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Federal Election In Australia Is Just Around The Corner And In One Last March Aussie’s Fighting The Tyrannical Covid-19 Response Are Taking No Prisoners In Their Attempt To Make Political History.

With only days to go to the Australian federal election and a child hands out a political pamphlet, while her family picnics on a grassy knoll… 

The paper reads: Vote the majors last….

How can these three little words and one little piece of paper bring down a giant self-serving government made up of two major parties with resources larger than ten gold mines?  

We are not just talking multimillion dollar campaigns and a media blitz but a historical public perception of two majors parties, The Liberal Party of Australia (currently in power federally) and The Australian Labor Party, dominating the Australia’s political landscape for at least over half of a century….

However the public’s trust of the major parties along with the mainstream media are at an all time low. Even billions of dollars in campaigning can not buy wholehearted trust and confidence.

“Only one person did not want the pamphlet,” said the mother. “That is one out of a hundred, not bad….”

Not bad when you can consider this family is a dime in a dozen amongst a growing army of thousands of women; men and children all over Australia who are religiously hitting the streets talking to people and letter box dropping how-to-vote cards promoting “freedom parties” from both right and centre-left ideologies.

They are folks of all walks of life but have one principal value in common.. Freedom; especially freedom from the tyrannical Covid-19 response endured by the Australian people.

Their relentless actions in protesting; letter-box dropping, social media posting and hitting the pavements week-after-week show they are hell-bent on taking their country back.

And these grassroots of everyday Australians are growing like wild flowers and the people they are talking to are listening in growing numbers also…


Mr Christian Marchegiani from Reclaim The Line. Image: Hollie Mariconte @

While people are sitting complying through silence in Australians draconian public and corporate health orders of vaccine mandates and gag orders, the Covid-19 response in Australia has woken a sleeping giant.

Australians on the masses have educated themselves on political matters making the everyday Australian’s knowledge akin to their counterparts in Canberra. 

Just a week out from a federal election in Australia, nationwide rallies on Saturday, May 14, 2022, organised by an alliance of collective grass roots groups from the freedom movement…A blanket term for a group against the government’s global Covid-19 response which costed Australians their basic human rights.

The rallies across the nation come under the banner of ‘Sack Them All – Vote The Majors Last.’

Independent Journalist and political commentator, Mr Joel Jammal, who has created his own how-to-vote cards for his audience, has described this election as a significant “foot in the door” for independents and freedom parties….

It is going to be an interesting federal election for the Australian people, yes indeed. 

These up-and-coming nation-wide rallies have been organised a week out from the Australian federal election.

“Rallies are happening in every capital city and also major regional cities,” said Mr Christian Marchegiani from Reclaim The Line, a grassroots group for frontline workers against provisional Covid-19 vaccine mandates.

 “We are making the statement to the government that the treatment of everyday Australians, during the last few years is not acceptable. 

“They can’t shift the blame to the state government. They were responsible, the people are not happy. And we are sending them a message that we are telling everyone to vote majors last and they will be shaking in their boots.”

The protests expect to gather up to a million of Australians collectively marching across the country, as demonstrated in verified footage from the past year.

The media and government will state otherwise, under-reporting the numbers of protesting and imbalanced reports of the protesters themselves. 


Australian independent journalist and political commentator, Mr Joel Jammal under the New South Wales police request spoke to crowd of 50,000 opposing lockdowns in Sydney, Australia. Mr Jammal was covering the protest and said this request compromised his journalistic integrity. Mr Jammal said the police had no control over the crowd. Mr Jammal led the crowd peacefully away from the town hall. Mr Jammal is still now facing court with up to six months jail and legal costs of up to $50,000 for covering a protest in a supposedly democratic country..

On July, 24, 2021 In a tailored suit, a young man not of 25, Mr Joel Jammal, turned up to Town Hall in Sydney, Australia. Mr Jammal was not alone. A crowd of reported fifty thousand men and women were surrounded by a couple of hundred police and the people were angry.

Protesters and police were injured. Many were arrested and fined including Mr Jammal who is an independent journalist that was covering the protest.

The protester’s crime…Protesting against Australia’s tyrannical Covid-19 response and loss of basic human rights.

These people were saying no to “Fortress Australia”.

They did not want to be locked-out of life as they knew it and also from the rest of the world. They were greatly suffering and opposed the longest lockdowns globally, on record.

Barely a year onwards – in this same part of town – seemingly in an oblivion, workers sip on their cafe lattes; a man walks a poodle and shoppers check their phones. Some appear to social distance, a few wear masks. Life, through observation, appears back to normal..

In what can only be described as Covid Response Denial.

A far cry for many whom still have legal cases, from arrests at the Sydney protests in July, which are still in the courts. 

What was presented on mainstream news, was a violent crowd of “anti-vaxxers” and “right-wing extremists”, the mainstream refused to report the freedom movement side fairly… 

According to New South Wales police – several hundred “entitled” and “selfish”…. How do they get away with this slandering of everyday people? Image: Independent Journalist and political commentator, Mr Joel Jammal,
“I just wanted to feed my family,” a tradie told this journalist.
“My husband, just wanting to provide and stand-up for his wife’s rights as a nurse, was almost arrested for simply standing-up for our rights…” said another wife of a protester.
“They are targeting us and making up lies,” said another protester who wanted the freedom to work.
The majority of protesters gathered peacefully in protest for basic human rights such as the freedom of movement and right to earn a living. A right which is God given and one that should never have been taken in the first place. 

YET STILL NOT EVEN A YEAR LATER in this cool month of May, strategically in time for the federal election, thousands of people plan to peacefully protest for the freedoms in nationwide rallies to remind people of the tyranny served upon all Australian citizens. 

Despite one’s stance on this issue, unquestionably freedoms have been denied.

For two years the protesters against lockdown and mandates were labelled “Covid-deniers”, some wear it proudly and others found it stigmatised…But the real issue this writer is observing in Australia is a complete case of Covid Response Denial and these grassroots aim to breakthrough it with people power exposing the injustices and truths of a tyrannically-led government…


Illustration: Bob ‘22.

Just like a scene from a Disney movie, the princess wakes-up from a sleepy mist and her years of torture are forgotten in a kiss… Well not this time!

Amongst the political thorny hedges; a lingering question needs to be asked. What has drastically changed for Australia to lift its iron curtain, awakening from a deep Covid-19 sleep?

One must ask the question again, where cases are significantly higher than years before, how is it ok to now gather on mass, fully vaccinated or not….

These endless absurdities that everyday Australians accept is mind boggling. It is as if the government was the people’s night-in-shining-armour and instead of a kiss from the prince – a provisional technology masqueraded as a safe and effective vaccine was the antidote.

The irony does not dawn on many – that despite high vaccination rates the cases of Covid-19 have exploded…With no questions asked…

To make matters worse, many Australians are not awaken to the fact that over the past two years, everyday citizens suffered police brutality akin to the democracy riots in Hong Kong…

A social media posted picture of a woman in her 70s pushed to the ground and pepper sprayed by multiple Victoria police officers at protests against lockdown and mandate protests, 2021, Victoria, Australia…

An elderly woman knocked down showered with a pepper spray; police intimating and imprisoning political dissenters for up to 29 days…Many protesters were met with armoured police officers and military-graded weaponry.

This story’s purpose is not to promote hate or anger but to enact honour through remembering Australia’s two year of Covid-19 response hell, especially a week before election.

But the majority of people are in a state of denial and not facing the facts – if a government has treated its people like this once before; what will stop this tyranny again…

An example of a complete case of Covid Response Denial in the media is where a whose story is published for Australians reports on the  CCP’s harsh response to Covid-19 but does not expose the same fact this is happening in Australia….

“Young Chinese adults who spent years studying in Australia – and have returned to their native nation after their student visas expired – feel the political tension, but are seeing through their government’s propaganda and are angered by the draconian measures imposed in current lockdowns.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is thrusting jail, job loss and other serious repercussions upon anyone who speaks out against it, frightening people into silence…”

People who were speaking out against Covid-Response in Australia; were treated exactly the same from the Australian government as dealt with by the CCP….

How are Australians, let alone journalists, not seeing through this illogical and hypocritical madness?

Watch this video of a father-of-four who is vocal on human rights was targeted; set-up by the mainstream media and falsely accused and imprisoned for 29 days in Victoria, Australia.

The protesters against lockdowns and mandates, known as the freedom movement, were unjustifiably vilified in the media and imprisoned simply for protesting their basic human rights. 

Also for those suffering the Covid Response Denial, many are not even aware of those experiencing adverse reactions from the provisional Covid-19 vaccination. There is still an under current of fear to speak out against the government narrative of the Covid-19 response. Eerily echoing actions from the CCP.

Source: Senator Gerrard Rennick who is one of the renegade Australian senators applying for Freedom Of Information (FOI) applications on obtaining evidence justifying the tyrannical Covid-19 restrictions inflicted on Australians for a disease ranked 38th cause of death in Australia according to the Australian Bureau Of Statistics (ABS).

In the lead-up to Australian Federal elections protest organisers; politically independent grass root groups and also political pundits have been working into the midnight hour.

Their goal is to remind the people of the government’s unjustified Covid-19 tyranny; educate voters and also vote the majors out. 

Mr Christian Marchegiani said independent and freedom party candidates will be marching and also a group national online initiative,, producing simple online how-to-vote cards with the goal to put major parties with just a few simple online questions.

A group of high performing professionals and for former high-ranking military personnel have developed an online how-to-vote-card,, will be leading the march in Sydney, Australia.

“There are group of highly intelligent people who have researched the independent candidates and who stands for freedom and they also know whose closely aligned with the major parties…

See a quick and simple video on printing and sharing your own majors last how-to-vote cards with Monica Smit from Reignite Democracy Australia.

“We need some rule to hold the balance of power. The problem in Australia in the last thirty years, probably since the ‘80s is we no longer have politicians. 

“We’ve got career politicians. Now we’ve got politicians that have no idea about what goes on in people’s lives. They’ve got no sense of reality. They’re not in touch.”

Independent journalist and political commentator, Mr Joel Jammal, strategies differ… Mr Jammal educates his audience and protesters at rallies to defund major party through. The political commentator also provides personalised how-to-vote-cards.

“If you don’t get the first vote, the primary vote, then the party won’t be getting that $2.90 (for primary votes), if they get above 4 per cent in the election. 

An example of a Turning Point Aus how-to-vote card. Source: Mr Joel Jammal.

“So instantly we are talking about attacking that $27 million, the Liberal Party got in the last election. Yeah. And the $24 million that the Labor Party got and the less than $10 million that the Green’s got from publicly funded elections.”

See political commentator, Mr Joel Jammal, video on his how-to-vote cards aimed to attack “safe seats” of career politicians and de-fund the major parties.

“That’s first and foremost… This ends up attacking and eliminating the safe seats – safe seats are the reason why we have career politicians that don’t listen to the electorate, they barely campaign, and they’re just stuck there,” said Mr Jammal. 


Triccy (who keeps his full name private) from the People’s Revolution. Photography: Hollie Mariconte @

There are many everyday Australians breaking through the illusion of tyranny…

Triccy (who keeps his full name private) from the People’s Revolution, a grassroots group of people disrupting the current political landscape in not just his own state of Queensland but nationwide, strategy is bringing unified and trustworthy people and communities together. 

Triccy said he has experienced constant police intimidation, for his part in protests, but still leads some of Australia’s largest rallies of up to hundreds of thousands marching for freedom. 

The People’s Revolution group has also defended businesses who still served unvaccinated citizens despite threats of fines under emergency powers. A video of a group of Australians blocking police entering a cafe in Queensland went viral. Since April, these powers are no longer in place.  

See Australians defend a Queensland cafe which was being shut down for serving unvaccinated people in 2021.

Triccy recalled: “It was like Apartheid…if you were not vaccinated, you were not allowed into certain areas.” A local cafe had been targeted by authorities for breaking health orders.

“So I called the troops… and we went down there with about three hundred people. And I said: ‘Guys, when these cops come everybody link arms in front of the door and don’t let ’em through whatever happens – link arms, stay there and don’t let them through.”

“So we did a practice run and a squad car drove past. And you should have seen the look on the faces when they saw three hundred people linking arms.

“It was empowering for everyone because we showed that the people power is what’s gonna’ win this war. 

“And that was a small display of people power. We have a hundred thousand people turn up to a rally. How many cops are in Queensland? There’s not enough. 

“So the numbers are so important – that’s the key here. Guys keep spreading awareness, get the people however you can to join in…”

The Greatest Restriction Of Civil Liberties In Australia’s Colonial History…

Image: Hollie Mariconte @ ..

If a human rights lawyer calls the Covid-Response The Greatest Restriction Of Civil Liberties In Australia’s Colonial History, would you find this concerning…

Lets put this question into context…At the time of the reported pandemic, it was argued by human rights; political, medical and scientific experts that saving lives from Covid-19 trumped the freedom of movement, body autonomy, privacy rights and freedom to work.

While groups of highly distinguished human rights; medical, economists and scientific experts were gagged, character assassinated and censored for presenting an argument, otherwise.

Australian Human Righters Lawyer, Mr Peter Fam, explained: “Over the past two years the governments around Australia have become very comfortable with limiting people’s rights. 

“The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which Australia is a signatory too, guarantees things like our freedom of movement and our freedom to freely consent to medical procedures. 

Some of these rights have no exceptions in the Covenant, Mr Fam said and the exceptions that do exist are very carefully drafted and only allow an abrogation of these rights in very precise circumstances. 

Mr Fam argued it doesn’t seem like “the rapid fire of changing rules and laws” which restricted these rights were weighed up against these checks and balances by ministers and government in 2020 and 2021. 

Australian Senator Malcolm Roberts has is grilling the Government on the justification for the tyrannical and unjust Covid-19 response on the Australian people and launched a hearing with other senators with world renowned medical experts and scientists.

Even in hindsight, Mr Fam, questioned: “Where is the evidence that such restrictions were actually effective or necessary? Did the pros outweigh the cons? Has the Government done any reflection or assessment on the greatest restriction of civil liberties in Australia’s colonial history?”

This writer will repeat again as put, “The greatest restriction of civil liberties in Australia’s colonial history?”

Mr Fam added throughout 2020 and 2021 the ICCPR was relegated to only an international treaty. One which ‘we aren’t really bound by’.  

Australia is a signatory to that Convention, and the Australian Human Rights Commission actually has as one of its statutory functions a duty to inquire into any practice that breaches it. 

The Convention itself, upon signing it, obligates parties to ensure it is given affect in domestic law. The Australian Human Rights Commission Act 1986 (Cth) actually includes the Convention in one of its schedules.

“So it isn’t quiet right to say it’s only an international instrument with no domestic power. It is law, and a Federal Australian body (the Human Rights Commission) has a duty to uphold it,” concluded Mr Fam. 


Photography: Hollie Mariconte @

In such a short time traditional medical definitions; human rights, ethics and laws were radically altered; changed and impeded in the name of a dangerous disease. 

A doctor, who does not want to be named, compared the global Covid-19 response to a “crime scene.” 

This journalist has spoken too many concerned and respected medical experts terrified to express opposing medical opinion out of fear it will cost their medical licence in Australia. A sentiment worldwide. 

It is close to impossible to get these medical experts, even under the argument of public interest and to be fully informed of benefit versus risk – this is not isolated to vaccinations but all the unforeseen consequences of the Covid-19 restrictions including vaccine mandates and alternate treatments. 

This fear of open debate or expressing expert views speaks volumes on this tyrannical global Covid-19 response and is highly concerning for a healthy democracy. 

With restrictions easing; it is hard to comprehend that Australia had suffered one of the world’s longest lockdowns under state and federal emergency laws. To gather in a public assembly and for residents to travel more than five kilometres from their home was illegal.

Under state emergency across the nation, breaching health orders and protest against such strict lockdowns, vaccine mandates and greatly limited freedom of movement to protest was a questionable and a costly offence costing up to $50,000 and possible imprisonment due to the nature of arrests. 

The reason…to stay safe from a disease, Covid-19, is the 38th leading cause of death in Australia, according to the Australian Bureau Of Statistics. 


This writer must ask… Seriously, do we now inflict restrictions on the Australian public, trumping our basic human rights, over the following 37-leading cause of deaths prevailing before Covid-19? Where is the logic? Why is the Australian public denied FOI applications in the justification for such a tyrannical response in a democratic country over a disease that is the 38th-leading cause of death? How is this classified and defined a medical global pandemic and public health emergency? Why are we, as independent journalists, on behalf of the Australian public, denied access to asking such questions and denied of honest answers…This is not spreading misinformation – it is demanding truth.
Why are we as independent journalists deprived of asking questions on behalf of the public on the Covid-19 response and receive honest answers?

The median age of death was 86 according to Dr. Philip Altman who has a Bachelor of Pharmacy, Honours Degree, a Bachelor and Masters of Science, and a Doctor of Philosophy: “People dying of Covid-19, are 86 years of age; it is an old person’s disease… They also have a few co-morbidities which contributes to their demise.”

Ask yourself – do these government statistics from the ABS justify the closing down of a nation and denial of basic human rights? Numbers don’t lie – even when suffering from Covid Response Denial. Grassroots organisers speak of parents losing their rights to work; teenage suicides during lockdown… these claims need to be urgently and independently investigated.

Dr Altman works as a Clinical Trial and a Regulatory Affairs Pharmaceutical Industry Consultant with more than forty years experience in designing; managing, and reporting clinical trials.

 “In actual fact when you sit back and look at Covid-19, in terms of its relative threat to our society, and you take into consideration the misclassification of deaths in hospital because most of the Covid-19 deaths in hospital are people who have died with Covid-19 and not due to Covid-19.

“When you adjust the figures for all these anomalies, the number of Covid-19 deaths is roughly similar to influenza and pneumonia in an average year.” 

Many Australians complied to the orders out to fear of fines; arrests and loss of work… 

Others feared dying from Covid-19 and some just wanted life to get back to normal and get back to the pub. 

Many trusted complying to lockdowns and restrictions such as social distancing; mask-wearing and vaccinating were for the “greater good – anything otherwise such as the argument of body automaticity was “anti-vaxxer views”; “entitled” and “selfish”. 

Where there is risk there should be choice…During the pandemic “my body, my choice” was ridiculed by left-leaning politicians and their contemporaries…Now the same statement is being used by the pro-abortion activists and its celebrated by the people who previously condemned the statement. Another example of this hypocritical and Covid-19 Response Denial madness. Photography: Hollie Mariconte @

However millions across the nation kept on protesting against the enforced Covid-19 restrictions. 

And still are…Simply, they see beyond the government’s narrative. A tyrannical response to a disease akin to the flu.


In 2021, Mr Nick Patterson, was sent to jail for 29 days for defending himself when protesting for basic humans rights in Melbourne, Australia. Mr Patterson educates people on their lawful rights and has since started a God-led group of called The Australian Peacemakers, a community of nationwide volunteers, who lawfully moderate between protesters and police if issues arise. 

At a rally in Sydney last week this journalist was speaking to a gagged medical professional; a mother with a daughter suffering an adverse reaction and First Nations People who say they have been unjustly treated during the Covid-19 response.

“What has happened and transpired in this country in the last two years? Think of the birthdays, the special events, the funerals, the weddings you have missed”…said Mr Christian Marchegiani from Reclaim The Line, a grassroots group for frontline workers against provisional Covid-19 vaccine mandates.

 “Think of everything that was taken away from you; your freedoms, your rights, your right to work, your right to trade for two years, your right to see your loved ones. People couldn’t see their dying parents in nursing homes. Think about what they put us through.” 

“Never, ever forget, even while everything seems like it’s gone back to normal. Just remember how easy it was for them to take that all away from us. And this is what we’re trying to say to everyone. Never, ever forget.”

In Melbourne, Australia, the city experienced two years of relentless lockdowns. In 2020, a young man reading Revelation from the Bible was manhandled by nine police.

 In another incident, a father-of-four was labelled an “anti-rebellion leader” was put in jail for 29 days…

Both were protesting for the rights to work and basic human rights – both became strong voices in the Victorian freedom movement. 

On the 29th of May, 2021, the country was shocked by an image of a lockdown protester punching a police officer.

The confronting photo made headlines across Australia, and the man who threw that punch, Mr Nick Patterson, was sent to jail.

Watch this video of a father-of-four who is vocal on human rights was targeted; set-up by the mainstream media and falsely accused and imprisoned for 29 days in Victoria, Australia. Also See Mr Pattersons extreme bail conditions and how the media and Victorian police work together, as reported by Rebel News.

After twenty-nine days behind bars, a judge released Mr Patterson on extremely harsh bail conditions.

His side of the story has never been told by the mainstream media. 

Mr Patterson and friends were leaving the protests and were provoked by police. As per body-cam footage; the police begin beating Mr Patterson’s friend in an unprovoked act. And the police body-cam footage from that day corroborates his version of events.

Mr Patterson is vocally against the Victorian Government’s tyrannical Covid-19 response and said the greatest crime in Victoria is to be a political dissenter. Mr Patterson, a mixed martial arts fighter, said he only ever wanted the right to run his community-based gym business and provide for his family. Mr Patterson, a homeschooling dad and leads an online Christian group, had to shut down his gym due to the strict bail conditions. Mr Patterson has video evidence of the media and police targeting him unjustly and unlawfully. He now educates people on their legal rights.

The media waited for the perfect shot of Mr Patterson throwing a punch and refused to share what happened prior.

It turns out the police struck first and he ultimately defended himself.

“I’ve never been in prison before,” said father-of-four and former community gym owner, Mr Nick Patterson. “If you watch the video footage, you’ll see that I did not do the wrong thing…And they took me to jail for 29 days. They dislocated my shoulder. They battered us with batons. 

“The body-worn camera footage from the police on the day, actually shows the opposite of what they claimed. It shows the police running across the road and punching up my mate and we go in to protect him…”

The video of the event went viral with over four million views and demonstrates how we all have been lied too.

Mr Patterson, who now advocates and educates on knowing your legal rights; said he had the right to legally defend himself in the moment of police violence.

Mr Fanos Panayides was manhandled by nine Victorian police when reading the Bible and arrested in 2020, now speaks to crowds at freedom protests to remind the Australian people to “never forget” of the government’s tyrannical Covid-19 response – especially right before voting. Photography: Hollie Mariconte @

Mr Fanos Panayides, experienced and witnessed heavy police handling at lockdown protests in Melbourne.

Mr Panavides was reported to be on the ground documenting the unfolding events since the beginning. Mr Panavides was also arrested during a national lockdown protest and appeared on 60 Minutes Australia to defend free-thinking and enquiring people who are rightly so are skeptical of government messaging.

In a moment of what Mr Panavides described as clarity, he began to read from Revelation 13 concerning the ‘mark of the beast’.

It was at the time that he began to utter the words of Scripture that the Victorian police moved in and arrested him, inciting the crowd and silencing him from speaking.

“I didn’t know the cops were coming to grab me. I was reading Revelation to the people standing out in the crowd and the cops came from behind and they grabbed me. About nine police officers manhandled me out of there. 

“There’s pictures of it all over the news. There’s pictures of it all over the internet. And I was labelled a conspiracy theorist who was arrested at Parliament House, full of bizarre claims. And, you know, the media does what the media does and they started a smear campaign right away.”

Mr Panavides is reported as a conspiracy theorist yet only one mainstream journalist has ever sat with him to hear his side of the story. A journalist’s role is to report on both sides – without bias. 

How have we allowed one view to speak for all of us and how have we allowed journalism become a mouth piece for the government’s narrative?

 “Australia was originally a country that was built on Christian values and to be arrested, while not being violent but during a Bible verse reading and to not even be allowed to finish the Bible verse, then arrested…it really hit home in terms of what we are up against. This is really a war between good and evil…” said Mr Panavides. 

The 60 Minutes Australia interview with Mr Panavides had been banned on YouTube. Both mainstream media and independent media are both restricted by technocratic newspeak. Photography: Hollie Mariconte @

Mr Patterson has since started a God-led group of called The Australian Peacemakers, a community of nationwide volunteers, who lawfully moderate between protesters and police if issues arise. 

Mr Panavides will be speaking at this week’s rally before the Australian federal election, reminding Australian citizens to remember these tyrannical years right before putting pen to paper and voting. 

This writer could spend thousands of more words dedicated to these men’s stories exposing the lies; injustices and deceit sown into the Victorian Government’s response to Covid-19. 

Both the legal representation of the two men were shocked at the strict bail conditions for people with no criminal record. Mr Panavides said when arrested; he was not handcuffed – the police did not see him as a threat and stated they were following orders. So why such strict bail conditions? This small actions says it all. 

Ultimately while the masses stay in their slumber; the people in the above stories are re-igniting a strong Australian spirit with those growing and willing to listen to logic; honesty and courage. What they have discovered is a force, a sleeping giant in all of us. The governments Tyrannical Covid-19 Response was ultimately their own un-doing… The rock in David’s slingshot that brought Goliath down in rain; hail or shine.

By Susan Pavan….A traditionally-trained independent journalist and founder of i3 Publication.

If you want to tell your story or request a factual correction please email [email protected]