Coverage from TOTT NEWS, True Arrow and Others.

Despite lockdowns and restrictions ending, vaccine mandates continue to create havoc across multiple Australian industries and the larger agenda is still very much in motion.

With Australia now having one of the world’s most highly vaxxed populations, and correspondingly one of the highest Covid death rates, the Australian media is once again laden with alarmist Covid stories and there is a widespread fear the authoritarian derangement which characterised the past two and a half years is resurfacing.

The Australian government has lost the middle ground. Over the weekend Australians have marched against continued efforts by international institutions to morph the world towards a dystopian vision.

“Say NO to the NWO!”

As The Great Reset continues, passionate Australians took to the streets across the country over the weekend to voice their concerns over a number of pressing issues, including inflation, manufactured supply shortages, medical hysteria, Agenda 2030, social credit and more.

Some highlights are below:



Women pepper sprayed in Melbourne. Image courtesy True Arrow.
Elderly protestor forcibly removed by police on the streets of Melbourne. Image courtesy True Arrow.
Crowd sings “Sack Dan Andrews”. Premier of Victoria.
Michael Gray Griffith of Cafe Lock Down addresses the crowd: “Resistance is growing everywhere. Melbourne is the frontline. A good majority know this is bullshit. We are winning. It might not feel like it because it’s cold and miserable and they are pepper spraying us. In a marathon you have to learn to endure pain.”


“This is a lot better than Melbourne, where they beat you off the road.”


“What will you tell UR kids? Did you rise up or comply?”


First published 25 July, 2022.