The Covid narrative is dramatically collapsing worldwide as one confounding revelation after another deepens the ever widening scandal. To the background of deeply felt public anger, watching Australian bureaucrats blame shift, obfuscate and stonewall has become something of a blood sport. If it wasn’t so serious, it would be funny.

Three Australian senators, Malcolm Roberts, Alex Antic and Gerard Rennick are attempting to hold the government to account for the shocking malfeasance evident through the mismanagement of Covid and the massive damage that has been done to the social order.

Somehow, almost as if by magic, no one is responsible.

It gives new meaning to the old expression: Success has many fathers, failure has none.

Somehow, despite all the bureaucrats dedicated to eliminating false advertising, no one is responsible for the blizzard of false taxpayer funded advertising claiming that the Covid-19 vaccines were “safe and effective”.

Somehow, Australia’s excess death rates, now running at 17%, although being reported internationally and mirroring other highly vaccinated jurisdictions around the world, may just be a matter of how one interprets the statistics. And really, no one is responsible for that either.

Somehow, despite it being one of the most brutal and far reaching government policies in the nation’s history, impacting on millions of people, the number of people who lost their jobs due to vaccine mandates seemingly doesn’t exist. The Australian Bureau of Statistics, which collects a wide range of data across almost every conceivable aspect of national life, is left wringing its hands.

A government which does not serve the people, and thereby serves no useful purpose, cannot survive.

The massive demonstrations we have seen on the streets, which the government did their best to suppress, to ignore, and to persuade the media not to cover, is now mirrored at a professional level, with the Australian Medical Professional Society (AMPS) emerging as an extremely powerful alternative to the once well respected Australian Medical Association.

Here we look at some of the work of Senator Gerard Rennick.


Australian Communications and Media Authority. 7 November, 2022.

Senate Estimates Hearing.

Senator Rennick: I want to talk about truth in advertising and, in particular, risks and rewards. We can’t advertise financial products without outlining all the risks. In the last three years, we’ve had government authorities, media authorities and every man and his dog saying that the vaccines are safe and effective.

In particular, we have had many media authorities saying that you’ve got to get the vaccine to protect grandma. We’ve had people such as David Koch on Sunrise talk about holding Christmas dinners with unvaccinated family members. The assumption under that was that the vaccine would stop transmission.

We’ve been told by Pfizer a couple of weeks ago that effectively they never even tested for transmission. Their documents actually reveal that they had no evidence that they could stop transmission. So there has been a lot of misleading advertising with regard to the safe and effective claim. That is step one.

Step two is that the risks have never been clearly outlined. Two weeks ago, we had the European medicines authority come out and say that heavy menstrual bleeding can be a potential side effect of the vaccine. What powers does the Australian Communication and Media Authority have with regard to what I would call the blatant advertising of a vaccine without any downside, without outlining the risks as well as the benefits?

Ms Nerida O’Loughlin, Chair of the Australian Communications and Media Authority: I don’t believe we have a remit around the issues that you raise.

Senator Rennick: This stuff has been in the current affairs as well. It has been discussed in programs and everything like that. One side of the story is given and not all of the other side of the story is given. I will add that we have had social media companies—in particular, Facebook and Twitter—where people try to highlight the risks of the vaccine or talk about vaccine injuries. They are getting their posts pulled down. They’ve been vilified for that. Have you got any powers around that as well?

Ms O’Loughlin : No. We have been working with the social media platforms on the implementation of a code around misinformation and disinformation on digital platforms. That is a self-regulatory code at the moment, so it is developed by the industry itself and enforced by the industry itself. Most of the social media platforms have terms of use. So a lot of the issues that you are raising might have been ones where they made the judgement that they didn’t comply with their terms of use. But that is where we are at with those things.

Senator Rennick: If they are being paid by commercial entities to push one particular narrative and then you are trying to put two sides of the story across, they basically won’t disclose why they are censoring one side of the argument. Where is the transparency there?

Ms O’Loughlin : I will ask my questions.

Senator Rennick is then informed that the Australian Association of National Advertisers may have some oversight of the issue . “If we are not talking about political advertising here—if you are talking about commercial advertising that is paid for—there is a legal requirement that it is not false and misleading, which is ultimately administered by the ACCC (Australian Competition & Consumer Commission).

But the television and radio broadcasters do have some checks in place where they check for false and misleading and accuracy, which is part of the TGA, or Therapeutic Goods Administration, rules that come in this as well. If you are not talking about the political, there is a legal requirement in relation to false and misleading. There are laws when you are talking about advertising for paid material as opposed to if there’s a debate within a news and current affairs. It is a different issue.

Senator Rennick: My problem with the TGA is they’ve got an inherent conflict of interest because they approve these vaccines.

They are not going to come out and admit if they said two years ago that there are no side effects that suddenly there are side effects that they didn’t pick up in the first place. Who checks them when it comes to their own advertising rules?

National Competition Council: 10 November, 2022.

Senate Estimates Hearing

Senator Rennick: When you sell financial products, you have to outline all the rewards and all the risks. We’ve had a number of doctors over the last two years come out and say that the vaccines are safe and effective, but they’ve never outlined all the risks.

I just want to highlight the actual findings of the Pfizer trial: 44,000 participants; 22,000 each in the placebo group and in the vaccine group. In those groups, 1,790 people were pulled out of the vaccine group and 1,584 were pulled out of placebo group. One of the people pulled out of the vaccine group was a young lady by the name of Maddie de Garay, who is a 12-year-old, who ended up having to be fed through a tube and sit in a wheelchair.

Given that Pfizer pulled her out of the trial, why is it that this information has been withheld or not made and more emphasis hasn’t been put on the risks as well as the benefits in regard to the vaccine and its safety and effectiveness? I know public health and safety is one thing, but I’m talking specifically here about the media and professional medical people that were selling the vaccine as well as the doctors, including the Australian Medical Association. Why weren’t they made to actually outline the risks as well?

Chair of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission Ms Gina Cass-Gottlieb : Those would be regulatory matters that would sit in the purview of either the Therapeutic Goods Administration or, if there is a problem in media reporting, with the ACMA, not with the ACCC.

Senator Rennick: I’m glad you said that, because I ask that earlier in the week and they told me to come and see you. That’s why I’m here now.

Minister for Finance Senator Kathy Gallagher: It’s a commonly used estimates tactic, I think.

Senator Rennick: Yes, I’m getting used to that, unfortunately.

Senator Gallagher: I don’t know whether there’s further information we can provide. I’m not sure it falls within the responsibilities of the ACCC. My recollection is that, at the point that you accept a vaccine or take the vaccine, you do get information about the risks associated or the potential risks and side effects associated with it that the immunisers are required to give you ahead of time.

Senator Rennick: You’re correct in what you say—they are supposed to. But the feedback I’m getting is that a lot of people aren’t being told what the risks are.

When you’re mandated to take it, you sort of do it regardless of the risks or if you choose you don’t want the risks. We see unprofessional medical staff that have no training in medicine selling the vaccines as safe and effective. That was going right across the media. Plenty of people were selling it. I just fail to see why they were allowed to put themselves in a position where they were giving advice when they had no authority or expertise to do so.

Who do I go to about what I consider to be the false and misleading advertising that hasn’t highlighted the risks? ACMA told me to come and see ACCC. Now you’re telling me to see ACMA.

Health Bureaucrats at Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation: False Advice?

In this round of questioning, I asked AHPRA why they rely on the advice of Health Bureaucrats at ATAGI, most of whom have conflicts of interest due to their employers receiving significant funding from big pharmaceutical companies and the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation.

I also highlighted the fact their advice has been wrong in regards to transmission.

In what was an incredible act of arrogance Brendan Murphy, Secretary of the Department of Health, tried to run interference for ATAGI’s poor advice.


I asked the Australian Bureau of Statistics in Senate Estimates whether or not they were tracking the number of people out of work in the unemployment statistics due to mandates.

Needless to say they don’t.

Now don’t you think with the severe labour shortages the government would want to know just how many people are willing to work but can’t because of these stupid mandates?

Of course they don’t as they are ultimately only interested in control. They’d rather destroy the economy and independent free minded thinkers who refuse to cede control of their own bodies to the government. Instead they are ramping up immigration of foreign workers while ignoring the plight of Australian workers.


Senator Rennick: I would like to speak about the vaccine rollout, and, in particular, the number of COVID cases we’ve had in the last nine months. Effectively, Australia opened up from its lockdowns in December last year. At that time we had a couple of hundred thousand cases. We’re currently running at about 10.2 million cases in nine months. So my question to the head of the TGA, Professor Skerritt, is: how can he uphold the claim that the vaccines are 92 per cent effective in stopping transmission and infection? It’s about time we had some honesty from the TGA and ATAGI about the effectiveness of the vaccine because mandates are still in place and people are still carrying injuries.

We are currently up to 136,000 reported injuries from the vaccine. Over 50 per cent of them come from the state health departments. These claims should not be dismissed out of hand, as they are by the TGA. It is incredibly reckless and impertinent for the TGA to claim of the 900 reported deaths that only 1,400 were from the vaccine and the other 900 people who have lodged these vaccine claims, of which 50 per cent are from state health departments and another 20 per cent are from doctors, that they, the TGA, would know more about the circumstances of the particular victim than the medical professionals who actually diagnosed the victims themselves.

That is incredibly arrogant, in my view.

This year we’ve seen a rise in deaths from last year of around 8,500 people. About 50 per cent of that is related to COVID deaths and about 50 per cent is non-COVID. The non-COVID deaths are running at an increase of about 1,000 a month. Last year, before the COVID outbreak really took off in the community, we had an increase in deaths from the year before. The number of deaths jumped from 14,000 in May 2020 to 15,000 in May 2021. In June, they jumped from 13,267 in 2020 to 14,844 in 2021. That’s a jump of 1,600 people, almost 10 per cent. COVID wasn’t in the community last May, June and July. There was an outbreak in New South Wales and Victoria at that time, and the lockdowns then proceeded.

Long story short: we end up with about 8,700 extra deaths last year. That all happened in the last eight months of the year, and it started to occur in the month after the vaccine rollout. Of that increase, only 400 are attributable to the increase in COVID deaths. There were 1,300 COVID deaths last year, an increase of 400 from 2021.

I am calling on the TGA to take these figures, whether it be the increase in actual deaths, the massive rate of reported injuries—yes, I know 23 million people got vaccinated, but the injury rate is 50 times higher than the normal rate of injuries from a vaccine. In 2019 about 13 million people got the flu vaccine, of whom only about 140 reported injuries. Of the 20 million people who got the COVID vaccine, we’ve now got 135,000 injuries. That’s an increase of almost a thousand despite that fact that only 50 per cent extra people got vaccinated. They’re very serious figures that should be looked at.

The whole of the vaccine was to protect the old and the vulnerable yet it’s people in those cohorts who have experienced the highest death rates.

Another masterclass in avoiding the question.

Enough already. On and on it goes. Nobody is responsible. Talk is cheap. The dire consequences of Australia’s Covid response are everywhere writ; but effectively the only response from the nation’s phalanxes of bureaucrats, and indeed the entire political caste, is to shuffle uncomfortably in their chairs, and pass the buck.

The buck stops nowhere, apparently.

Explain that to the people who lost their jobs, to the vaccine injured, to the small business owners who had their livelihoods smashed, tell that to those who were fined, bashed, pepper sprayed and imprisoned for daring to stand up to the government’s Covid agenda.

Indeed, as many with a spiritual bent have pointed out, this is an evil time, a period of great turbulence.