By Sandy Barrett: Advocate Me

Did you know that the Australian government has drafted legislation to introduce a Digital Identity by the end of 2021? The legislation is being introduced in three phases – and it is already in phase 3.

Did you hear about Phases 1 and 2 of this legislation? No, neither did I.

There has been no reporting in the mainstream media to alert Australians to something that has potentially harmful outcomes, including identity theft, misuse of personal data, the potential for privacy breaches, and the implications of power and internet outages during severe weather events that are common in this country.

The concept of digital IDs and their application is clearly almost indecently exciting to the ruling elites, but it is fundamentally flawed and should never get traction.

How will the country operate digitally when the grid is down? And what actions might be taken using our information during a crisis, when we are distracted by natural disasters – will the people who use their own initiative for survival be targeted and ostracised, for example? During the peak of summer, the grid cannot handle the demands on energy, and the frequency of severe weather events from bushfires, cyclones, storms and floods can see entire regions without power and internet for weeks. I thought the priority of the ruling elite was curing global warming?

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Most alarming is the implicit potential of our digital information being provided to undisclosed recipients in the private sector, creating room for discrimination based on unknown private sector preferences.

Trying to sneak this legislation through during a time of crisis, when we are all in turmoil and trauma, hoping we won’t notice, amounts to the removal of Australians’ right to a fair say and democratic process. This is not communist China, after all, is it? At least not yet.

And speaking of China, our government knows this legislation will be wildly unpopular, because we have all seen what results digital identification and its abuses has had on the population there.

The process appears to indicate that the government wants consultation from the public. If you compare the government’s messaging on covid-19 vaccination policy, there is no denying they can get the message out when they want. Clearly underhanded in this instance, they want to appear to have given us choice and proper democratic process, while doing their best to keep it secret.

Failing to publicise this is an act of gross deception, in my opinion, and this is a prize example of why trust in our government has been broken.

We Australians need to know why there is such an urgency to bring this legislation in.

So if it’s public consultation they want, they didn’t get it. This legislation is a further attempt to remove our sovereignty as they are doing with our bodily autonomy through forced vaccination. Again, it is up to us to say NO!

Please watch the above video, the creators of which should be thanked for their duty and service to their fellow Australians.

Submissions were open until 5:00 pm AEDT on Wednesday 27 October 2021.

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Editor’s Note: Didn’t make the deadline? Didn’t even know about it? Nor did we, This has been a standard tactic of the Australian government for years, make sure news of impending legislation is neither received nor understood by the general population, hold a poorly advertised public submissions period with a limited time frame, and pretend they’ve had a free and open public consultation. It is yet another blight on the face of Australia’s shambolic public administration; another disgraceful failure in the charade of Australian democracy.