Of the many independent Australian media outlets which have emerged in the past three years, driven by the failure of the mainstream media to cover the abysmal collapse of freedoms in the country, Zeee Media is one of the most outstanding.

Professionally produced, punchy as all get out, and presented by the charming, forceful and charismatic frontwoman Maria Zeee, the outlet is attracting significant numbers, and is now a major player in the transformation of Australia’s media landscape.

Maria Zeee explains her motives thus: “Controversy has always been comfortable for me. Most people searching for the truth are the same way, and that is probably what has led you here today.

“In the midst of the greatest deception to ever sweep over humanity, I decided something needed to be done on a larger scale than the already uncomfortable conversations I was used to having with those around me about what was really going on in this world.

“In 2021, I decided to launch Zeee Media which has quickly evolved into one of the most trusted, uncensored sources of information in Australia. Those who have been on the journey with me would agree that I mean it when I say I will share the truth, at whatever cost. Salute to the Noah’s of our generation.”

Here is her interview with John Stapleton, author of the new book, out this week, Australia Breaks Apart.

Mainstream media has come in for a lot of flack in recent times, and with a former mainstream journalist in her sights, focuses on what has happened to the once trusted mainstream media.

The program begins with a denunciation of Australia’s zombie like march into signing up with the World Health Organisation’s pandemic treaty, a nightmare surrender of Australia’s sovereignty and a complete betrayal of the citizenry, before moving on to the interview, which takes up most of the broadcast.

It is available at the Zeee Media website, currently their lead story, badged WHO LAUNCH GLOBAL VAXX PASS, MSM JOURNALIST SPEAKS OUT.

The interview is also available on Rumble.

To watch the interview go here.


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The book is slowly becoming available at most major online outlets, and will go up across multiple platforms over the next 30 days. 

The price currently varies enormously.

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