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Black clad police firing into unarmed crowds. 

Somehow we’re all fine with it.

Two police standing over an unarmed 70-year-old grandmother pepper spraying her in the face.  

Somehow we’re all fine with it.

Genuine protest, an unfamiliar sight in Australia after the orchestrated public displays around climate change and Black Lives Matter protests, and for almost two years of recent history, gay marriage, all of them narratives backed by bucket loads of public money, but a genuine, working class revolt: brutally crushed.

We’re fine with that.

We’re fine with the mainstream media blatantly lying about the vivid, violent, there’s that word again “unprecedented” displays of authoritarian abuse seen on the streets of Melbourne. 

The blindly violent, abusive, deranged scenes of police punching protestors, slamming their heads into the ground, never before seen, never before witnessed in the Great Southern Land, tax payer funded military style police literally assaulting the citizenry; and somehow we’re all fine with that, too. 

It is a terrible thing.

It Is a terrible moment.

We’re all fine with this???

As journalist Paul Gregoire writes in the cutting edge Sydney Criminal Lawyers Blog:

Australia watched on in disbelief as the violence on Melbourne streets escalated over the past week, with hoards of heavily armed police officers clashing with members of the public protesting against extended lockdowns and vaccination mandates.

The mainstream media has focused heavily on violence and offensive acts allegedly committed by protesters, was largely overlooking the many instances of police brutality – whereby officers used excessive force to perform arrests and engaged in conduct amounting to dangerous assaults against members of the public.

The media’s toeing of the government line continued even in the face of police prohibiting helicopters from the Melbourne skies, in what authorities claimed was a move to prevent protesters from organising but which many saw as a way to reduce publicity of the heavy-handed enforcement approach.

Police later amended the direction to enable media to cover the incident, while at the same to telling the media they must delay their broadcasts.

Police Brutality Escalates Under the Cover of COVID

As Gregoire asks, how did we go from pandemic to such escalating violence on the streets?

The severity and longevity of Melbourne’s lockdowns are well documented. As are the psychological effects: loneliness, increased domestic violence, emotional instability, depression, anxiety … and the list goes on.

It’s only recently that psychologists have begun to talk about the pent up frustration, otherwise known as ‘lockdown rage.’

And it’s not just spilling onto the streets in Victoria, it’s spilling out all over Australia — into social media, into conversations over backyard fences and into supermarkets queues.

And there’s plenty to be angry about: protesters, lockdowns, Covid denialists, masks versus no masks, vaccine mandates, QR check-ins, harsh fines and the slow rollout of vaccinations.

The social division across the nation is palpable.

Our national solidarity is perhaps the greatest casualty of the pandemic.

Last year one brave police officer Alexander Cooney put his name to what many in the police force were already feeling, that the authoritarian derangement in the Covid era was going against all that they believed in. With a new, younger breed of officers divorcing themselves from the practices of the past and proud to protect and serve their communities, the paramilitary roles they are being asked to adopt goes strongly against their instincts.

For the first time since putting his job on the line, and subsequently leaving the force, Andrew Cooney has spoken out in a new video.

Anyone concerned about the desperate situation the country now finds itself in should listen to it.

Here is a link to his address, titled:

Message from Alexander Cooney to all Police Officers in Australia

There comes a time when someone has to stand up and say: Enough Is Enough.

That time is NOW.

Cops For Covid Truth: Alexander Cooney Reveals Shocking Coercion Inside the NSW Police Force

Across the country, major institutions from aged care to the police are facing massive administrative disruption as hundreds of their members say no to “the jab” and therefore face the sack.

In Queensland all police officers and staff members will be required to have their first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine by October 4, 2021 and their second dose by January 23, 2022.

More than 1200 of them are just saying no to a mandated medical intervention over which they have little or no confidence, and which by stint of the rapidity of its development no one can know the long term consequences.

The authorities have made it clear that those 1200 officers will simply be replaced. No problem. We’re all fine with that, too. Decades of experience; decades of service; and you’re all expendible.

In industries and institutions across Australia individuals now face the same diabolical choice: get jabbed or join the dungeons of the unemployed. Distrustful of their politicians, distrustful of the multinational corporations which have created the vaccines, and extremely distrustful of the government’s aggressive push to get the entire population vaccinated, a significant minority of the population are just saying no, and opting to leave their industries rather than comply.

This alone will create massive societal and industrial disruption in the coming weeks and months.

So-called “anti-vaxxers” are not the fringe dwelling conspiracy ridden lunatics the government is so desperately trying to paint them. They’re perfectly decent ordinary citizens concerned about the direction country is taking, and who feel deeply that the violation of personal sovereignty involved in mandated vaccination routines is a step too far.

Campaigners rallied across the country this past weekend as part of Millions March Against Mandatory Vaccines Australia events, calling for an end to vaccine coercion and in support of locked down regions. Here is a sampling of images and videos from the events.



Thousands gathered in the Sunshine Coast region yesterday for a day of speeches, entertainment and light work. The IMOP Party was present at the event, standing by residents and their right to choose.

The group then headed to Cotton Tree Beach, where the crowd gathered to send positive vibes to all those currently subjected to harsh COVID guidelines across the country.


Inspiring scenes were witnessed on the Gold Coast yesterday, as protesters gathered for a number of speeches and some music, before marching through the local Broadbeach business district.

Check out our separate report below, which focuses on the positive message of unity at the rally:

Queensland once again puts on for the freedom movement, with strong events held.



A sizeable crowd gathered outside of the Channel 9 HQ to stage their protest action, calling for an end to plans to segregate members of society for their personal medical choices.

Outside the Channel 9 building.

The group gathered for a number of speeches.

A Channel 9 reporter was confronted when attempting to come down and capture the rally:

One YouTube user uploaded the speeches in Adelaide in full, which can be listen to below:




For a full overview of the event, see this compilation:




Some residents in Sydney did stage small protests, however, as the region is still under strict military lockdown in the Western suburbs – not much media has been shared.

One photo, however, has been sent through:

Thinking of you, Sydney.



A recap of events from the day can be found here:

Originally published 27 September, 2021.