to be wildly inaccurate, are resourced by the Bill Gates funded World Health Organisation, around which daily swirl ever greater controversies.

“For instance, Professor Marylouise McLaws, which both the New South Wales government and compliant journalists have relied on for their ‘expert’ commentary and justification for their actions, is extremely closely intertwined with the World Health Organisation; and thereby with funding from Bill Gates, who is heavily invested in vaccines.

“It is a process known as regulatory capture on the one hand, and buying influence on the other, and has had a severe influence on Australia over the past two years, with a ‘bought’ sign hanging from the necks of many of the establishment figures the public once trusted.”

Equally, one of the NSW government’s favourite go-to experts was Professor Kristine Macartney of Sydney University, who infamously received $65 million in government grants for vaccine related work. How is that not a conflict of interest?
Back in December of 2021 Brad Hazzard declared: “The simple maths … is by the end of January, we could be looking at 25,000 cases every single day.”

This was the same Brad Hazzard who only a few months before provoked derision or mirth for declaring: “This is the New World Order.”

“That’s right! Despite the majority of the state being double-vaccinated against the ‘invisible enemy’, we may soon see the highest case rate ever recorded in the state!”

And still Hazzard kept frenetically pushing the vaccines as safe and effective.

“The NSW government is claiming that 93.4% of the population has been fully vaccinated.

“Yet here they are, despite all the false promises of the past two years, just download the app, just stay home for a fortnight, just wear a mask, just socially distance, just get “the jab”, continuing to claim record numbers.

“Hazzard’s inflammatory posturing came on 15 December, the day that, at long last, segregation of the unvaccinated from many activities, including going to pubs, restaurants and large stores, finally ended and millions of people cheerfully threw away their hated masks.”

 “Freedom Day” it was dubbed, a concept which appeared to be anathema to the country’s power drunk politicians.

“The public have been kept in the dark over all the garbage policies visited upon the country over the past two years, with everything from the justification for curfews to the vaccine contracts all kept secret.

“Surely the public has a right to know why their lives have been so viciously disrupted or destroyed.

“As with so much else in this period, Australia’s legal system has proved unfit for purpose, and provided no protection to the citizenry against authoritarian excesses:

“Where does Hazzard get his wild numbers from?

“Who knows?

“Remember, Hazzard has publicly stated the government will not release their modelling.”

That is, he was locking down the state and hysterically driving the population into mass vaccination, but would not, or could not, demonstrate why.

TOTT News went looking for the so-called modelling from the University of NSW, but couldn’t find it.

The only thing they could find regarding projections of increased rates during reopening was a page from the Australia National University in August 2021. However when you click on the hyperlink for the modelling it throws up a page which reads: “Resource deleted”. The page itself read: “The researchers argue that at least 90 per cent of all Australians, including children, must be vaccinated against COVID-19 before fully relaxing public health measures and opening the international border.”

Including children. 

This took the term “criminal negligence” to a whole new level.

And Hazzard was part of this truly shocking level of malfeasance, including vaccinating hundreds of thousands of the state’s school students with the most dangerous vaccine in history, a vaccine they did not need, which carried known risks and which did not prevent either infection or transmission.

And which increasing international evidence suggested was in fact counterproductive, increasing not decreasing chances of illness. 

It was sick stuff.

To many it was nothing short of satanic.

Despite significant evidence that children were more likely to die or suffer serious consequences from the vaccine than they are from Covid-19, and a number of jurisdictions including Scandinavia banning it for children, not one of the nation’s politicians responsible for the vaccinating of millions of children called for a moratorium.

Instead the aggressive promotion of a vaccine developed at “warp speed” for which nobody could possibly know the long term consequences of, was being aggressively marketed and pushed to an age cohort which had almost no risk of dying, or even getting seriously ill, from “the virus”.

The immorality of a government pushing a medical intervention on a population, knowing full well that these treatments were doing more harm than good, at least to children, left many commentators almost speechless with outrage.

Except for the extreme manipulation of mainstream and social media by government in league with pharmaceutical companies, a better informed public would have been equally outraged.

Now the truth is out.


“The vaccination of children is insane,” says Professor Ramesh Thakur of the Australian National University. “Pushing vaccines on to children is obscene.

“It’s testament to the evil that has taken hold following the fear induced in people by deliberate psychological campaigns of terror propaganda, aided and abetted by mainstream and social media, that large numbers of people in Western societies have actively colluded with governments in imposing harms on children. 

“This must be the first occasion in history that we have made children bear the heaviest costs, with futures mortgaged to massive debts, educational opportunities drastically curtailed and exposure to potentially harmful and even lethal medical interventions just so the old can cling on to life without meaning for a few more years. Remember, in almost all Western countries the average age of Covid death is higher than the average life expectancy.”


In that strange uncanny world that was Australia, the Land of the Long Weekend, where memory seems non-existent and conscience eradicated, a sense of responsibility from the ruling elites non-existent, silence that greeted the unravelling scandal, impacting billions of people around the globe and Australia’s entire population of 25 million,

Professor Ramesh Thakur, writing for the Brownstone Institute put it thus: “Remarkably, the Pfizer admission has been studiously ignored by the Australian MSM. In case I had missed the coverage of the bombshell interview in the Australian media, I did a search on the website of ABC (Australia’s version of the BBC), Age, Australian and Sydney Morning Herald papers. I got zero hits for Robert Roos, the Dutch MEP who asked the question in the European Parliament of Pfizer director Janine Small, and for the latter who confessed to lack of testing for transmissibility. Fading trust in our principal institutions is contributing to the multipronged global crisis of democracy.

“The lack of media interest and coverage means there is little pressure for public accountability. Absent that, there will not be any punishment meted out to ministers and bureaucrats for the extensive range of malfeasance in inflicting cruel and inhumane harms on millions of their citizens; no prospect of emotional closure for the people for the trauma they have suffered, including deaths of despair and desolation born of loneliness; delayed prospects of the masses shedding their sheer dread of a virus that for most healthy people under 70 or 65 is not really a severe illness; and a refusal to institute the most powerful deterrent of all for any repeats of public criminality on a grand scale.

“Instead we can all look forward to endless cycles of rinse and repeat of surveillance, compulsion and coercion of the masses on the whims of their technocratic betters.”

The most powerful available deterrent being jail. 

No matter how much harm these people had done to so many people, the Nuremberg outcome of hanging, when ten prominent Nazi figures were hanged, was no longer available in Australia.

Elsewhere, in Spectator Australia, Thakur expanded on the theme, arguing that accountability was essential in any attempt to stop a repeat of the disaster inflicted on the Australian population by its political and bureaucratic class.

“The abundance of early warnings on the range of grave harms that were likely to result from population-wide severe lockdown measures, from disruptions to crop production and food distribution leading to widespread hunger and mass starvation, to reversals of two decades of progress in poverty eradication, children’s education, critical life-saving immunisation programs, rising unemployment and health, mental health and other wellbeing damage. These warnings came from established, credible and reputable bodies. India alone is feared to have created a 375 million-strong ‘pandemic generation’ of children up to age 14 who are likely to suffer long-lasting impacts like increased child mortality, being underweight and stunted, and educational and work-productivity reversals. It’s hard to see how these predicted harms do not constitute mass atrocity crimes.

“The responsibility to protect addresses the need to protect victims of atrocities. The twin principle of international criminal justice speaks to the need to punish the perpetrators: identify them, prosecute them and, if convicted, jail them. The authors and enforcers of pandemic management policies and interventions, that have inflicted enduring health, mental health, civil liberties, social and economic damage, must be held to account. 

“I believe accountability is important firstly to punish, as distinct from seeking revenge, acts of harmful malfeasance when existing accumulated knowledge, science and pandemic preparedness plans were dumped in favour of authoritarian models imported from China. It’s going to be impossible to attain emotional closure, that alone can enable us as a community to move on, without an open and credible accounting. Perhaps most importantly, the best and most effective guarantee of ‘never again’ is to hold the authors of lockdown – a euphemism for the wholesale locking up of entire populations under house arrest even if healthy and not accused, let alone convicted, of any crime – and vaccine apartheid to account.”


Most members of Australia’s mainstream media acted as handmaidens for Big Pharma and cheerleaders for government misinformation and overreach throughout the Covid era. 

Spectator Australia was the only mainstream outlet in the country to hold the government to account across its suite of Covid responses, including vaccines, lockdowns, masks and social distancing. 

Editor Rowan Dean wrote that the admission by Dutch member of the European Parliament Rob Roos, dragged out of Pfizer representative Janine Small,  had thrown the vaccine passport and vaccine mandate narrative into disarray. Because of the major disruptions to society, the question of whether or not the vaccines stopped transmission was a vital question. The result had been a massive abuse of power by elected officials.

“Here in Australia we had some of the worst lockdowns, we had this vicious persecution of unvaccinated people, we had our state premiers going on television and saying they wouldn’t be in the same room as the unvaccinated. It was this endless repetition of “this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated”. 

“We had health authorities – health bureaucrats – telling the public that they were going to make life incredibly difficult for you if you weren’t vaccinated. This was persecution.

“The point is that our politicians led us to believe, in fact, they insisted at every level. Whether it was Anthony Fauci in the States or our own politicians here in Australia – at every level our health bureaucrats insisted that the vaccines prevented transmission and this was the rationale for mandatory vaccination which, in this country – and in other places – many people lost their jobs. Many people are still out of work. Many people had their lives turned upside down and destroyed because they insisted to us that it did stop transmission. 

“This isn’t a problem with Pfizer, this is absolutely about the abuse of power by politicians who are either too stupid, or too lazy, or too corrupt to actually check out the facts and were prepared to abuse their power.

“It was the lies of government and the lies of health officials drafting policy, that matter. And they certainly lied.”

Roos, in an interview he did with Rowan Dean for Spectator Australia, said that since the implementation of the Covid vaccines he had been searching for the answer to whether or not the vaccines had been tested for whether or not they stopped transmission. 

“I also asked it of AstraZeneca and Moderna because it’s important. Millions of people were placed outside society because of Covid passports. People lost their jobs and it was all based on that the vaccine would stop transmission, otherwise there would be no point in excluding unvaccinated people from society. 

“If the vaccine doesn’t stop transmission, then vaccinated people spread the virus too. So, I found this to be an incredibly important question.”

Roos said he wasn’t surprised by the answer. 

“We have all seen the daily practice during the Omicron variant but our governments keep telling the story – the fiction – that vaccination was necessary to protect others.But I was surprised about the honesty with which the Pfizer representative responded because the implications are massive. This means that there was no basis for Covid passports and Covid vaccine mandates.

“There has been a massive response to the video. Worldwide people are angry because their governments lied to them. Austrians were denied access to their dying parents, for example. People all over the world – not only Europe. I also think a lot of people are now starting to see the government’s response for what it was. They have abused their power, maybe even tyrannical. 

“They only cared about pushing vaccinations. There was no respect for people’s bodily autonomy and integrity. So, on the one hand, the response has been overwhelmingly positive, massively so. At the same time, I have been attacked by establishment media who claimed I spread “fake news”. But, when they attack me they don’t attack my actual argument, they attack a strawman. 

“I am not claiming Pfizer lied, I am claiming our governments lied because they based their narrative on the idea that you do this for others and that vaccination stops transmission for which there was no evidence. 

“And all fact-checkers have to admit that the government messaging was plain wrong and government policies undermined fundamental rights in an unprecedented way – a way which we thought would never be possible in a liberal democracy. But it was. And that’s shocking, because it tells us a lot about the state of our fundamental rights.”

What happens next?’

“What should happen, in my opinion, is that politicians are held accountable. The people who were responsible for these policies should resign if they are still in office. This has been the most damaging violation of fundamental rights in decades. Its impact is lasting. Small businesses are still going bankrupt because of high inflation after they were already weakened by Covid lockdowns. Young people are still more often depressed and lost out on valuable life experience – our society suffers from an obesity epidemic – and this was not because of some force of nature, it was because politicians decided to enact these policies. Those who did should resign and this violation of fundamental human rights should never happen again.”


The scandal leaves many questions. Here are just a few.

Why did then Prime Minister Scott Morrison turn repeatedly to the Bill Gates funded Doherty Institute for advice, or justification, on everything from lockdowns to vaccines?

Their prognostications on everything, from the lethality of Covid to the efficacy of vaccines and the need for lockdowns all proved totally wrong; but that didn’t seem to matter. They still soaked up millions of dollars in government funding; and kept coming back for more. 

Any other organisation would have been publicly discredited and barred from any future taxpayer funds. 

Why did Scott Morrison take a phone call from vaccine-profiteer-in-chief Bill Gates early on in the Covid panic, what did they discuss?

Why did Scott Morrison order 255 million doses of the vaccine, that is ten doses for every man, woman and child in the country. 

Where are the contracts?

Why are they secret?

Why aren’t the terms of the agreement available to the general public?

How many tens of billions of dollars did the government spend on vaccines they couldn’t possibly use?

Why was the taxpayer expected to fund this magnificent largesse to Big Pharma?

Why doesn’t the new Health Minister Mark Butler see this squandering of billions of dollars of public funds as an issue?

Why were the vaccine manufacturers given total exemption from liability?

Why were the vaccine manufacturers given total exemption from liability?

Why did the TGA so rapidly approve a medication which was already causing massive controversy around the world?

Why did the government and its agencies deliberately suppress any discussion on the safety and efficacy of vaccines, manipulating through tax concessions and funding the mainstream media outlets and harassing or silencing sceptics?

Why did Scott Morrison say, towards the end of his dismal reign, that power to manage a pandemic should be handed over to the Bill Gates funded World Health Organisation, an organisation already attracting massive criticism around the world for its mismanagement of the Covid “plandemic”, as it was now frequently being called?

How did Big Pharma capture all the organs of the Australian government, from its politicians to its health bureaucracies, to the police, the military and the intelligence agencies?

Why did the Australian government deliberately promote anti-vaxxer hysteria?

Why, knowing full well the international controversy enveloping mRNA vaccines and Moderna, in August of 2022 did Prime Minister Anthony Albanese risk his own reputation by promoting a $200 million Moderna production facility at Monash University in Victoria?

When did the Australian government sell out to Big Pharma? 

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