The single most determined and well coordinated activist group to emerge from the Covid era.

The group provided the following footage.


In their piece Australians say ‘no more’: Mass freedom protests staged in capital cities, TOTT, a group which has repeatedly warned of the authoritarian derangement involved in the Covid era, reported: “Anti-lockdown protesters have marched in major Australian cities, calling for an end to ongoing restrictions, media deception and anti-democratic government control. Powerful scenes show crowds stretching as far as the eye can see, with an estimated 40,000 people turning out in Sydney and Melbourne alone for peaceful rallies.”

Editors Note: As often happens, crowd numbers are notoriously difficult to calculate and estimates vary wildly between media outlets, activists and police.

The group provided the following 1.23 hours of rolling coverage:


The national broadcaster provided dramatic imagery and footage from around the country, with a small sampling below.

There were chaotic street scenes in Sydney, with 57 people reported to have been charged, with a further 90 infringement notices.

NSW Police set up strike force to find other anti-lockdown protesters.

Several police officers grabbing a man, who is shouting.
Angry people stand in front of police.
a man on the ground as police hover over him
people on awnings and roofs
Images courtesy of ABC News. Full story here.

May be an image of 2 people and people standing

Long time journalist with The Australian Fred Pawle provided this image to his Facebook feed and observed: “This is the dramatic moment when a cop was separated from his fellow officers at the freedom march in Sydney today, and for a few intense moments looked likely to be bashed by the mob. Pretty heavy.”


Sky News commentators have been highly critical of the government’s Covid strategies, including lockdowns, curfews, and some of the heaviest policing operations in the nation’s history and most draconian enforcement seen anywhere in the world.

Here is a sampling of their coverage:


Thousands descend on Australian capital cities for Freedom Day
Thousands descend on Australian capital cities for Freedom Day





Here are a couple of screenshots:


The author of the viral post argued that because attendees marched for freedom, they should live completely free of assistance from the state or federal government
Full story and video here.

A police officer who was splattered in ink by anti-lockdown protesters in Sydney has won the respect of the crowd by shaking hands with demonstrators.  

Thousands of protesters swarmed the streets in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane on Saturday to protest against the economic and social effects of Australia’s continual lockdowns.

During the chaos, which saw 3,500 attendees march from Victoria Park to Town Hall in Sydney’s CBD, one protester threw dark ink over a police officer. 

In total, 57 demonstrators were charged during the event, but detectives are working round the clock to identify those who opted against wearing face masks in defiance of health orders